I The good knight The List’s at-a-glance guide to the

r ,‘1‘; i E Lancelot travels to ° . . I Camelot to Ninth: hand highlighs telortnlght ahead.

of fair lady Guinevere. She’s basically up for it, but has pledged to marry King Arthur in the torm of , Sean Connery. So it’s ’3‘ dilemma time in this “1 ‘epic retelling of the timeless and tragic love triangle’ in the First Knight. Will Arthur release the maiden from

her obligation to let the " " ' o o ' path of true love run firm, I Musrc: Ravr Shankar The renowned

or must it be broadswords sitar player and composer is

at dawn? See Film for celebrating his 75th birthday with a deta'ls- world tour. He‘s composed works for Menuhin and Jean—Pierre Rampal among others and once. famously. he received a standing ovation for merely tuning his instrument at the concert for Bangladesh in New York. All of which makes you wonder what ecstatic ruptures the audience were in when he actually started to play.

G/asgoii' Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. Sun 2 July.

I Music: Glasgow Jazz Festival ’95 it's hip. it's hep and it's happening here. All the big names in jazz are descending on Glasgow for ten days of freeform mayhem. From the giants like veteran guitarist John McLaughlin to small local trad ensembles. if it‘s jumping jazz you need there‘s only one city to go to.

Various venues. from Friday 30.

I Circus: Moscow State Circus Possibly the last visit to Scotland (apart from some Glasgow dates in August) of Russia‘s most highly trained circus performers who will be presenting an astonishing array of traditional acrobatic feats and dcm'ng— do without the aid of downtrodden animals. But hurry, hurry. because a crisis in Russian arts funding is likely to lead to the company‘s demise. Murrayfleld, Iz'tlinburgh; K ing '3' Park. Stirling.

I Art: From London This is the first and only exhibition in the UK to combine the six main artists from the so-called School of London. Over 90 works will be on display by Francis Bacon. Lucian Freud. Leon Kossoff. Michael Andrews, Frank Auerbach and RB. Kitaj. Some ofthe paintings have never been exhibited in public before and over a third of the pieces have been created in the last five years. This is the cream of Britain's figurative painters and the exhibition

I Olivier Richon’s photography draws on classical painting styles to make this Shawlield mutt into a bit of artful still life (note the carefully arranged bunch of grapes). And there’s more of the same at the artist’s exhibition The Hunt featuring saddles of lamb, a dead cockerel and slice of pumpkin. See Art tor details.

is simply stunning. a . Scottish National Gallery of Modern ' I A“ d. t. . Art. Edinburgh, from Sat 1 July. ' 9' spa" "‘9 ""3 "' I Theatre: Sexual Perversit in 5 _ America cultivating yet , y t I . . Chicago The Arches Theatre more facial hair, Del . . . ' " Amim return to scam“ Company revrve their first production. i; y to may some choice cuts a spirited version of DaVid Mamet‘s " from their new album seminal depiction of the Chicago , Twisted. See Rock tor singles scene, in period costumes details- which look curiously fashionable. Tron Theatre. Glasgoii'. Tue 4-Star 16 -. July. In association with

v (11‘

Probably the best lager in the world.

The List 30 Jun-l3 Jul 1995 3