write rousing garage pop. Schtum from

“0 Northern Ireland are far more austere and hardcore and New Yorkers Nyack adopt a shoegazey approach. Nyack have alsojust

released their debut I I Track Player. which doubles as a CD-ROM. When it


I 5000 Volts Cavendish. West Tollcross.

228 3252. 9pm-3am. £5. Anyone

remember ‘Dr Kiss Kiss' or ‘l‘m On Fire‘ from the mid 70s?

. , , I Bananatish Whistlebinkies. Niddry Gigs 3'9 "sud by date, the" by c'iy' Street. 557 5114. 9pm. Free. Original pop

Dates will be listed, provided that details tunes.

mach 0'" 0mm,” an '93“ one week I The Elevators Bonnington Resource “9"!” Pub'icéim- Rock and Blues Centre. Bonnington Road. 220 0601. 8pm. “snags comp'led by Fiona Shephe'd £4 (£2) from The Music Shop. West Bow. and Jonathan new' Edinburgh. Fife R & B and blues band to _ boogie your snake hips to. l I The Chowder Pilots West End Oyster Glasgow Il:v:;tti‘tland Street. 225 3861. I “heme and The Steambm“ Band l I Sugar Candy Mountain and Bake Navel warfare with Extreme, Glasgow. Fri 30 Bmowland» Gallowgalct 553 4601- ; Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 8pm. £2. 7.30pm. £11 plus booking fee. Tickets I wOmrain Cas Rock Cafe, weer port, I live Music Abbey. South Clerk Street. [100‘ “West 030139130" and "'9 from Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. ' 229 4341_ 9pm. Free. (,67 3023. 830p.“ Frcc_ Blisters Kazoo Club. The 13th Note. 553 226 4679. Mainstream rockers fond of ' I Blackwate, Blues Advocatc‘ South 1638. 9pm. Free. Kazoo Club in ajazz turning their hand to big. weepy numbers Bridge. 9_30pm_ Frcc_ 2 style so remember to grease up your who return after a considerable silence. I live Music Abbey. South Clerk 5mm. horn. missus. . with support from strutting. bluesy cm 3023. 8.30pm. Free. Glasgow I Glasgow Songwriters maturing PMS

rockers The Steamboat Band. Blackfriars. Bell Street. 552 5924.

. . I The Mutts, Honeycrack and Pink Kross ( s - . ’v' i . . .3 . “. i . . ‘. I Fats Domino King s Theatre. B ltll 1 King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut‘ St Vmccm ) 0pm i ree [‘em’lit. duo Plus open mic

" t . I w H. . Si”l. SerCl.CANCELl-1:D.Forrefund Street‘ 221 5279.8.30pm.£5.T1Ckcls Clo ndog arleys Quarry rec

information contact Ticket Centre. Glasgow from King Tu“ and mm the Ticket Hamilton. 01698 458174- ()Pm- £2- lqln.d Bud‘s Jukebo‘ 3 I Buddy Holly And The Cricketers Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679. The . I Edinburgh _ . PaVillon. Renfleld Street. 332 1846. 7pm. Muffs are an archetypal LA power trio 1 H r ,m

K198 Tm S Wah Wah HUL $1 V‘mcm ' £8.50 (£7,50)/£7,50 (£6.50) A tribute to featuring ex-Redd Kross drummer Roy I callus mu.“ Bun‘ Grass'mri‘m‘ "5 Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50. Smooth I [he bespectacled troubadour who McDonald for a“ you US undergrmmd 6636, ()pm.‘ Here. Recently-formed adultjazz funk rap from Belles 1n Monica pioneered geek rock before wen” were scene trainspoum. Makes sense m have ixdlnbtirgh indie-lolkabllly band. already :UPEOIECd by Gctld‘s :Ukcgoi‘gwfio in“? :‘h twinkle; in their parentg' eyes, Redd Kross devotees Pink Kross playing 1 “inhllmjtp; lathe! [A Rldlmircgt and

