I The Form (PG) (Mike Nichols. US. 1975) Jack Nicholson. Warren Beatty. Stockard Charming. 88mins. Conmen Nicholson and

Beatty kidnap heiress Channing. only to discover

that she’s penniless. A weak screwball script drags it down. although the 20s feel is good. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I FrancesUS) (Graeme Clifford. US. 1982) Jessica Lange. Sam Shepard. Kim Stanley. 140 mins. Earnest film biography of 30s movie star Frances Farmer. focusing on her battles with the Hollywood star system. her domineering mother. and the alcohol problem that finally led to her treatment in a horrific institution. Lange is never less than convincing. and the film's air of restraint overcomes the hysteria which so often surrounds the portrayal of extreme events. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (PG) (Howard Hawks. US. 1953) Marilyn Monroe. Jane Russell. Charles Coburn. 91 mins. Two girls from Little Rock make it big in Paris. lnconsequential comedy musical from the Anita Loos novel. made watchable by the ebullient stars and the production number ‘Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend‘. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Glen or Glenda? (15) (Edward D. Wood Jnr. US. 1952) Bela Lugosi. Lyle Talbot. Daniel Davis (aka Ed himself). 61 mins. Also known as I Led Two Lives or even I Changed My Set this well meaning expose of transvestite life is a quite unique mess. A semi-autobiographical work by Ed Wood. it swings from the bizarre to the surreal and experimental to the ludicrous and back again. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I A Great Day In llarlerrt (PG) (Jean Bach. US. 1994) An evocative documentary chronicling the day in 1958 when photographer Art Kane assembled a congregation ofjazz luminaries for a photo call in New York. Gillespie. Mingus. Monk. Blakey. Rollins. Young. Mulligan. Basic and friends all turned out in the unfamiliar moming light. and were captured on the home movie camera of bassist Milt Hilton. Glasgow: GET.

I Gregory's Girl (PG) (Bill Forsyth. UK. 1981) Gordon John Sinclair. Dee Hepburn. Clare Grogan. 9| mins. Winning comedy from Cumbemauld with Sinclair eventually finding romance after his heart is set aflame by the latest recruit to the school football team. Seminal piece of Scottish cinema. its universal appeal demonstrating that homegrown talent can compete with Hollywood's finest in the entertainment stakes. Central: MacRobert.

I Bumpy Old Men (12) (Donald Petrie. US. 1993) Walter Matthau. Jack Lemmon. Ann- Margret. 103 mins. Two grouchy neighbours re- run their earlier fight over the late wife of one when a sparky new woman moves in close-by. Matthau and Lemmon are as irascilbe and funny as ever. but the thin plot and predictable gags don't give them enough to get their dentures into. Plenty of sharp one-liners brrt a mite too strained to recapture the glories of yesteryear. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Hoop Dreams ( 15) (Steve James/Fred Marx/Peter Gilbert. US. 1994) 175 mins. Filmed over four and a half years. Hoop Dreams follows the hopes and disappointments of two young black kids from Chicago whose ticket out of the ghetto is a basketball scholarship. You'll cheer the games. you'll cry at family traumas. you'll get angry at a system that sets rip and snatches

: away goals that mean more than life to the

participants. More than a remarkable achievement. this is great cinema. Strathclyde: liast Kilbride Arts Centre.

I Rewards End (PG) (James lvory. UK. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Vanessa Redgrave. Helena Bonharn Carter. Emma Thompson. 142 mins. After a srrccession of dreary Forster clones. the British film industry gets round to tackling his

1 masterpiece. and one of the most important

novels of the 20th century. The story. centr'ing on the maniage between a wealthy and reactionary

old duffer and an emancipated younger woman.

is a complex family chronicle told with clarity and compassion. At last a cinematic period drama that exudes excellence. with some finely crafted perfomrances to match. Edinburgh:


I 1 love A Man In Uniform (18) (David Wellington. Canada. 1993) Tom McCamus. Brigitte Bako. Kevin Tighe. 99 mins. Henry. a bank clerk and aspiring actor. lands the role of a cop in a TV series. but finds it difficult to separate his fictional character from reality. Soon

V he is subsumed by his alter-ego and finds

himself becoming directly involved in urban violence. A provocative psychological thriller.

Strathclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I 1.11. (18) (Philip Davis. UK/Gennany. 1994)

. Reece Dinsdalc. Sean Pertwee. Richard Graham. 107 mins. Undercover cop John (Dinsdale)

discovers that he's enjoying himself a bit too

much when he infiltrates a gang of football

' hooligans. Davis's hard-hitting movie has a

sense of gritty reality. but its character development is too simplified to ring true: the


bre eze


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shift from copper to thug comes too quickly. Glasgow: Odeon. All UCls.

