'2’, 6%. r4

Fruitmarket, Thurs 6, 7.30pm.

I ARTURO SAllDOVAL Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval has been to the festival before, both in his own right as artist-ln-residence back in 1991, and with the late Dizzy Oillespie’s United Nation Orchestra. Sandoval defected from his native Cuba on a tour of Europe with a reputation for high-note pyrotechnics which, while deserved, tends to obscure the subtler, less stratospheric aspects of his playing more than it should. When he and his band, The Latin Train, are in the mood, their blend of classic jazz traditions with Latin grooves can be a powerful intoxicant. McEwan’s Old

the award-winning Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra and the Northern Jazz Orchestra into the festival

I Martin Taylor McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £10 (£8). A solo recital from this most gifted of guitarists. with a support slot for another guitar man. the Hong Kong-based Eugene Pao. I Mulgrew Miller Trio McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm. £l2 (£10). Pianist Mulgrew Miller works within the broad parameters of a bop-based approach. but does so with rare invention and authority. I Anthony Kerr and llorma Winstone Quintet City Cafe Bar. 10pm. £5. See preview.

I Rev Doc and the Congregation Fire Station. Noon. Free. Blues.

I The lligel Clark Band McChuill's. 9.30pm. Free. Modern jazz outfit led by this excellent guitarist.

I Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra The 13th Note. 24.30pm. Free. Big band.

I Late llight Festival Club Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 30.


I I Paul Motlan's Broadway Music

; McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £13 (£l 1). See preview.

I Robert Mazurek Ouintet City Cafe Bar. 10pm. £5. High-octane bop and blues band with a Chicago pedigree and some New York polish.

I Brian Dee Pizza Express. 8—10pm. Free. Top notch British pianist.

I Rev Doc And The Congregation Brewhouse. 9pm. Free. Glasgow-based blues band led by hannonica man Rev Doc.

5 I Fionna Duncan and Friends

5 McChuill's. 8.30pm. Free. An Engender- 3 sponsored night with this popular singer and guests.

I 3 To The Bar The 13th Note. 9pm. Free. But who gets served first? A jazz fundraiser for the Gay and Lesbian Centre Project.

I Jamie Kilbride Duo The 13th Note.

i 2—4.30pm. Free.

E; E T" - hi


Ubiq‘ aitoas C Di p GLASGOW, SCOTLAND This superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in 1971. The newest award is a Michelin Red M. an award

never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.


Tel 0141-334 5007


I Late llight Festival Club Marriott Hotel. ilpm. Free. See Fri 30.


I The Jazz Crusaders McEwan‘s Old Fruitrnarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I Brian Kellock and Friends City Cafe Bar. 10pm. £5. Scotland‘s top pianist and guests.

I Hideaway Blues Band Brewhouse. 9pm. Free. Scottish blues outfit.

I Ruby Carter Ouartet Blackfriars. 10pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I Cartoon Review McChuill‘s. 9.30pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I The Sad Trio The 13th Note. 2—4.30pm. Free.

I The Jazoo Club with The Blisters. Zut

' i Allures and Catterson The 13th Note.

f 9pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I Madeleine MacDonald and Derek Archibald Tron Theatre Bar. lOpm. Free. Sophisticated vocalist.

I Late llight Festival Club Marriott Hotel. 11pm. Free. See Fri 30.

I Bird Lives Mchan's ()ld Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £10 (£8). Phil Woods joins the Peter King Quartet fora twin-alto tribute to the memory of Charlie Parker. who died 40 years ago this year. Bird‘s widow (and Woods‘s ex-wife) Chan Parker will be guest of honour at the concert. See picture caption.

I Jim Mullen Ouartet City Cafe Bar. 10pm. £5. Scottish guitarist celebrates the launch of his new album back on his old statnping ground.

I Randy Johnston and The Steve Hamilton Trio Princes Square. 5—7pm. Free. American guitarist Randy Johnston makes his Scottish debut in the able company of pianist Steve Hamilton.

I Rab lioakes Brewhouse. 9pm. £5. 1 don‘t know that even Rab would claim to be a blues singer. but he‘s always worth hearing.

I Bruce Mathiske Blackfriars. 10pm. Free. This Australian guitarist making his

I ROY HAROROVE Check the lighting, the look, even the microphones. it could be Miles Davis or Clifford Brown in the mid-50s, and if the studied retro pose says a lot about Roy Rargrove’s veneratlon of the hop tradition, it is one he is extending rather than simply regurgitatlng. llargrove’s last album, With The Tenors Of Our Time, was easily his best to date, and whetted the appetite for this visit with his current sextet, featuring fellow young lions Jesse Davis on saxophone, Stephen Scott on piano, and the great Christian McBride (whose own Getting To If is a fine debut album) on bass.

McEwan‘s Old Frultmarket, Sat 8, 10.30pm.

first visit to Scotland arrives with a good reputation.

I John Goldie City Merchant. 9pm. Free. Another fine guitarist. but this time horne- grown.

I Laura MacDonald Ouintet McChuill's. 9.30pm. Free. Berklee-bound saxwoman. I Chicken Stu’s Funky lliblets The 13th Note. 2—4.30pm. Free.

I The Bobby Wishart Ouintet The 13th Note. 9pm. Free. Modemjazz. Bobby's special guest is Jackie Murray.

I Andy Mitchell and llaftor Medboe Tron Theatre Bar. 10pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I Late llight Festival Club Marriott Hotel. llpm. Free. See Fri 30.


I Arturo Sandoval McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £l3 (£11). See picture caption.

I Tina May Quartet City Cafe Bar. 10pm. £5. A very able singer. and one who is not afraid to improvise in a genuinejazz manner. Her trio are pretty hot as well. with our own David Newton in unusually frenetic mode at the piano. Wayne Batchelor on bass. and powerhouse drummer Clark Tracey.

I Chick Lyall and Phil Bancroft Duo and llorbert Stein Pata Masters Rarnshorn Theatre. 9pm. £6 (£4). Europhonium 95 gets underway with this piano and saxophone duo. and the eclectic Norbert Stein Pata Masters (as in pataphysics, a ‘science‘ invented by the French iconoclast Alfred Jarry) from Germany. I Dutch Swing College Band Marriott Hotel. 8pm. £12. Traditional jazz dance with this long-running outfit from the Netherlands.

I Bruce Mathiske Princes Square. 5—7pm. Free. Australian guitarist.

I Homesick James and Honeyboy Edwards Brewhouse. 9pm. £7. These veteran American bluesmen come straight from the source of the music. and their appearance is definitely one of the highlights of the blues programme. Support comes from Billy Rankin.

I Laura MacDonald Ouintet Biackfriars. 10pm. Free. Modern jazz.

L 20 The List 30 Jun-l3 Jul 1995