U“ y (L963 10 W 11“ l le)’ 0 UI Wm "1 C I Shan McChuill'g‘ Hi h street, 552 too. with the main su ort comin from p c" y 0 .c3 “,a glgs a u

way Happy Mondays used 19 t 2135, 10pm Free, Risifigjazzfunk the new rock band foijl‘hed by CJg. former I songwmers Showcase and worTShop I The Gyros and Tumbler Nice ’n' Sleazy. " combo guitarist with The Wildhearts. Tm” Tm'crn‘ Hunter Squarc‘ 8pm u' saUChiehaii Street. 9piTT. I I Halt Bar \voodlands Road I Cathougc‘ Br()\vn Ipffwinaliont 1 ' forun] for The Big W's Liggcrs and Swiggcrs club ' 332 i210, 9.30pm, F'rec, Roots reggae Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £5.30 plus booking “hm’urgh'bascd “ngcr‘imgwr‘mt ‘V'lh swings into action this month with a set from Glasgow. fee. Tickets from The Garage. Just [hc anybody welcome to perform a fifteen- from melodic indig guitar fiends The I Decoy filackmars‘ Bell Street. 552 Ticket. Virgin‘ Union Street 226 4679 minute set. One local songwriter is Gyms 5924. 930p!“ Free. and Tower Records. Argyle Street. 204 highlighted at 10.30pm each night. I Ho and the space “mans The Arena. I ancake and Long Joumey Home 2500. I Roundhouse Stones. Frederick Street. stalfi Smut 22‘ 3019- 9pm £359 Wolburn‘s Wharf. Yoker Ferry Road. 959 I "9W9 and Ciowndog Nice ‘0' 51631)“ 220 1226' 10pm Hcc' including entry to Parkhfc- Space Kittens | 2016. 9.30pm. Free. Funky AOR from the Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Free. Play dayglo “35W Punk'POP- . 3 Sheryl Crow-esque Fruitcake. web'le free Showcase for new bands. 5 I a" 003 And "I congregailon I The Bengal Lancers Boonie Yard, I Easy Liquor Store. Bridge Street.

MacSorley‘s. Jamaica Street. 221' 8499. i Calhcan Road. 649 0184. 9.30pm Free. paisley. 348 5095 3pm. Free. Glasgow 9pm. Free. Trad R & B wrth lashings of I the sensationfl Mu Haney Band . I Gil Scott-Heron The Garage. harmonica- , . Paisley Town Hall. Abbey Close. 887 Edmburgh Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. 7.30pm. I Fwd uulmby quartet MCChUl“ 5r ngh 1058. 8pm_ £7 (£5), The Sensationals I Kiss The slide and Buzz Bomb Stones. £7.50 plus booking fee. Tickets from The SW?“ 552 2'35- 10Pm- Frcc- 8'8 band 3 minus Alex rock the Paisley Festival. Frederick street, 220 1225 10pm Free. Garage. Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union 391d 137—1. . i I Battle Of The Bands Music Gallery. I Kid Chaflemagne Platform ()nc‘ Street. 226 4679 and Tower Records. I the Deep Blue sea K‘rkhouse In"; BaCk Snt’ddon Smelt 843 1333- 8pm Rutland Street. 225 2433. 9pm. Free. Soul All;le smelt 204 2500- The mellow Strathblane. 01360 770621. 9.30pm. Free. Free. The final of [he paisley Festival 0mm. hipster. a man who has most probably I'llth Reed And The Velvet Underpants . Battle of the Bands_ I live Music pear Trcc Wcqt Nicola,” influenced the course of trip-hop and the Rico s. Ann Street. Greenock. 01475783 i I Harmonica Jones Conncuy’s, Sweet 667 757,; 8 10m.“ Fr'cc like. makes his laid-back return to these 705- “Pm- 553- W1” Hugh's Glaswcglan ; Nicholson Street. Greenock. 01475 888 t i h i I u ' ' shores (drugs bUSlS permitting). humour translate to the wrlds of . 972. 8pm. Free. 3 I Belles In Monica Under Ventura. King Greenock? ; , Street. 552 1388. 9pm. Free. See Fri 30. I 84 6 Men Clyde Bar. West Clyde i Edlnblfl'gh . .

