0 I saw you at the Ub Chip on 20/5/95. We discussed the nation's health and surrogate fathers. Do dentistry and psychiatry mix? Let‘s be unmercenary friends! Box No U/256/16.

U I saw you Wednesday 14 June in Reds. You suggested egg cups! I suggest a drink? We could go Dutch/Irish?? Box No U/256/17.

9 I saw you in the Ettrick. Partick. You blonde. holey tartan trousers. with 2 friends. me a teacher. denim shirt and tie. You stole my assignment and heart. 14/6/95. Box No U/256/l8.

O I saw you New Lanark. 4 June. I wanted to ask: would you be my Lanirner Queen. You: blue jeans. red checked shirt. smile. RSVP. ASAP. Box No U/256/ 19.

V I saw you a L'Institui Francais avec une arnie. Samedi le 17 Juin. C‘était moi ou ma tarte que tes yeux ont admire? Quel que soit ta preference. je veux t’aider . . . Box No U/256/20.

0 I saw you at Pride. ‘Helicopter man‘ seeks American friend. No Joy. Drop me a line. Box No U/256/21. V I saw you (in rugby shirt) at CCs on Pride Saturday with your pals (doctors?) We danced next to each other. Said ‘hello‘ afterwards. Fancy a chat over coffee . . . ? Box No U/256/22. U I saw you Kirsty and you saw me too! We had a pure night but the end was too fast. Fancy a random trip to the Highlands? Doughnuts on me. Box No U/256/23.

O I saw you at the Comedians/Hurrican Gladys gig. You ribbed top and white jeans. me matching whitejeans and blue shirt. Much eye contact. 1 was at the next table (you were at the door). Dance with me next time? Box No U/256/24.

. I saw you in Bruntsfteld. happee baybee. I lust you. Yours toots (aka babe!) PS How‘s the elbow. Box No U/256/25.

9 I saw you I keep seeing you Susan. on Nicolson Street. First I Iobbed a dead pigeon at you then a piece of welding equipment but you still haven‘t seen me! Look out for more missiles. Box No U/256/26.

0 I saw you at your barbeque on Crew Road West. Lisa. I like the way you cook your chickens. Come visit me sometime? Box No U/256/27. v I saw you David Lloyd. Renfrew. You're tallish. dark with red shorts. on rowing machine. We‘re the giggling ‘mature‘ students. The wee mousy one wonders if you're free for a coffee afterwards someday? Box No U/256/28. 9 I saw you Tron Bar. 2/6. you female. me too (blonde shortish hair) you darker. side parted. brightest. bluest eyes. white shirt with 6? other women behind my table. I was with dark haired woman. then 2 guys came and went. 1 moved to the other side of my table. pathetic isn't it? But was there eye contact? Saw you agian. late morning 7/6 outside Greaves. Gordon Street in navy suit. I was in cream linen short skirt and shirt. sunglasses. hot day. hesitated. then said ‘hello‘. you looked back. Wish I‘d dashed after you. let‘s do more than hello! Box No U/256/29.

V I saw you Capercaillie. Killen. 13 June. You skinhead. discussed smoked salmon. How about dinner or shaving. Box No U/256/30.

. I saw you fooling about with poetry and a muffin in the Equi Cafe. U-huh. you looked better with your specs off. We should use up each other‘s spare time. Box No U/256/31.

v I saw you walking down Renfrew Street Sunday 18/6/95. 6.30pm. You: dark hair. blue cap. Me: light check shirt. dark jeans. You smiled. l‘d like to see you again. Box No U/256/32. 9 I saw you cycling down Byres Road. 6.30pm. 15/6/95. You tall. short blond hair. You smiled then hummed a tune as you passed. Please get in touch. Box No U/256/33.

0 I saw you Te vi a un concierto de Mouthrnusic. Estuve bastante borracha y uevaba Doc Martens de ono. Tu estabas guapo y un trabajador de carreras encontramos nos para tapas o una bebida? Box No U/256/34.

. I saw you weeding the courtyard with a spoon. Doug (1’) Your long brown hair dazzled me as the sun bounced off it. Your rotivator. my lawn? Box No U/256/35.


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Just fill in the classified form and send it off.



PERSONAL (Box No is included in price.

Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 20p/extra word. Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 40p/extra word.

I Saw You: Free for up to 30 words.

OTHER SECTIONS Lineage: £5 for up to 30 words plus 20p per extra word.

Semi-display: £8 for up to

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column cm, excl VAT. (Box No costs £5 extra/

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If your advert doesn't apply to any of the above sections. please contact us and we can arrange a new section heading for you.

i Print in etoctt CAPITALS i Name ......................................................................... ..

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Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for publication). 2. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation. 3. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion. 4. In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be accepted if both the advertiser and person sought are over 18. 5. Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable for publication in personal ads.

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