About as authentic as a batch of counterfeit tea- bags, with half the street

value, here’s the . . .

I liamhert [lance Company returns to Edinburgh with Booster based on classic Rolling

Stones songs (Mick Jagger always was a man ior wearing tights), plus

the world premiere a piece called Meeting Point with music by Michael llyman. See Dance listings for details.

I The word irom America is the film’s a turkey but this could be your only chance ever to see Ice-T in a kangaroo suit. Creators of the Tank Girl comic strip say the tilm’s look is pretty close to how they imagined, so maybe it’s not all had. See Film listings for details.

2 : LI- cl: = E

career revival is just around the corner, while Jim adjusts his shades in anticipation oi the dazzling success oi their new E? ‘I Hate Rock ’n’ Roll’. The Jesus and Mary Chain will be kicking out the jams once more at The Garage, Glasgow. See Rock listings ior details.


2 The List 16-29 Jun 1995