I Genius at The Tunnel. 10.30pm—3am. 3 £3 (£2). The ‘thinking students‘ night'. ' Whigfteld and Reservoir Drigs - you can’t : be serious? This is the kind of night that goes hand in hand with traffic cones on heads. Draught beer and long vodka £1.60. bottled beer £1.

I Shimmy Club at Bennet‘s. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Legendary. drunken. ‘mixed‘. longest-running club night iii town with Craig Davis. Mainstream dance and chart. £1.10 promo beers. ' I The Tardis at The Attic. 10.30pm—3am. £1. ‘A journey through space and time that takes you from the 60s to the 90s and back via rock/pop and soul‘. All drinks £1.

I Trading Post at Cleopatra‘s. 10.30pm-2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket). Chart. mainstream and ()0s “for the pub/club staffcrowd‘.


Limbo Records. one of Glasgow‘s premier dance labels and home to Phactfile star Michael Kilkie are giving you lucky people the chance to get your hands on some Limbo merchandise. To win one of the two prize packages comprising record bag. T-shirt and some new release Limbo records. answer the following painfully easy question:


Rory Weller answers those crucial queries

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


What record shop is Limbo records associated with‘.’

Get your answers to us by Friday 1-1 July. Mark them:

tiMi'io com, The List. 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. . . Subby frensz Be the ' most subbed-out person in the park this summer Club gear. Up for grabs are two flight bags (red/navy/ black) filled with a collection of Sub Club goodies: pens. lighters. T—shitt, wallet and anything else they‘ve got kicking


I Art School at The Glasgow School of Art. 8pm—late. Free. Eclectic pre-clubber with Stu and Phil. From soul to pop. I Avant Mud Guard at Nico's. 9pm—midnight. Free. Pre-club featuring the Chopper DJs. Pints of Stella £1.20. I Bennet’s l lpm—3am. £1. Gay. 70p vodka and gin! DJ Sara. I Blue Print at The Volcano. llpm—2.30am. £3 (£2). Soul. jazz. funk and boombashin' beats. Sace and Fasi plus regular guest appearances by DJ A1 (Mo Wax) using four turntables. Becks

I Name Michael Kilkie. I Occupation Resident Friday night DJ at The Tunnel and record producer.

I Appearance He looks like the guy who works behind the counter in 23rd Precinct. Glasgow.

I Er . . . Well actually .he is the guy who works behind the counter in 23rd Precinct.

I That’s handy for a DJ Y‘ah. it

with your exclusive Sub ,

Competition Voucher

£1. Look out for special events in the side about LIVC 111111 (110111" by answcrlng “‘19 DJ'II‘WWS'IYPC I means he can be surly and rude all alcove ranging from breakdancmg to question. day as we“ ac at night (jUSi skateboarding. kidding).


I Chopper at Club Xchange. Who are the three Saturday night Sub Club DJs'.’ 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.50 (£2). Garage. house. 90s disco and pop iii the new look Club X. Fresh Clubland credible music and dire quality cheap drink. Double vodka £1.25. 3 I Double SI! Cub at King Tut’s Wah Wah E Hut. 5 July and fortnightly. Spin—close.

I How’d he start then? He was taken on as a YTS five years ago. I Christ, that’s lucky Not nearly as lucky as sharing a flat with Glasgow club god Harri for three years.

I He couldn’t do anything but

3’ 5 § '5 2 2 e E 3 8 8 g g g g :- E e:

SUB COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

I Get your answers to its by Friday 14 July. Mark them: i l l

The club based at The Bohemia club (London) comes up to Glasgow to try out their board game-related mirth every

1 I Bloomers at Cleopatra‘s. é 10.30pm—2.3()aiti. £3 (£2 with ticket). ' Mainstream pop and dance.

featuring the MC. complete with eight— piece band and DJs Twitch. Terry and

Jason. See panel.

succeed in that set-up could he? Talent has surely got something to do with it too. Currently he's the

I Rage at Stratltclyde University Student 5 Union. ‘)piii——2lt111. Free. The Level Fight barn once more fills tip with the bright young things letting their cardigans slip


I Fab at Reds. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Club classics. funk. soul and disco. Miller £1. vodka-mix £1.

I Go West at Cleopatra‘s. 10.30pm—2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket). A mainly ‘student-orientated' bill of fare.

I Joy at The Tunnel. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2 members/with flyer.) The massively successful Edinburgh Saturday night brings the whole package through every week. Maggie and Alan will occupy Room One. playing a mix of progressive house and Christine will be in the back room for camp classics. Rolling Rock £1. long vodka £1.70.

I love Train at Cafe Cini. 9pm—midnight. Free. Selected beers for £1. Joe Deacon playing the best in classic soul. funk and piano house.

I Planet Earth at The Cathouse. 10.30pm-3am. £1. An 80s revival night for all you Wham and Duran Duran fans. Doing unbelievably well.

I Prefab Tab at Nice 'n‘ Sleazy (downstairs). 9pm—close. Free. Deep dub with a taste of garage. Vodka £1.

I Sticky Fingers at The Attic. 10.30pm—3am. £2 (£1). Gerry with indie and retro sounds. Drinks promos.