I In The Mouth Of Madness (18) (John Carpenter. US. 1994) Sam Neill. Julie Carmen. Jurgen Prochnow. 95 mins. Carpenter turns his hand to the world of HP. Lovecraft. as insurance investigator Sam Neill tells how he was hired to solve the disappearance of a best-selling horror novelist. His efforts lead him to the small town of Hob's End. where there's an apocalypse waiting to happen as the thin membrane between reality and the supernatural begins to break. The director aims for the aunosphere of The Fog rather than the out-and-out sfx of. say. The Thing. See preview. Glasgow: MGMs. All UCls. I Jack & Sarah (15) (Tim Sullivan. UK. 1995) Richard E. Grant. Samantha Mathis. Judi Dench. 105 mins. When his wife dies shortly after giving birth to a baby daughter. Jack (Grant) at first rejects the child. but is persuaded to take on his responsibilities by his family. in order to keep his job as a City lawyer. he hires Amy (Mathis) as a live-in nanny. and so adds an extra complication to his life. A familiar scenario. helped along by breezy supporting perfomrances. suffers when it takes a turn into melodramatic romance. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: MGM. UCl. Strathclyde: Cannon. UCls.

I Jailbait ( 18) (Ed Wood. US. 195-1) 70mins. One of Ed Wood's stabs at the juvenile delinquent/crime movie as a bad boy from a good family gets mixed up with a petty crook and ends up committing murder. Future hunk Steve Reeves made his debut here (talk about skeletons in the cupboard!) and the insanity inducing soundtrack was lifted from another movie entirely. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Jefferson It P818 (12) (James Ivory. US. 1995) Nick Nolte. Greta Scacchi. 'Thandie Newton. 140 mins. Merchant-Ivory's take on the third American President's years as Ambassador in Paris has the high production values we‘ve come to expect. but the narratives pace is far too slack. Elsewhere he may have reckoned ‘all men are created equal‘ btrt that didn't stop him. the film alleges. having an affair with one of his

own slaves. Glimpses only of the team at its

best. See preview and review. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride. I Killer (18) (Mark Malone. US. 1994) Anthony LaPaglia. Mimi Rogers. Matt Craven. 98 mins. A hard-hearted assassin finds his life knocked out of balance when his latestjob brings him into contact with a sexy woman with a death wish. Rogers and the under-rated LaPaglia make a great screen pair. as he searches for his lost soul in this moody existentialist hitman movie. See review. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Killing Zoe (18) (Roger Avary. US. 1993) Eric Stoltz. Julie Delpy. Jean-Hughes Anglade. 96 mins. An ace safe-cracker (Stoltz) arrives in Paris too carry out a ‘job' for a friend. btrt too much partying means that the elaborate bank siege is doomed to failure. Given that Quentin Tarantino's name is on the credits as executive producer. it's no surprise that the film is a mix of nihilistic attitudes and designer violence. linked in with a tribute to the heist pictures of past decades. Fife: New Picture House. I Kiss 01 Death (18) (Barth Schroeder. US. 1995) David Caruso. Nicolas Cage. Samuel L. Jackson. 100 mins. Back in pseudonoirish territory for a remake of the 1947 genre original. NYPD Blue's Caruso returns to the big screen as a second division crook who reckons he's been double-crossed by the local Mr Big when in prison. Caruso is too low key. particularly in the company of the deliciously over-the-top Cage. Okay as far as it goes without really going far enough. General release. I The last Days of Cher I008 (15) (Gillian Amstrong. Australia. 1992) Lisa Harrow. Bruno Ganz. Kerry Fox. 96 mins. A Sydney household. peopled by a successful novelist. her French husband and her daughter. is thrown out of balance by the arrival of the woman‘s sister. The latest from Gillian (My Beautiful Career) Armstrong has some of the most believable characters you‘ll have seen on screen for ages. while script. cast and director chime in resonant harmony. Sure to be one of the most underrated movies of the year. Edinburgh: Cameo. I legend: 01 The Fall (15) (Edward Zwick. US. 1994) Brad Pitt. Anthony Hopkins. Aidan Quinn. Julia Onnond. 133 mins. A sweeping epic that follows three brothers. their domineering father and the women they all love. Legends covers the period from the end of the Old West. through WW1. to the beginning of modern American society. A bit like a coming- of-age tale for a nation. its narrative is too condensed. with the effect that it ends by lurching from one tragedy to the next. Fife: Glenrothes. I teen (18) (Luc Besson. France. 1994) Jean Reno. Nathalie Ponrnan. Gary Oldman. 110 mins. When his neighbour’s family is wiped out

