V I saw you ‘A' sitting in the Edinburgh Filmhouse bar (8pm. 29/5). You country style dress and gold spectacles. full kissable lips. I thought you were wonderful. I wish I‘d told you? ‘xx'. 'I". Box No II/255/16. V I saw you at Edinburgh Botanics and then at Street Level. What about the Electric Brae? Box No U/255/l7. O i saw you . . . last year! GIasgow—Penzance train l0am. 28/6. ‘It's a curse!‘ you said it was for me too tired to reply. Been wondering since are you here or Comwall‘.’ Box No U/255/l8. V I saw you Pizza Express. Glasgow. lune lst at 8.30pm. You: gorgeous black hair. dreamy lips. Me: sweptback hair and eyes locked on yours as I left. The Peroni's on me. Box No il/255/l9. V I saw you in Montpeliers. Friday 26/5. with two friends. You wore denim jacket. black top. jeans. with short dark hair plus beautiful smile. You are totally gorgeous. Me‘.’ Er . . . not so gorgeous. Box No L'/255/20. V I saw you at Clutha Vaults Blues Poets gig. 24 months ago (Thurs night). You saw me. Me red hair. glasses. tanned. suedejacket. You -< tall. hair greying at sides. glasses. Box No U/255/2 l. V I saw you near the top of Ben VorIich. 20/5/95. pm. You blond hair. blue eyes. with friend. Me curly blond. Can we meet'.’ Box No U/255/22. V I saw you working on Ward 4 of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. You know who I am. Let's have a drink sometime. Box No U/255/23. V I saw you in Marks and Spencers. You a cascade of curly black tresses. looking devastating in beige trousers and red jacket. me dark and handsome. We drink the same coffee. Box No U/255/24. V I saw you Tue 6 June. Northumberland Street. I helped open stair door. You on crutches with groovy knee brace. Me in short black dress. Can I cook dinner? Box No U/255/25. V I saw you The Last Drop. two months ago. Me: Craig. 23. You M‘.’ We snogged. You drove me home in your Metro. You phoned. l was out. Remember Meat Beat manifesto? Box No U/255/26. O I saw you in O‘ Henrys. working. on 26 May (Friday). You suggested ice and fruit. I suggest dinner for two. You may be called Tara. I could not be sure. Let's do it. Box No U/255/27. V I saw you stripping to Take That at Disco Inferno then taking my photo at Yip Yap before some girl dragged you away. Well. Jamie. get in touch. Love Suzzanne. Box No U/255/28. V I saw you at auditions for Romeo and Juliet. You. a girl. wore black mainly. Me. a guy. wore denim. We joked about rabbits and stuff. Fancy a coffee? Box No U/255/29.

V I saw you Emily. at The Mission. 2/6/95. We danced. kissed and I can't stop thinking about you. Where were you Patisserie Florentin. 5pm. 3/6/95'.’ I waited. get in touch. Box No ll/255/30.

V I saw you again! Nicolson's. June 2nd. Spin. you're still cute. seriously cute and taken?! You looked good together. Sorry I didn't reply to your letter. I hit the jackpot too. Ileh Hey! Box No U/255/3 l.

V I saw you both in Waterstone's. West End. You both had long hair and cttte smiles. You helped me find a film book. Me. small. dark girl with bunches. Fancy a threesome boys'.’ Box No [3/255/32.

V I saw you in Teviot between the doors. 2/6. late. You dark haired. shouting. your friend blonde. I just stayed in my room. Are you the whole of the tnoott'.’ Box No U/255/33.

v I saw you 'I‘uesday. 33/5 working in Tower. I was the dark-haired girl in the jazz section. You had the biggest. blttest eyes. You made my day. Make it again'.’ Box 1‘0 IF/255/34.

v i saw you Wit. Port Glasgow. Saw you in the Coylet. early May. 36 hours later and I knew I'd met someone unique. Still thinking of you. Please write. M.I).. Maryhill. Box No U/255/35. V I saw you Blue I‘iat Uno. Caird Drive I7/4/95. Why'.’ What‘.’ IIow'.’ Who'.’ One hour".’

' Waiting for Iove'.’ Look no

further. I am here. l)e musique- du vin-duvet‘.’ ()Iet! 30/6/95 cheri. Box No U/255/36.

V I saw you I didn't see you 2/6/95! Where were you. my fluffy wuffy sheep‘.’ I can't concentrate on anything but my memory of you at Prince of Flowers. How about 16/6/95. BG. 8pm? Box No U/255/37

V I saw you or did I”? There's been an epidemic of ‘possibly lrish‘ women in Glasgow's West iind. Tell me where and when and I might write this time. Box No U/255/38.

V I saw you at the ‘Shan’ gig.

7/5/95. Me. short pink dress.

and staring eyes. You. funky

I suit and staring eyes. Can we

move to the groove'.’ Box No U/255/39.

V I saw you Fellow Martian. You wiggled your hot butt through my dreams all last month. I've seen you only twice in ‘reality'. You: curly. intense. sexy. Me: ginger. grumpy. ‘joli- laid'. fun. Respond! Box No U/255/40.

V I saw you 1st September 94, 5.30. great weather. you and your friend were eating chips. we were heading towards

l Princes Square Shopping Centre

from Queen Street. I was wearing all black. tee-shirt

etc . . . you had blonde hair. I asked where the toilets were (remember?) I thought you were really gorgeous and delicious. try me. I guarantee you won't regret it. Box No U/255/4 l.

V I saw you three at Lyceum watching Importance of Being Earnest 7/6/95. seats 024-26. I sat next to all of you. Let's rub knees again! Box No U/255/42.



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r. - __.. - -_ _ __ 2 _.-_-____


|_._-. ____-_ _ __ - .__-. a.---______

' I

l__._-_- __- - -- l- --.- 2 - - -- __ .____-.-..--..-.... -.--. I


i —-—— ————— < c.- —— —-— _— C I

'2_ _ __ ~— —— - _ _. I

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