I Wednesday Night Fever at Cotton Club. 10.30pm-3am. £3 (£2 with matric card). Positively a towering inferno of rekindled kitsch. Busy? You betcha. Drinks promos. I Wheelie Wonderful Wednesdays at R.G.'s. 8pm—close. Free. New pre- Chopper event with dancey choons. £1 vodka shots and cheap vodka cocktails.

; I Club Havana Presents Delicatessen at i The Volcano. l lpm—2.30am. £3 (£2). I New weekly club from DJ Jazz with a 1 New York. Balaeric/Latinjazz mix. The ' Havana nights are always insanely busy off their shoulders as they gaze at the e and this one looks like going the same way. floor. I cum Xchange 11pm_3am. £]_ Gay. 1)) L I Rumble at The Garage. 10:30pm-3atti. Stella and £1 lager. vodka £3 Cill'dOW lllid ROSS \k/ltll it very i I {he come, 9pm_closg Free. Reggae busy night of charty dance faves, cheap : beats pfc-club with Stevie [)0naldgon' 1 drinks and drunk students. Snogtasti‘c! I I nee Jays in Disguise m The variety Stephen M. upstairs with ‘Popscene . 5 8pn]_clOSc_ Free. j‘ilkcg and Hu’i‘ch with classic itiitl contemporary indie tunes. - a dubby mix of new dance and techno. I Shmdlg 111 C0119” Club. llpm-I-3am. £3 Absolmciy rammed (£2). Iain Fitzpatrick With an indie/disco : I Disco Inferno at Reds. llpm—3am. £2. Chill A” flfmks 99P- ; Seventies digco‘ pop and glam with 1)] I Soul Kitchen at Maxaluna. Spin—close. 1 Michelle plus Burt and vodka for £1.30 all Free; A soultul “be prowicd by I?! 1 night. A night of Classic disco peppered I<evtn McPharland plus real soul food with the best of contemporary house anti ""1" the Max"“”‘“ “When-‘- ; garagg I Soundclash at The 13th Note I I Donkey at The Cathouse. (groundfloor). Spin‘close. Free. A pre- i 1().30pm_3mn_ £3 (£1). Student), mix 0f club mixture of dub. ambiciice and qualty : grunge rock. indie dance and pop. [L‘Chllt’- . . i I Loveshack at Fury Murryg; I Spangles at Strathclyde University 3

chap responsible for the Limbo Records track floating around featuring a legally suicidal Lionel Ritchie sample.

I That sounds a bit dodgy - the major labels would run a mile from anything like that No way! They've been fighting over the licensing rights after Pete Tong and Kiss FM DJs gave the track some serious air play. Tong. though. was so enamoured with the track he missed the humour of the eitibatrassingly puerile title.

I Which was? ‘M'Boza Ritchie‘. Tong announced it. straight-faced. on national radio three weeks running before the joke was pointed out.

I Oh dear I’ve just got it, too. EMI dance label Positiva (who have now licensed the single) rather unsponingly changed the name to ‘Cry India' by ‘Umboza‘ for fear of jeopardising the sample clearance. They have. however. given Kilkie a big bag of cash and a three single and album deal.

I What to say Gie's a joab.

I What not to say Is there a Richard Head in the building? Michael Kilkie plays The Tunnel every Friday night. 'Cry India ' will (paperwork pending) be released shortly.

10_3()pm_3am. £2. super cool sounds of Student Union (Reds Bar). 9piii--2ain. the 703 _ dance S“)um and student Free. Gordon Tennant of Helter Skelter I classics abound. Lager and vodka mix an Willi SOUL dimcc and PW- 0P0” ' unbcncvablc 50p} throughout the summer. ' I No More Hiroshimas at Glasgow School I The Tunnel lOimt-3mn- £4 (£2 “'ml ~ of Am 1()pm_3.3()am, £3.50. 6 july only, matric card). If you‘ve ever been to this Benefit night for Campaign Against student night in the last five years. then Milimrism's N“ More Himghima’g‘ it‘s still exactly the same as you remember project. Hull jazz fusion 1)) Geezer it. Cheesy music. mobbed dancclloor and (Porkys Production) drops the phat. funky NEW“ 1“ the WWW“; beats. - I Unity Reggae Club at The Venue. I October Cate 7pm-midnight. Free. A l(130131114310- £3~ EVCW gummy and smart crowd of pre-Tunnellers make , Thur-“(11W Regent“ ragga and (1UP- themselves heard over the fine house and E ‘Smcuy dullcc‘hall'; _ garage masterly put together by DJ Stevie 5 UK so”. 5" 5UP UUb- llplll—3Zl'11- *3 M_ i (£2). Martin and Mark have created a I Pussypower present MC 900 n Jesus I haven of credibility in the sea of Thursday at The Arena. 9.30pm—3am. £8 (£7 in “Ing "WleCflw ‘S'ml’ly the PC“ |


I Bar 10 8pm—close. Free. Paul Cawley from Phar Out with a wierd. eclectic. underground pre-club experience.

advance from Fopp. missing and Ripping Thumm)’ “Ighlfml in Years h”“’_”‘¢)’ modestly describe it. and they re qurte

Records). 13 July only. Pussypower . o . possibly right.

present an extra special club event

The List 30 Jun-l3 Jul 1995 71