Down by the River: local school-kids paint the town Primary six and seven from Golfhill Primary School, Dennistoun have been dipping into their paint boxes to

create an enormous mural of the River

Clyde that is hanging alongside the work of professional artists as part of the Art Machine ’95 exhibition at Glasgow’s McLellan Gallery. Julie Brook, the local artist behind the initiative, has had a studio at the primary school since 1990 and has been working with the children on their ‘Clyde’ project since Autumn of

this year.

‘We began by taking trips out to the river and making sketches,’ says Brook. ‘l encouraged them to use methods that I would use as an artist, and to create something that was unique to themselves. Because of that, and because I’m not a teacher, they worked extra hard. The end result has the freshness of the children’s expression, plus a real sense of

. sophistication, and perspective from it

being a communal effort. The real excitement for the children is that it’s their painting. People can’t believe

: ~ they’ve done it themselves.’

The next stage of the project came

when the mural was installed at the McLellan. Measuring a mammoth 6m x 23.5m and hung on a curved wall, the children’s sweeping panoramic view of the river and it’s shipyards will act as a backdrop for a series of live performances. With the help of Brook, dancer/performer Maggie Singleton and composer Amanda Collins, this group of around 45 nine—eleven-year-

olds have devised a half-hour long

dance/music show drawn entirely from their own images of the Clyde. ‘It felt

I extremer ambitious having the

children play their own music and perform, but it’s been a great success and has allowed them to work with the painting in a very 30 way,’ says Brook. (Ellie Carr)

You can see the River Clyde mural at Art Machine ’95, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow, until 25 September, Mon—Sat 10am: Sun 11am—5pm. £1.50. For performance times see listing.

Rain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will see you through. Events are listed under outdoors or indoors columns, and then divided by city. Kids listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Activrties and Fun

I Gala Open Day Ferguslie Park. Sat 24 June. 10am. Free. This special open-air gala day featuring music. dance and entertainment for all the famin isjust one of the many events planned for kids during this year‘s Paisley Arts Festival. There are several other gala days. including the traditional festivities of the ‘Sma' Shot Day‘ which closes the festival oti Sat I July. as well as loads of first- class children‘s theatre. I! 's u Knockout- style entertainment. and special workshops such as the free session for teenagers on comic book art with graphic artist Colin McNeil of Judge Dru/(l fame. For further information on events taking place at Paisley Arts Festival call 0l4l 889 3 ISI ext 222.

I Minibeast Safari Mugdock Country

| Park (off A81 Milngavie-Strathblane

road) 956 6100. Thurs 29 June. 6.30ain—8pin. Free. Keep your eyes peeled for those crawa little creatures yoti usually miss.

Activities and Fun

I Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre

8—10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 (ilS5. Sat l7 June. ._pm. £2.50 (U50). Ages 5~-adtilt. Jack ()‘I.antern Puppet

E Company perform Cum/[nu um/ the

Whale a Spanish folk tale featuring a wicked aunt and nasty cousin who plot to kill Catalina because she has friends in very deep places.

Exhibitions '

' I River Clyde Mural Arts Machine ‘95. McLellan Galleries. 270 Sattchiehall

Street. Glasgow. 332 9957. Iixhibition

' until 25 September: Mon—Sat l0am; Sun

Ham—5pm. £ l .50. Performance times Tue

20. Thurs 22 June 2pm: Sat 17. Stiti 25 l

i W

June 2.30pm. See panel.


I The Mask (PU) Cannon ('Iat‘kston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. Sat I7 .luiie. 10.30am. t.‘ l .60 (kids and adults). Doors open at 10am. See film index.

. Activities and Fun

I Children’s Fun Day (iorgie Memorial

Hall. Westfield Street. 346 s42: Sat l7

June. Noon 3pm. I’ree. The 15th annual

5 (iorgic-l)alry Cotiiinunity l’estix'al draws

to a close with three hours of fun-filled

activities for the kids. The glittering litte-

' tip includes Poi'tobello Star 'I‘wirlers:

Cosmic (.iold Disco Roadshow; Rainbow

2 Magic and Iloneybear Children’s Show:

Ian‘s Musical Magic Show; Festival ; Indoor Market: Mr Honi's Ice Cream Stall l and cafe.