Street. Helensburgh. 01436 673 257. Edlllblll'gh Edinburgh

10pm, r; 1. I The Meteors and The Gin Goblins Cas

I Kid Charlemagne. love Circus and The I The Dream Disciples and E90 Breed Wildebeefls Venue. CallOn Road. 557 Stones. Frederick Street. 220 1226. 10pm. 3073. 9pm. £3. Benefit gig for the Mental , Frcc_ Sec preview.

Health charity by three local bands. The I The Slidin' Delta Blues Band West End

Rock Cafe. West Port. 229 4341. 9pm. £4 in advance. £5 on the door. Aaaaagh! Blood. guts and ritual virgin sacrifice. 1t


I Blaineless, Nyack and Schtum Music

Box. Victoria Street. 225 2564. 8pm. £5 in fifsnMflgf" mm?“ 3‘0? “mm “‘3” mf- headliners like their soul. oyster Bar, wear Maitland Street, 225 advance. £6 on the door. Three new noise 6 “so”; are t 8. me“ exponents. 0 I Hot Tomales Whistlebinkies. Niddry 386 1, |(),3()pm, Free Finger-picking bands to consume. heffield‘s Blarneless PSY9h02'11Y gore While the Gm GOblms street, 557 5114. 9pm. Free. Moothic- mm.” duo . I .3 , areJust inhuman. Bring your own . d bl v ~ ' . I, g at . I? 5.11. t . , chickens. I‘ng; A ULS. S r F ‘d‘ . k S I The unfaithful Servants ,r ,. , , I Steve Howe Queen.s Ha“. Clerk Street. MO lewgroga leges.‘ tn? I. lrect. f :NhlSlitlblnkl‘CS. Nlddry Street. 557 5114. 668 2019. credit card hotline. 8.30pm. £8. “h: ; 9'" “- ““ g‘g ‘5 1’3"" )P'" “w Country “09" £9 1 S bookin f Th harm from t t. Holsth Pils Band Search. p u g ee. e gu 70s supergroup Yes takes to the road to 4 6 diplay his finger-picking skills. I o’Jango Cavendish, West Tollcross. G'as ow asgow 228 3252. 9pm-3am. £5. One for fans of g I The Chosen and The Corleones King The Drifters. I The Scent Gowns", spacehopper and Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. I Mr Pltitul Platform One. Rutland The Revolutionary Corps 0' Teenage 221 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50. Local band Street. 225 2433. 9.30pm. Free. Soul Jesus King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. St Shoo/cm, sounds, Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £4. I sus, scams.’ and Jarida Lynn Club 99p, I Something For The Weekend Advocate. Tickets from King Tut‘s and Just the The 13th Note (downstairs), Glassford st, ' South Bridge. 9.30pm. Free. Blues. Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679. 553 1638, 9pm, ; I Redford Falls West End Oyster Bar. Another in a collectable series of I Tom Mcuiyen Quint“ MCChuiH’g. High I West Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm. Creeping Bent label showcases featuring street, 553 3135, 10pm. Free. Acid jazz_ l Free. fuzz-popsters The Secret Goldfish. sonic I Liars tale, Redwood and Hold 01 I ' I New leaf Duo Queen Street Oyster Bar. wrecking crew Spacehoppef and the Vision Arena. Oswald Street. 221 3010. i Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free. enigmatic. Suicide-influenced sounds of 9pm, £1 i Sunny offshoot of the big. bright. brash The Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage I Slapper Halt Bar, woodlands Road, 1 - 6810': 1'0"" m- 3“ 3'“ i and brassy full-sized pop group. Jesus. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free

44 The List 30 Jun-13 Jul 1995