THE scogfifiCOUNClL B o s N N VISUAL ARTS OFFICER- Atlanta Magazine

We are seeking a dynamic 1ndiv1dual w1th

knowledge of the contemporary Visual arts, experi- U n e m p I u n g

ence of working in a Visual arts organisation at man- agement and policy making level, an appreCIation ° and interest in art in public places and a working u | knowledge of and commitment to DfOVIOIng support for indiwdual artists.

Are you interested in magazine publishing, journalism

The successful applicant W1” participate In a or research? Are you highly professional and organised? range of initiatives to promote a shared v151on for the . . 7 Visual arts in Scotland - 1n part10ular, developing and can YOU h”: the ground runnmg' implementing policy With regard to supporting the . . _ creative development of Individual artists. If yes we can offer you a unique professronal placement.

38,8” scam. £13,651 £18,185 pa. We are a dynamic, challenging and fun organisation.

Further details and application forms from“ We are working all hours to launch two magazines which Director of Finance &Admmistration will change the face of publishing in Scotland.

Scottish Arts Councrl . . . 12 Manorpme All profits are dedicated to charity. Edinburgh EH3 7DD

Tel: 0131 226 6051 Closing date for applications:13 July 1995 (First Post)

The Scottish Arts Council IS an equal opportunities employer.

The post is on a voluntary basis, £|O above benefit if unemployed six months.

If you’re good enough phone Janet Finalayson today at Grand Met Trust on 0l3| 229 2400 and convince her.

. . .-..;‘t must. of


EDINBURGH Photography Gallery & Workshop


Street Level Photography Gallery & \V'orkshop recently developed new

The Edinburgh International Science Festival , . _ , V ' . _ premises in the heart of the Irongate area. We are seeking a Gallery Director

wishes to re-appoint two full time staff to

join the team that plan and run Europe’s who can meet the challenge of taking the organisation iorward at this largest annual science festival, 1 exciting stage in its development. Applicants should have experience of 5 working in a visual art organisation at management level; a track record in Schools and Family Events coordinator curating exhihitions. experience oi iundraising and a sound knowledge of \Vorking with other members oi the liestnal team this : contemporary phflliiiiillplly-

)erson will oruanise and o\ ersee the tunninU oi the . . . . . . L1“le ,md “mt” “H )m “Hm Saknu film I“ You will he involved in a range of activities and take particular I t D ;k I I I a -k.‘ K M l - 1 -~ ir-r t-t- i- 'titl-rll‘ r pmwmnnm HHS DUN)” 5lmuld mu. m IU‘N u ml“ , rcsponsr )1 it) or t it t a} to (.1) inanagcmcn o 1c ga cry, unt raising, experience in event management. sortie e.\‘[X'l'lclicc oi

organisation oi exhibitions and strategic development. working with schools. and an enthusiasm ior the promotion of science and technologv to young people

Salary £15,167 p.a. and the general puhlic. A science background would

he tiset‘ui hut not essential. ; For a job description and application form contact: ' STREET LEVEL, 26 King Street, Glasgow (31 SQP

Science Communicator

The Science liestiVal devises new science and l - technology based events for ttse during the Science Scots MUS'C Group Festival and as part oi it‘s ()utreach Programme Development Worker

which travels throughout the l'lx'. To continue this work we are looking ior someone with a science background with experience oi working in the iields oi interactive science and the public understanding oi science. 'l'liey sltottld lie ltllnilial' with science perlortnance techniques

Live wire needed to co-ordinate adult students learning traditional Scots music and organise fundraising and public events. A background in community/arts development and

promotion/fundraising preferred and an interest in Scots music.

32 weeks from 4th September £9.65 per hour 10 hours flexible per week

For further written details on both posts call the Science Festival office on 0151 220 5977.

Deadline f9" Applicatimmi M‘mday IOJUIY 1995 For information and application form contact

Edinburgh International Science Festival ALP Scots Music Group 149 Rose Street. Edinburgh EH2 4L5 184 Dalry Road, Edinburgh EH11 259 ‘9“ 0131 220 3977 Tel 0131 337 5442/ Fax 0131 337 9316

82 The List 30 Jun-l3 Jul I995