Activities and Fun

1 I Puffin Cruise Boat leaves from South Queensferry. Sun l7 June. 10.30am—330pm. £8 (£5). Book in advance with Dave Fairlamb on ()I577 862355. Go puffin-spotting on the Maid of [he I-‘urrli with this special trip round the Inner Forth Islands. I Old Town Festival Gala Day South ' Gray‘s Close. Sat 17 June. I l.30ain—4.30pm. Free. Step back in time with the annual Old Town Festival. . Entertainments include a Pied Piper show -_ by the Tin Drum Children‘s Theatre; Scaramouche Circus Theatre: Museum of 7 Childhood Games Workshop: Jenny g Geddes Clog Dancers. and music from an '. army of local pipe and concert bands. To i join the Gala Day procession beforehand. meet in the Grassmarket at 10.45am.

Books Events

I S.E. Hinton \V'aterstone‘s. S3 George Street. 225 3436. Tue 20 June. _.30pm. This author popular among the l l+

market reads frotn a new compilation of three refreshing. unpatronising teen- novels she penned iii the 70s. The new edition combining It’umliltf/i’s/t. 'l'lic Unfair/err and That lliix 'I'lit'ii. This Is Now is published by IlarperColIins (£7.99).


I The Red Cross Dolls’ House The Museum of Childhood. 42 High Street. 529 4 I42. Until 24 June. I0atn-6pm. Mon-Sat. Free. See photo caption.

I Something Special City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. Until Sat I July. l()ain»~5pm. Free. Art on the escalator with this display from eight I.othian Region Schools for children with special needs.


I The BFG (l 'i I-‘iltnhouse. I.othian Road. 226 2683. Sat )7 June _.30pm. £l.50 (Adults £2.20). See I‘iIm index.

I Into the West (PG) l'iImhottse. I.othian

Road. 226 2688. Sat 2-1.Iitne. 2.30pm. £I.50 (£2.20). See l‘ilm index.


I Dance Show St Bride's- ('enit-e. It) ()rwell 'I'eri'ace. 3-16 I405. Sat I7 June. 2pm. ‘2 l. The participants from St Bride's Saturday daitce class show off some of the skills they've been learning throughout the year

Activities and fun

g I Family Rambling Day Aliiiondcll and I (‘alderwood (‘ountry Park. .\Iitl ('altlei‘.

Sun 25 June. ll.l5ani. (’all (H.506 SS2254 for details. Walks of varying lengths. suitable for families of all ages. Bring a packed lunch.

I Hature Club l.untIei'ston Bay. near lnyerkip (meet III the car park). Sat 24

1 June. 2 «lpm. £6 annual membership fee.

Information from (‘ornalees Bridge Centre on lll~l75 52 l-I5S. Take a look round the shore and play nature games at

this new monthly children's nature club

run by the( I_\tle .\liiti‘slnel countryside rangers. Wear waterproofs and wellies.

2 Theatre

I Crown of Destiny Maettohert Arts ('entt'e. l'niversit)‘ of Stirling. I)I7S(i

l -loll)SI. Sat 21 June. 2.30pm/7pin. £7

(‘4 3 ). Most suitable for 6 l2 years. ('atch

' the hit of this year's Iitlinbui‘gli International (‘Iiiltlt'en's I‘estix‘al as

'I‘heatt r Sans l-ils bring their stunning. 6ft-

high puppets to Stirling for a tale of magic and itij.'stei‘y set in a mythical Scottish


I THE RED CROSS DOLLS HOUSE The Museum of Childhood

3" """"""‘\\"“\‘<'\‘x\\>:\w ~ ..

, 42 High Street, 529 4142.

until 24 June. 10am—6pm, Mon—Sat. Free. This very comfy looking suburban abode is intact a 405 dolls’ house. It was last seen in Edinburgh in 1942 as part of a fund- raising tour for the Red Cross, and now forms the centrepiece of an exhibition that ties in with the 50th anniversary of VE day and the 125th anniversary of the formation of the Red Cross. Also on display is a collection of toys and games from

the war years.

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