Clockwise from left: Women and men 1991 -93, 3.8 Kita]; Portrait ot Chaim 1985-86, Leon Kossott; Lying by the rags

1989-90, Lucian Freud and Portrait of a Man walking down steps 1972, Francis Bacon

In the last room of the exhibition, new works by Auerbach. Andrews and Freud. as yet unseen in public. are mixed in an attempt to show similarities between their handling of paint. ‘ln this work. the use of paint is very automatic and i‘ree.‘ says Caivocoressi. ‘Andrews has blown and dripped paint across the canvas. At certain points it thickens. which is similar to Freud’s more recent work. where the surfaces are much rougher and pastier. I think this could be both artists looking at Auerbach’s thick. luscious use of paint.‘

With Leon Kossoi‘l~ currently representing Britain at the Venice Biennale and a massive Francis Bacon retrospective due to open at the Pompidou Centre in Paris next year. interest in figurative painting would seem to be alive and kicking. despite protestations from certain quarters of the artistic community that conceptual art has stolen the show in recent years. it anyone has any doubts. check out one of the highlights of the From London show, Bacon‘s spine-chilling Triptych Inspired by the ()resteiu of Aeschvlus based on his favourite Greek tragedy and think of the line that he coulan get out of his head: ‘The reek of human blood smiles out at me.’ 'J From Lam/(m, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh, 1 July—5 September,

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ompetition The List has a pair of tickets to see the From £3.-. ,w: 5, London show, plus an exhibition catalogue and ;>._»,..,.~,,.,*W.,...,,,.... _ . '1 Ii " poster available to the ilrst reader out of the hat to correctly answer the toilowing a; g _ ' Questions: . , ,, , ,, , ' . z 1. Who was Lucian Freud’s grandfather? ' m" " if: ‘4" " 2. Which of the artists in From London is 5 representing Britain at the Venice Blennale? 1 3. Which perlormance artist modelled tor " Freud? "’ " h‘s Answers on a postcard to reach us by Friday '“’" W m. - .__._ ~—-— M" 14 July. Address them to: w FROM LONDON COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TB. I

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