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CAO tickets are two tor the price oi one for any performance at the Grosvenor, Glasgow, Kelburne, Paisley and Allanpark, Stirling on Tuesday 20 and 27 June. Take a copy oi this edition of The List along to the Box Ottice. For details of programme see advert in film section.

OK. so there‘s this ex-nun who despite being a virgin reckons that she’s a nymphomaniac. She earns her crust by writing short stories fora skin mag. One day the ex-wimpie wearer meets Thomas who is suffering from amnesia having been pushed out ofa window. Who should the two bump into but Sofia, a porn actress who is being chased by bloodthirsty assassins. Life is never easy. Thanks to Fox Video we have five copies of this Hal Hartley-directed movie which was released on video recently to give away to the first live readers out of the hat who can answer this little teaser:

Q) .= D = G > = .2 O; Q) a. E O U



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Hartley Hare was a star in which kids‘ TV programme”?

to C III a > G = lilil '— < E <

Send your answers to us by Friday 2‘) June. Address them: AMATEUR COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 115.

Barium? “WW PHbIO

U) 3 “I I ' g .5 TRON a E: %; Tickets are two for the price of one tor full price g .‘g It's December 31 199‘) and the world is in "flats m sea suspect culture 5 pruducuon M one > 9 13: total turmoil. Former Ku Klux Klan leader way Street at the no" theatre (63 Tlongate’ > .2 . - ~ Glasgow 61) on Tuesday 20 June Take this edition 2 = a David Duke has been elected President of the ‘Th u I h B m i' f b .2 g United States, and then joins in a neo-colonial o "eh"? a ""9 mt e M Ice' m e, 8" lect to m 3: 8 _ _ .. alliance with European powers which a“ a z a g ' threatens the survival of people of colour I“ E g everywhere. Or at least that’s the opening scene for Public Enemy‘s fifth album Muse 8 7’; Sick N Hour Mess Age. Nice to see that Chuck D. Flavor Flav and the rest of the posse ‘3 haven't mellowed with age. Courtesy of Regular we‘ve got three copies of the CD and 3 75 three pairs of tickets to .see the band at Barrowiand on Wednesday a :3 I2 July to the readers who can answer this: " _ , We’ve at two airs oi = 9/] is a joke was released in which year? tickets?“ see epach of O.

these three shows at the Tron Theatre: Alter Hours on Friday 23 June at 7.30pm; William Jackson on Saturday 24 June at 7.30pm and Vin Garbet on Sunday 25 at 10pm. Take this copy oi \ The List along on the e night. First come

first served. \

Get your answers to us by Monday 3 July. Address them: The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 TTE.


Looks like another bangin' evening is on the cards for dance freaks. Rezerection is putting on another all-nighter at the Royal

Highland Centre on Saturday 8 July.

After Hours

(I) [ll a E 9 E a ‘- ag; I - . . . a g E, , The line-up includes the ongtnal

o 5 : ‘Nightmare' posse from Rotterdam OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the

3 '5 I along with DJs Paul Elstak, Tango whole magazine and present it to the relevant box 2 > I and Cash, Darrien Kelly, The oiiice or cash desk. All otters are subject to D g I Darkraver, Gizmo, DJ Rob, availability and managements reserve the right to :2: g I Petrov and Mark MacLauchlan. refuse admission. '— 5 g : Hardcore galore and not for the COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per 9 2' J; : fainthearted. We’ve got five pairs of competition. it you are entering more than one

0 _>_~ I tickets to give to readers who can answer cmmluons '0" I.“ "88 0|"! 0'" “WOW”: In“ I“ Q 5 I this: please make sure that your name, address and a: g l voucher are attached to non entry. competitions m E- : What does PA stand for given the context of the m 0|”. I“ 3" u“ Tatiana ("9" m 39' 9'18 I"

E. l question? Easy! alcohol-related otters). ilo responsibility can be N v i accepted by The List tor prizes which cannot be m I We need your answers by Wednesday 28 June. Address “ballad “9 to “'0'”... “WWW-«70 a: : them: naz com The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, obtain a list of linen. please send a 8A! to “I0 : EH1 1TB. list Competition Winners, stating which lssoels) V : REZERECTION results yon require. , 1i

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