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I Chicago Meatpaekers 50 Hope Street. 248 4466. There‘s some dispute as to which section of the magazine this little clipping should go in: while some have plumped for comedy. others have gone for the romance of the I Saw You option. By an extremely tenuous connection it has scraped into food news.

The basic deal runs like this: every Thursday lovelom punters pay ten quid for a two-course meal and a beer. Having stopped the belly rumblings

: they can then use one of the telephones i that sits on every table to phone up the

occupants ofother tables and tickle their earlobes with a seductive phone manner. Now this isn't a new idea but the advantages of telephonic dinner dating are obvious. No longer do

i potential suitors have to worry that

they‘ll ruin their chances of a lumber by spraying semi-masticated food over their dates while laughing over enthusiastically at their limp jokes; diners can tuck into onion and garlic-

based dishes without fear of death breath ridicule and the tight-listed know in advance that they won‘t have to fork out for someone else’s gmb. On the downside. playing footsie under the table could prove tricky when your amour is on the other side of the room. Still. this does offer the opportunity to test whether the old adage that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach also holds true for the opposite sex.

Edinburgh I Charity Wine Fayre St George's

School for Girls. Gatscube Terrace. Info: 55] 2639. Edinburgh Direct Aid. the charity which aims to take humanitarian aid to those in Bosnia- Herzegovina and Croatia. is holding a wine tasting to raise funds for their


Those awesome oenophiles from Oddbins will be doing the honours on the wine front and putting on a tutored tasting of New World wines. In order to keep all the senses aroused there will also be an Edinburgh Direct Aid stall. chamber music courtesy of members of Philomusica and an exhibition of paintings by local anist Bernie O'Donnell showing scenes from Bosnia. as well as some of her personal work.

The event takes place on Saturday 24 June. starts at l lam and last entry is at 2pm. Tickets cost £6 and are available from Oddbins outlets throughout the City.

I Mormons [antic leer Summer seems to be making a somewhat belated appearance this year and what little sunshine there is doesn‘t really encourage people to throw caution and their outer garments to the wind in order to catch the rays. Still. in the unlikely case of central Scotland languishing in a tropical ‘Phew! What a scoreher' heat wave. you could do worse than pick up a few chilled bottles of this brew to accompany you to the beach.

Timmermans brewery lies in the Senne valley near Brussels. For the past century they’ve been brewing lambic fruit beers by one of the oldest known brewing processes - spontaneous fermentation. This involves leaving the boiling hot brew out in the open air of t Senne valley. As the brew cools wild yeasts which are floating in the air drift into the brew and start the fermentation. The brew is then matured in oak casks for anything up to two years. at which point fruit is added to the brew and allowed to re-ferrnent for several months.

The beer is available at Threshers and specialist off-licences throughout Scotland for around £1.30 a 25cl bottle. Thirsty tipplers can quench their dusty throats with four difierent varieties of the beer cherry. raspberry. blackcurrant or peach flavour. (Jonathan Trew)

Bored with Sunday lunch:7

\ Brunch out a little.

1.. tr... twinkling or .y. The Terrace, Edinburgh's liveliest am, smut.y Luna. a... Funds, Brant. Especially for the twinltles in you, .7... term. .1... rm... we weigh the little darlings and

charge just El Per stone.

Then they can tuclt in {or all their

worth! There s a scrumptious

spread lor CVO!‘)’OIIC.

Scramhled eggs, sizzling sausages,

crispy hacon, cold hullet, liot lmlfet, Piles of puddings. And all the tea and coffee you can tlrinlt.

for just £14 adults and our fun Price for lrids. So weigh into

The Brrace Sunday Brunchtime

for the tastiest family outing ever.



Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1 Festival Square, manage Ten-(01.315229 91-3-1



TELEPHONE 0 1 4 1-248 4942

m '


M u[ up a Ubiquitous Chip


This superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in 197]. The newest award is a Michelin Red M, an award never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.



Le Sept

7 01d F ishmarket Close Edinburgh

lunch and dinner Monday to Thursday all day Friday and Saturday Sundays dinner only

telephone 0131 225 5428

- l

0141-334 5001

11: List 16-29 Jun 1995.7