by crooked cops on a bungled drugs bust. ice cool hitman beon finds himself looking after the sole survivor twelve-year-old Mathilde. Luc Besson's first film in English is. nevertheless. a French film in terms of style. editing and its boldness in story and theme. It's good to see that the director has finally got over the all-style-no- content obstacle. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Little Rascals (U) (Penelope Spheeris. US. 1994) Travis Tedford. Bug Hall. Brittany Ashton Holmes. 82 mins. After Beverly Hillbillies. director Spheeris does another TV remake. this time going for a bunch of smug brats who leave a trail of destruction behind them. Even kids who enjoyed the Home Alone level of mayhem might not take to the American sentiment and unnecessary low humour here. All UCls. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Fife: Glenrothes. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I London Lesbian And Gay Film Festival Now in its ninth year. the LLGFF makes its way north once again. bringing a selection of new features and shorts to the Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh'Filmhouse.

Boys Shorts (18) 81 mins. In Raoul O'Connell's A Friend 0] Dorothy. a college freshman seeks freedom from the chastity of isolation; David Ebersole's Death In Venice updates the fate of Aschenbach; Zahid Dar‘s Destiny/Desire/Devotion evocatively portrays the problems of being gay in an Asian family; and a queer foursome go for a picnic in Adam Rowley‘s comedy Holloway Quartet. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Fresh Kill (18) (Shu Lea. US. 1993)Amu1ti- media. multi-ethnic. eco-techno thriller that manages to make the best of all its many elements. In the future. radioactive delicacies are served in top restaurants. while single lesbian mother Sarita Choudhry tries to unravel the mystery of her kidnapped child and New York's toxic waste problem. Glasgow: GET.

Girls ShortS(18) 77 mins. Deborah Hoffman's Complaints Of A Dutiful Daughter is a moving. totally unsentimental study of a woman's response to her mother's battle with Alzheimer's Disease; in Kathy Stephen’s Heatwave. a dreamy teenager writes poems to her beloved; and a punk babe stands up to her dad in Nicola Kerridge's Nice Girls Don 't. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Him 01 Heartache (18) (Gregory Wild. Canada. 1994) 86 mins. John Waters meets Douglas Sirk in this hysterical musical about Wynona Sue Turnpike. a Godfearing Southern redneck with gravity-defying hair. After shooting her no-good husband. she heads out on a jorrmey of rnrrrder and mayhem. becoming a beautician. a porn star and a Country and Westem superstar. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

The lost W 01 Cranes (l8) (Nigel Finch. US. 1991) Brian Cox. Eileen Atkins. Angus MacFayden. 90 mins. A young man (MacFayden) comes out to his parents. only to discover that for years his father (Cox) has also been denying his homosexuality. Cox's portrait of a gruelling emotional journey is the centrepiece of this all too rarely screened BBC movie. directed by the late Nigel Finch. Finch's Arena documentary on Robert Mapplethorpe completes the programme. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

£11,098 Sin Unites (18) (Arturo Ripstein. Mexico. 1977) 110 mins. A rare screening of Ripstein‘s story of bordello drag-queen ‘La Manuela' and his daughter. both of whom are attracted to (and afraid of) the macho Pancho. A moving. incisive portrait of male transvestitisrn. Glasgow: GET.

Mldllflli mere ( 18) (Mel Chionglo. Philippines. 1994) 110 mins. Three brothers enter the gay world of Manila as ‘Macho Dancers': one has a wife and gay lover. another prefers the dangerous life on the streets. while the youngest begins a relationship with a transvestite. An emotional. erotic portrait of survival. Glasgow: GET.

100 Days Before The Cum (l8) (Hussein Erkenov. Russia/Gennany. 1990) 70 mins. A strong sense of homo-eroticism grows amongst a group of soldiers. alienated by life in the barracks. The emphasis is on despairing mood. not narrative. in this mannered but beautifully chaste look at spiritual anguish. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Orly The Brave (18) (Ana Kokkinos. Australia. 1994) 60 mins. A million miles away from the world of Neighbours. two disillusioned young Greek-Australian girls rebel against the confines of their seedy Melbourne suburb. With Kisses On A Train (29 mins). the adventures of two teenage girls in india. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. PM Fre- A-erlca (18) (Steve McLean. US/UK. 1994) 93 mins. Using the writings of multimedia artist and gay activist David Wojinarowicz as its source. McLean's first feature boasts sheer visual assurance. The film follows its main character through troubled childhood. hustling teenage years and anguished maturity in an American landscape pitched

1 28 The List 16-29 Jun 1995