New Age malarky. including live sets from Dodgy and Shed 7.

I Bab C. Nesbitt (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Last in the current series with Gregor Fisher as the Govan street philosopher.

I The World or lee Evans (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Bashful Lee has fallen in love with the girl next door but he needs some wooing tips before he can invite her for dinner.

I The All New Alexei Sayle Show 2 (BBC!) 9.3()—l0pm. More bizarre comedy from Alexei Sayle including the movie Superman as directed by Ken Loach.

I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Monica is planning a cosy Thanksgiving dinner but the best laid plans. . .

I Roseanne (Channel 4) lO—lO.3()pm. Last in the current series in which Dan dreams of building a boat.

I Psycho ll (BBC 1) 10.20pm—12. 10am. Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates in an inevitably inferior sequel to the Hitchcock classic. Bates has been released after 22 years in a psychiatric institution to find the motel under new management. I 4 Goes to Glastonbury (Channel 4)

l l.()5pm~l.l()am. More from the outdoor festival with Oasis and Prodigy live. plus highlights of earlier sets by The Black Crowes. Belly and Sleeper.

I The Spider’s Strategem (BBCZ) lZ.3()-2.lSam. Bemardo Bertolucci's adaptation of the Jorge Luis Borges short story about a man who arrives in a small Italian town to investigate the murder of his father by Fascists.


I Rock Family Trees (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. First in a new series which translates Pete Frame‘s famous graphic rock histories to television. starting with the many incarnations of Fleetwood Mac. See preview.

I Saturday Night Armistice (BBCZ) 9.50—1025pm. New series from the bunch

that brought you The Day 'Itnltty and Knmving Me. Knowing You Wit/t Alan Partridge. See preview.

I 4 Goes to Glastonbury (Channel 4 ) 9.55pm—lam. More bands live from the outdoor pop festival.

I Universal Soldier (Scottish)

10—] 1.35pm. TV premiere for the movie showdown between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Luridgren as two

fight another battle.

; I Seinfeld (BBCZ) 10.25—10.5(lpm. The i deeply ironic American comedian returns l for another series of the sitcom/stand-up

i hybrid.

M l

I 4 Goes to Glastonbury (Channel 4) T l.l5—3.3()pm. Highlights from last night‘s : bands plus a couple of live sets. There are 3 two further visits to round off the event at ; 6.05—7pm and l().55pm—12.3()am. E I Encounters (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Film about the backgarden bofftns whose hobby is making and launching homemade rockets. I Fawlty Towers (BBC 1) 7.3()-8.()Spm. Another classic episode of the hotel sitcom starring John Cleese. I Wycliffe (Scottish) 8~9pm. Jack Shepherd is the taciturn Cornish detective on the trail of another rural mystery. I The Knock (Scottish) 9—l()pm. Repeated run for this action drama about bent customs officers. I Oliver’s Travels (BBC 1 ) 9. 10— 10pm. Warm comedy drama with Alan Bates and Sinead Cusack has the middle-aged couple embarking on a teenage romance. . I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 11-] 1.45pm. Profile of leading Hollywood screenwriter Nora liphron. I First Reels (Scottish) midnight— l2.3()am. Selection of clips from the young Scottish filmmakers scheme.

| Vietnam vets who are rebuilt as cyborgs to

; of this week's arts and events calendar.

continues her struggle to be taken

record industry in this quietly revealing

More New York cop action with Simone . anti Sipowicz.


Seduction tips from lee Evans, Fri 23 '

I NB. Sally Gray presents the highlights

I Bramwell (Scottish) ‘)—l()pm. lileanor

seriously as a surgeon. I The Music Biz (BBCZ) 9.40— l 0.30pm. Another look behind the scenes of the

documentary series. I HYPD Blue (Channel 4) 10— 10.55pm.

. I Squawkietalkie (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm.

Last in the series which recycles nature footage with a comedy voice-over ti la

the cop on the trail of a serial killer in this

Johnny Morris. I The January Man (Scottish) 9—1 1.30pm (including News at 'li'n). Kevin Kline is

lame comedy thriller.

I Out of the Blue (BBC l ) 9.30- I 0.20pm. Another tough shift for the Yorkshire Cll) in this British police drama that wants to be an American cop show.

I Naked lunch (Channel 4)

lOpm— l 2.20am. David Cronenberg‘s creditable stab at filming William Burroughs's ‘unlilmablc' cult novel which mixes storylines from the book and the author's life.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.3()pm. Pop

videos and the Scottish charts. 7 I A Touch of Frost (Scottish) S—lOptn.

David Jason is the grouehy detective iii this repeated feature-length story.

I Lonely Planet (Channel 4) 8.3()~0pm. Start of a new series of travel progratttmes based on the famous backpackers bible. presented by latt Wright and Justine

. Shapiro.


I ER. (Channel 4) It)» l(l.55pm. (ireene‘s probletns continue as he tries tojuggle home and hospital life.


I The Mind Field (Channel 4) 8-8.30ptn.

[)r Kwame McKenzie examines another

aspect of human behaviottr in this popular

; psychology series.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBCI)

.5 ‘).3()~l()pm. l.agcr~fuelled humour in this flatshare sitcom starring Martin Clunes

: and Neil Morrissey.

I A Game of Two Halves (Scottish)

l().3()—l lpnl. New cotitedy quiz show

with a Scottish football theme based

loosely on the Have I (in! Mars l‘tll' l'tm

format. [)enis Law and Tony Roper are the team captains.

I Walk on the Wild Side (Channel 4) 12.25—l2.55am. Repeated youth crime series continues with ‘Scar Boys' which looks at the impact of knife attackers on their victims.

first collection


83 George Street. Edinburgh EH2 3E8 (0131) 225 3436

Thursday 22nd June, 7.30pm ALI SMITH

Winner of the Macallan/ Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition in 1994. Reading from her highly acclaimed

of short stories

Free Love, published by Virago.


Will be joining her to read selections from his latest work

Walking The Dog.



128 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AD (0131) 226 2666

Wednesday 28th June, 7pm


A musical evening

with the author of

She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul

who will be joined by the musician ’VTALITHA MACKENZIE


___Zfi_Ih:_l..istJ§-_?.9 Jun 1995