A selection at television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Eddie G


I Michael Jackson: The Man and His Music (BBC 1) 7—7.5(lpm. As Jacko comes bouncing back with a new single ‘Scream’ after the child abuse charges were quietly dropped. here is the first-ever television interview with Jackson arid his wife Lisa-Marie Presley. pltrs clips front their wedding video.

I Rab C. llesbitt ( BBCB) ‘) 0.30pm. Rab's heading for the Higlrlatrds for a weekend itr a lonely lochside cottage. Filmed on location arotrttd ()ban with guest appearance by kids‘ comedy duo Trevor and Simon.

I The Chief (Scottish) ‘l-lOpm. Cade’s under fire again. this time from the tabloid press after an ernbarrassittg leak from a source close to the police chief. But who is it?

I The World of lee Evans (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. in tonight‘s short comedy. Lee Evans picks up a ltitclrer Phil Daniels despite warnings that there's a killer on the loose.

I The All New Alexei Sayle Show 2 (BBCZ) ‘).3()—l()pm. New series from the on-the-edge Scouse comic who returns with a collection of new characters including a photographer friend to the stars attd a comtrrunity cable TV show from Hackney called thsrruu/ Cycles". plus the return of old favourites like the truly appalling warm-up man Bobby Chariot.

I Friends (Channel 4) ().3()—l()pm. When Ross and Monica‘s grandmother dies. the whole gartg attends the futreral itr this twentysomething American sitcom.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) l()-l().3()pm. The peaks and troughs of family life iii the Connor household.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4) ll.()5—l l.4()pm. Wave goodbye to your little French clrttrtrs in the last iii the series of trash culture which tonight includes The Smurfs go techno and a report on lesbian chic. plus veteran American punk Jello Biafra.

I The Vibe (BBCZ) ILIS—l l.45pm. More dance music trivia with Lisa l’Anson as quiz-mistress.

I Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBCZ) 1 1.45pm— 12. 15am. With Fawlty Tim-err repeats sitting pretty iii the schedules. another comedy classic is hauled out of the BBC archive. Tonight look out for a hi-jacking at Lutotr airport and an unfortunate case of deja vu.


I Europe Express (Channel 4) 7. I 5—8pm. New series of the European current affairs magazine. featuring reports on a Belgian vet involved in an illegal calf-fattening racket and paternity benefits in Sweden.

I Chicago Hope (BBC I) 8.45—0.30pm. More high drama in the American hospital series.

I Ruthless People (Scottish) 9—l().45pm. Danny De Vito is caught between his wife and girlfriend in this battle of the sexes comedy.

I oead Calm (BBC I ) 9.50—I 1.20pm. Tense thriller about a couple on sailing trip who rescue a ship-wrecked rnaritrer who turns out to be an ocean-going crazy. I Takeover TV (Channel 4)

1050-! l.35pm. More ersatz access TV cobbled together from a load ofclips submitted by amateur video enthusiasts. I later With Jools Holland (BBCZ) ll.30pm—l2.30anr. Bjork perfortns songs

., , s .4;

I After being pressed into service recently to protest against plans to scrap the Fort

William-london sleeper, sculptor George Wyllie’s ubiquitous paper boat sets sail again on the Forth. The reason? Another demonstration, this time to illustrate Murray Grigor’s new documentary film Fakelore about the phenomenon or ‘cultural set- aside'. This is the term Grigor has coined to describe what he regards as the

degradation of Scotland’s cultural heritage through tourism or plain penny-pinching.

Just two examples used in the tilm are the rusting Forth Rail Bridge and the Rational Trust’s kitsch visitor centres at beauty spots like lnverewe Garden. Fakelore is on Sunday 18 June at 11pm on Scottish and will be discussed afterwards

on Don’t look Down.

from her new album I’m't. plus Stax legend Isaac Hayes. Paul Sirnotr and



I The Clothes Show (BBCI) 4.45-5.15pm. The regular presenters led

by Jeff Banks head for Glasgow to present

the show live from the SliCC. See feature. I Party of Five (Channel 4) ().ll5-~-7pm. Charlie moves Kirsten itr without consulting the rest of the family. causing

resentment all rottnd.

I Fawlty Towers (BBC! ) 7.30—8.05ptn. Every one’s a winner bttt this one is surely

immortal —- the ‘don't mention the war"

episode in which Basil welcomes a party

of Germans to the hotel.

I Wycliffe (Scottish) 8— 9pm. Jack

Shepherd is the dour Cornish detective

who's on the trail of a prison escapee.

I The Seven Wonders of the World

(Channel 4) 8—9pm. Historian John

Rotner presents a new four-part series which explores the world's architectural ; marvels. lit the first programme. Rorner

looks at the legends of the Colossus of Rhodes arid the Statue of Zeus.

I The Vet (BBCl ) 8.05 b.55plll. Jtmior vet Murray gets into trouble when he dopes a horse just before a race it) the Devonshire vet drama.

I The Governor (Scottish) 9 lllpttt. Last iii the Lynda La Plante series about a female prison governor. But was slte installed as a caretaker all along to take the prison through a set ies of Controversial cltanges’.’

I Castaway (Channel 4) I) -l l.l()pm. Shoer as part of the ‘Novel lmage' season. despite the fact that it isn't based on a rtovel. Amanda Donohoe stars iii the true story of a woman who agrees to spend a year on a desert island with a boorish. bearded man played by who ()livet' Reed.

I Oliver’s Travels (BBCI ) t). In Iopm.


Jazz lan Alan Bates conttrtues the search

for his favourite crossword compiler and embarks on a journey with policewoman Sitread Cusack. They fall ill love aItd hit the road itr Alan Platet"s bittersweet

' drama.

