visit in this twentysomethrng American sitcom.

I Frasier (Channel 4) l0—l0.3tlpm. Media shrink Frasier finds having his dog neutered isn't as easy as he thought.

I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 1030—1 1.05pm. Gus decides to join the lads tor a stag ttight.

I The Vibe (BBCZ) 11.45pm-l2. lSarn. Lisa l‘Anson hosts another black music- based quiz which tests contestants knowledge of swingbeat. ragga and soul.


I Vintage Thames: The Kenny Everett Show (Chartrth it .s'. S ROprri. Start of a new series of pr-_)gtarrirrres plundered front the archives H."'l‘h'rrrtcs television. the stath Mitch iost its

i oration e. a lJlJ}. Irene”. ‘nt ar"t..r. :u 1 NJ the season irci '- r l" Hence-y ssttch show .’;c i.llt‘ l‘lcrzz‘y liv. rctt. mtl. spec guests. Rod ‘itcv. art. l 'o Sayer and strttttty dance troupe Hot (losslp.

I The Sweeney (Channel J) 3.30—9.30pltt. More from 'l‘hames with an episode of the classic police drama starring John Thaw and Dennis


I Rock Family Trees (BBCZ) 9~-‘).5()pllt. Working on the basis that Deep Purple spawned heavy metal. this edition of the rock genealogy series traces the roots and offshOots of the hand.

I Jamon Jamon (Channel 4)

l().lSprn—12. 15am. New season of recent foreign films starts with Spanish director Juan Jose Bigas Luna's movie which turns a breast obsession into an ar'tfor'tn.

I Seinfeld (BBCZ) 10.25-10.50pm. More urban angst frotn Jerry and his buddies in this American sitcorn/s‘tand-up hybrid.

I The Pick of Parky (BBC 1)

tl.30pm»~lZ. 10am. Reruns of some of Michael Parkinson‘s classic interviews. starting with the late Peter Cook.


i | i l i l l L

l I Party at Five (Channel 4) 5.50—6.45pm. Emotions are running high in the Salinger household as the five orphans each have relationship problems. I The Great Commanders (Channel 4) 7. lS—Xpm. Repeat of the series about the ' great military leaders of history. starting with Alexander the Great who conquered half the known world. I Fawlty Towers (BBCI ) 7.30-8.05pm. Another painfully funny episode from the re-run classic sitcom series. I The Seven Wonders of the World (Channel 4) 8-«9pm. John Romcr completes ltis exploration of the world‘s .rr'cl‘titectuml marvels with a visit to the pyramids. I Wycliffe (Scottish) 8 “)plll. Another investigation by grumpy Cornish detective lack Shepherd. I Oliver’s Travels ( BBC 1 ) i). t 5-- 10.05pm. l'inal episode of the gentle Comedy thriller about a retired academic on journey in search of a crossword compiler. I The Clive James Show (Scottish) 10- 10.45pm. The week’s news satiriscd by Clive. plus more absurd foreign telly. I A Rage in Harlem (Channel .1) l()pm— midnight. Largely unsuccessful adaptation of the Chester Hines novel shown as part of ‘The Novel lmage' season. Forest \‘v’hitaker is the nice gtry who gets embroiled with sassy criminal Robin Ciivens in 50s Harlem.


I ".8. (Scottish) 7- 7.30pm. Round-up of arts and events around central Scotland.

I Barbara (Seottish) 8—-.’.3()pm. First in the series of ‘Comedy First' sitcom pilots. See preview.

I Short Stories (Channel 4) (“ls-8.30pm. ‘.-\ Village Affair'. chronicling the conflict between a group of New Age travellers and the residents ofl.ittle Norton in


83 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3E8 (0131) 225 3436

Saturday 8th July


Fun for kids (and adults too!) with competitions all day. Meet Wally himself at 2pm in the shop.

Somerset. who. armed with the new Criminal Justice Act. want the travellers rtrn ottt of town.

I Nelson‘s Column (BBC! ) s.3t)—<)pm. John Gordon-Sinclair is the goofy journalist in this newsroom sitcom.

I Desmond’s (Channel 4) 8.3()-—‘)pm. Matthew is less than delighted when his sister Flo arrives from Africa to take him home.

I The Outer limits (BBC‘Z) 9—9.45pm. Another ont-of-this-world episode of the engaging sci-ti serial.

I Contract for Murder (Scottish)

t)»--l 1.30pm (includes News (1! Yeti). first part of an American mini-series about a woman's plans to kill her husband's mistress which come to light some years later. Continues tomorrow. same time.

I Travels With My Camera (Channel .1) ‘)~ltlpm. New series of the camcorder documentary strand. starting with American journalist Reggie Nadelson‘s irrvcstigation/r'oad movie about the t'S nuclear obsession.

I Homicide (Channel J) l()--l lprn. l’ernbleton is livid when he discovers that a possible murder site has been tampered with tn this fast-moving American cop show.

I Witness (Channel 4) 9-10an In 'lieyontl the Rainbow. the daughter of photographer liernando l’et'eira. who \\'£t\ killed when the Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior was sunk in New '/.caland ten years ago. goes in search of the lather she hardly knew.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7-—7..‘~(lpm. Mari Steven and liwan McLeod present the Scottish chart.

I Inspector Morse (Scottish) s —l(lptlt. Another repeated episode about the

tacittirn ()xford detective. starring John Thaw and Kevin Whately.

I lonely Planet (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Justine Shapiro journeys from Tel Aviv to Galilee. before heading itito the Sinai desert in tonight's edition of the hackpacker's guide.

I First Sex (Channel 4) 9-» ltlptn. Tonight's cditrott of the women's issues trtaga/ine includes art undercover report on a generation of Korean ‘comfort women who were used for sex by Japanese soldiers during World War ll.

I ER. (Channel 4) ll)» l(l.55pm. In the penultimate episode of the current series, which was directed by hot movie director Quentin 'l‘arantino. Lewis ends tip delivering her sister‘s baby.

I The Mind Field (Channel 4) 8—3.3()(ittr. The last it: the series. psychologist llr is’warrre McKenzie looks at fear and how to overcome it.

I Heartbeat (Scottish) 8.30 9.30pm. Nick lierry heads back to the (ills for another slice of nostalgia ill the village bobby \t‘l'ies.

I Men Behaving Badly (ltnt‘tr

tHt) lttpnr. .‘ylartin Clones and Neil Morrissey continue their" hotttagc to lager tn this ladthshtless sitcom.

I True Stories (Channel 4)

9.3!) - ll).55pru. l‘ly-on-the-wing documentary about the tortrter' Soviet t'nion airline Aeroflot which has been hrokctt tip into ‘babyflots‘. Described as a daddy comic por‘tt‘ait' of a service ill chaos.

I A Game of Two Halves (Scottish)

lt).‘\t) llprn. More Scottish football jokes in a comedy (rurz format.

I Walk on the Wild Side (Channel 4) H.55pm- illiam. Another chance to see the docutrretttary about ‘l lacket‘s‘ and l’hr‘eakers‘ -the young kids who hi-jack corporate infortrtation for fun and profit.

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Wednesday 5th July 6.00 pm


will be reading from and signing copies of his new paperback

Skinner’s Trail

Winners of the Headline crime competition will be announced at the evening event.

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