I Phll Kay Queen’s Hall. Clerk Street.

668 2019. Fri 16 June. 8pm (bar from 7pm). £7 (£5). Glasgow's hairiest comic invites you to Bring Something Sporty to

his latest show, where he will entertain you with cricket bats. old footie boots and whatever else you can salvage from the

Comedy is listed by date, are: ayagfty. “PM” i" the ha“- "'°"“"""°"“°""'°' ° - details reach our offices at least ten SATURDAY 1 7

days before publication. Comedy listings

compiled by Ema can. I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones.

FRIDAY 16 West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 6520. 8pm GI for 9pm. £5 (£3). See Fri 16. asgow I Mellow Mischief Cottiers Theatre Bar. 19


I The Comedy Stop Stepping Siones. West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 6520. 8pm for 9pm. £5 (£3). See Fri 16.

SATURDAY 24 Edinburgh

I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones. West Bow. Grassmarkei. 225 6520. 8pm for 9pm. £5 (£3). See Fri 16.



I Stand-Up Comedy flight Paisley Town for Paisley Arts Festival/Belhaven Best Ha”. Abbey Close. PalSlc)’ PA' “F. 014'

Back to bass-ice with Jim Tavare and friends. Sun 25

95 H ndland Road. 3—5pm. Free. More . laughys in the afternoon with the team Edlflblfl'gh comedy competition. 887 [10075 7.30523. .£4.5,0—f£6. Not one, nor from Salon Mischief. I lnsinuendos Cabaret Club Q.T.'s Bar, 2 two utt rec 0 main 8 inc.“ .

- Picardy Place, 556 0499, Midnight. £2. laughmongers. as Scotland s own Kevin Edlnblflgh it‘s that Blue Monday thang at the gay Kopfstein introduces Dan Freedman, Jim I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones, Club again. Glasgow Tavare and Harry Hill as the big comedy

I no You think you,” mm"? Bar Poim element at this year‘s Paisley Festival.

West Bow. Grassmarket. 225 6520. 8pm for 9pm. £5 (£3). Dallas and Packer and 42 Wellmeadow Street. PalSlC)’. 0'41 889 5188. 9pm. Free. Paisley discovers a new

their popular twice-weekly comedy club

showcasing three up-and-coming local ' Glasgow comedy talent as the final results of this Edinburgh comedians, I no You think you’re funny? Bar Point. two-day comedy competition are I i d c b tel b . ') 42 Wellmeadow Street. Paisley. 0141 889 announced ‘0 the World- "s "no" as a are u. Q.'T' 8 Bar‘ " 5188. 9pm. Free. Wannabe stand-ups Edinbur h fluidly Plagchsifi hgldnlzgm' m." E gather at the Joke Box in Bar Point for the g 0“ ale-mg l UL on ay appemngs

first round of heats at this special comedy I The Bibtickler Music Box. Victoria m the gay CIUb'

competition hosted by the Paisley Arts Street. 225 2564. 9pm (doors open _ Festival and sponsored by Belhaven Best. 8.30pm). £5 (£3). Edinburgh's brand new comedy club. organised by local comic

Mitch Benn. On this week's show. [an Glasgow

Kendall introduces Graham MeMurdo

' I Bill Bunkers Madca Corned Club. Glasgow "my com” and Sm" M‘”Phy- The Hit: Bar. 8.30—11.3I0pm. Freye. More I Billy and Barney’s Ball-hi 830’s crazy comedy at this fortnightly club with Cottiers Theatre Bar. 95 Hyndland Road. the man Billy as MC. 8.30pm. Free. The Salon Mischief crew 6'3 ow I Comedy at The 13th llote Glassford go al fresco for summer. Free BBQ. new 89 Street. 8.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). See Wed

characters and lots of South Pacific fun. I Mellow Mischief Cottiers Theatre Bar. 21.

I no You think you’re funny? Bar Point. 95 Hyndland Road. 3—5pm. Free. More I Salon Mischief Cottiers Theatre Bar. 95

3",, “in. m; Dana,“ Mum m 42 Wellmeadow Street. Paisley. 0141 889 laughs in the afternoon with the team Hyndland Road_ 8,30pm, Free, see wed finned, stop, rule. may, 5188. 9pm. Free. Second round of heats from Salon Mischief. 21.


Eau! Eau! Eau! In a couple of months’ time the Fringe will be upon us S E L E CT E D H l G H Ll G H T 8 once more and Old Dame Edinburgh will let down her hair, hoist up her skirt and roll up and down the length and breadth of the city chuckling madly. As for the past fourteen years, Perrier will be hosting the Perrier Award to find

m. comadians m are as sparkling and refreshing as their bottled water. .5 B I G v E R N

In order to help them select the most mirthsome comedy act on the i r

Fringe they need two members of the public to loln the ten-strong N

Perrier Panel. You need no qualifications, experience or friends in high paisley Town Hall . Thursday 22 June places to join this prestigious group.

What you do need is a keen sense of humour, sides which are easily repaired after an overdose oi laughterlnduced splitting and the stanina to see forty to fifty shows between 13-21 August. Tire work

is unpaid but all the shows are free and you’ll get a crate oi champagne J _

all to your little old self at the bitter end oi it all. , ._~

To be part oi the rib-tickled tean write us a witty, frothy letter and - . é .

persuade us that you are the person for the lob. You have 250 words, so no

theses on the history of comedy from Aristotle onwards please. Pais'ey TOW” Ha” -‘ Paisley ANS 08mm Friday 23 June f I 23 8t 24 June Send us your scribblings, including a daytime phone umber, " by Friday3olune.ldarkthem:PElllllEll rm,mtni,14 lllghStreet, . ‘IN YOUR STREET” M AG|C BOB Edinburgh Elli iTE.

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