I Fakelore (Scottish) llpm-midnight. Filmmaker Murray Gt'igor takes a wry look at Scottish history and culture. and asks why sortie of the nation's most important sculptures lie rusting itr a Glasgow scrapyard.

I Don’t look Down Midnight- 12.45am. Last in the current series of the Scottish arts magazine presented by Keith Bruce.

Discussion about Murray Grigor's film I-‘(rke/mz'. which was shown earlier. plus a look back at tetr years of the Tron Theatre under Michael Boyd and music from jazz vocalist Claire Martin.


I N.B. (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Sally Gray presents more arts atrd events news from around the central belt.

I Short Stories (Channel 4) S—S.3()pm. Documentary about the Miller family who were forcibly evicted from their home by police and bailiffs to make way for a motorway extension. Why did it happen atrd what was the effect on the Miller’s severely disabled son'.’

I The Outer limits (B BC2 ) ()~-‘).4(lplll. A bofl'rn researching virtual reality manages to transport himself a few minutes into the future atrd. as usual. the possibilites are exploited with evil intent.

I Bramwell (Scottish) ‘) l()pm. A reluctant 'l'B patient leads l‘lleanor to the heart of a family scandal in this Victorian tnedical drama.

I The Rick (Channel 4) ‘)-- l ()ptn. Repeat of the on-tlte-beat series following the work of officers from a busy Leeds cop shop.

I The Music Biz (BBCZ) ().4()~I().3()prn. Another \ isit behind the scenes of the music industry which tonight looks at the massive organisational feat that is a live heavy rock show. featuring Metallica and Aerosmith.

I NYPD Blue (Channel 4) l()-~l().55pm. Simone suspects Russell is hiding a drink problem. while a terminally ill child could provide a clue to a rapist's identity.

I Klute (Scottislt) Ill-10pm—l2.5()am.

. Alan .l. Pakula's excellent psycltological

thriller about a small-time private eye (Donald Sutherland) who becomes obsessed with a neurotic prostitute (Jane l’onda).

' I 1001 Nights of The late Show (B BC2)

ll. lS—l 1.55pm. A kind of ‘t'est in peace' compilation looking back at six years of

. arts output. See preview.


I The Booze Runners (BBC2) 7.30—«8pm.

Documentary about the work of excise

men who try to foil smugglers‘ attempts to bring low-duly alcohol into the UK.

. I Public Eye (BBC2) x--s.3()ptn. A look

at how the British are becoming

. increasingly like Americans iIr their readiness to sue.

I Squawkletalkie (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. A salmon plays Hamlet in Peter Baikie and John Sparkes‘s comedy nature show itr which they talk to the animals and the animals answer back.

I The last Boy Scout (Scottish)

9—1 1.30pm (including News at ’Il'n). Tony Scott action thriller with Bruce Willis as the former secret service agent who discovers his stripper client has been murdered and embarks on an investigation which leads to the heart of American football corruption.

I Justice lor Joy (Channel 4) 9— l ()ptn. Documentary about the case ofJoy Gardener who died in police custody before she was due to be deported to Jamaica. Two police officers are currently in court accused of Gardener‘s unlawful killing in 1993.

I Out of the Blue (BBC I ) 9.30 ~|().2()pm. A prominent black lawyer is shot itr a racially divided area atrd the detectives find evidence hard to come by.

I Myths and Memories of World War Two (BBCZ) 9.3()—l().2()pm. Following the Vii day commemoration. four historians pttt forward controversial views which challenge commonly held beliefs about the war.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Scottish chart show presented by Mari Steven and [Swan Macl.eod.

I A Touch of Frost (Scottish) 8-. t ()pm. David Jason is the bluff Northern detective in this repeated feature-length episode about the hunt for an attacker who preys on old folk.

I I Camcorder (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pnt. Last iii the quirky do-it-yourself camcorder series talks to Hollywood special effects wizard Bob Keen. who worked on lie/[mixer and the forthcoming Judge Dru/(I.

I First Sex (Channel 4) ‘)—l()ptll. New series of the female-orientated magazine. which tonight kicks off with a look at the impact of abusing tnen on women's mental health. Pltts items about black women‘s hairstyles and funky new safe sex promotional film Rubber Up Ju/tmrv. I ER. (Channel 4) Ill—10.55pm. After months of tryitrg tojuggle his work atrd home life. Benton finally puts his mother into a care home. while Dr Greene has a showdown about his incorrect diagnosis of a pregnant woman.


I The Mind Field (Channel 4) 8 _8.30pm. Tire series which examines the psychology of everyday life continues with a look at memory: what is it. where is it located. and how catt we improve it'.’ I More Rhodes Around Britain (BBCZ ) 8.30—9pm. Perky TV chefGary Rhodes visits Glasgow. where he heads to the Kvaerner shipyard to join iii the workers' weekly curry session.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBCI) 9.30—10pm. Gary atrd Tony are suffering a respective famine and feast of women in their lives in this laddish sitcotn.

I Searching (Scottish) <).3()-- l()pm. Cat-la Lane‘s new sitcom set iii a voluntary therapy centre.

I True Stories (Clrartnel 4)

9.30— l l . l 0pm. Prize-winning documentary film about fotrr hopefuls tryitrg to break into showbiz by launching careers itr the clubs of Sheffield.

I Walk on the Wildside (Channel 4) l2.()5 42.40am. Repeat showing for the Stuart Cosgrove-produced series of films about the state of the nation's youth. The first programme explores the motives of a group of tire-raisers.


I 4 Goes to Glastonbury (Channel 4) ' 6~-6.3()pm. First in a series of reports from I the three-day festival of mud. music and


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