The film version of Irvine Welsh’s ultimate Edinburgh novel Trainspotting is, ironically, being shot in Glasgow. Fiona Shepherd squeezed into a pair of stilettos to play an extra in the nightclub scene and brought back this exclusive location report.

12 The List l6-29 Jun I995

he deed is done. Celluloid history has been made. When the Film Extra Academy Awards are dished out. my heartfelt portrayal ofGirl Making For Bar in Trainspotting’s disco scene is surely right tip there with Dozy Slacker Pushed Aside By Mr Pink in the Reservoir Dogs chase scene and Third

Crucifixion Victim From The Right in Life Of

Brian‘s closing singalong. If my show-stopping performance ever makes it to the final cut. that is.

Some would say I’d already had my allotted quota of limelight with a brief appearance on Sportseene as the glum Queen‘s Park supporter caught in a candid moment of terrace despair

The girls are herded on to the dancefloor and arranged into groups. I get in the mood by casting my shoulder bag on the floor . . . I throw myself into the role with relish, right down to the tottering walk.

during the Division Two round—up. But no. tny appetite for fame. however fleeting. is a bottomless pit. only partially satiated by my Trainspotting experiences.

The quest for cinematic distinction began with an advert in the live/ting Times appealing

for extras to appear in the film adaptation of

Irvine Welsh’s compulsive tale of [Edinburgh low-life. which is currently being filmed in Glasgow by the producer/director/writer team who brought you Shallow Grave. Apparently

Forever in high heels

the script concentrates on the darkly comic moments in the lives of Rents. Spud. Sickboy et (1/ as they stumble haplessly from pub to dole office to grotty flat in mid-80s Leith. Not everyone who turned up for the recruitment session had even a working knowledge of the novel. but there were enough copies of Welsh’s short story collection The Acid House being artfully displayed in the queue to suggest his writing has a thriving cult following.

The drill was this: fill out a form with your statistics and some waffle about your interests (I considered putting ‘abusing heroin and defrauding the DSS‘ in an attempt to establish my method acting credentials). attach a passport photo and if you‘re lucky you might get a call.

l get the call. Can I make it to Partick for 7.30am on Tuesday? Also can I supply my own tarty disco outfit for a club scene? Yes. I lie on both counts. As I atn as likely to be found in a tacky pick-up joint as a funny joke is to be fotmd in Saved By The Bell. it looks as if a makeover in the wardrobe department will be required. Luckily. Oxfam boasts a wealth of naff sartorial nightmares. Tight clothes in pastel colours had been mentioned as suitable attire. l opt fora compromise and purchase a dressy pair of black ski-pants (tres 80s) and a cream silky top (office party-a-go-go). To these I add a borrowed fitted jacket. a pair of skyscraper stilettos and multiple layers of blusher. mascara and pink lipstick. and I'm ready to dance round my handbag. Fortunately at that time of the