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Portillo lurking in the wings) here’s the . . .

Aeon Flux (pictured) on MTV and its mindless

< Generation X brain-rot.

Show the same images in a hip Ielt-lield arts centre like Glasgow’s CCA and you’ve got a ‘distinctive visual stamp that combines the electric crackle of video with the tree-form flow of the comic book’. Check out the best of MTV’s Liquid Television and decide for yourself what the hell it is. See Art for details.

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I Experimental dancers Brigid and Dawn, aka lncognita, have dipped into the dressing-up box for their new show which will take place in several locations around Edinburgh. The show called Frontier is a pilot for a larger scale project to be staged in Europe. See Dance for details.

I Despite some narcotic- related indiscretions, zany rapper Flavor Flav (right) has been welcomed back to the Public Enemy told, where the hardline message continues: ‘don’t touch that crack shit’. Yo! Bum rush the show at Glasgow Barrowland see Rock for details.



i l i I i l 2 The List 30 Jun-l3 Jul 1995