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For general information, contact the Glasgow Fair Festival on 0141 774 0259.


I Dave Anderson Moulin Rouge Tent. 7.30pm. £5. The man with the biggest repertoire in town. ('t'ty [jg/irr- star Dave Anderson. sets the ball rolling with songs a-plenty in this opening night bash. Followed by music from C‘arlton Big Swing Band.

I The Human Jukebox Glasgow Greert. You hum it. they’ll sing it. Walking Wurlitzers Yvonne and llelene are ‘back by popular demand‘ to perform your favourite songs on request.

I Captain Shifty and Hermon X Rive Gauche Tent. 7.30pm. £4. An evening of jazz-funk to set the opening night a- groovin'.

I Mischief La-Bas arid The Johnny 7 Big Fun Circus Tent. 7.30pm. £2. With Monty Cantsin (Pirate Radio Mischief). Frankie Savaloy (and his golden gramophone). Smith and Blackwood with their songs of quality and distinction. and toy-gun inspired music from The Johnny 7. Avon ladies. Tupperware demonstrations. embroidery classes etc. Cardigans ophonal


I The Eighth Wonder Of The World Glasgow Green. 2pm. Wyrd Arts present an innovative outdoor production of King Kong combining circus skills and physical theatre.

I Tea Dance Moulin Rouge Tent. 2pm. £2. Tetley and tango well. maybe just a slow waltz to the Bob Dale Sound.

I The Human Jukebox Glasgow Green. See Fri 14.

I Johnny Beattie Moulin Rouge Tent. 7.30pm. £5. ‘I remember when this was all fields . . . etc. etc.’ Johnnie Beanie takes you back to the supposed ‘Good Old Days' with an evening of comedy and songs.

I Bonnie Prince Charlie Rive Gauche Tent. lprn and 3pm. £1. Two-and-a-half centuries after the Jacobite rebellion. Hopscotch Theatre take a mirthf‘ul stroll through the Young Pretenders life and ask. was he really a bonnie prince. orjust a bit of a Charlie?‘

Words of wisdom: Ivor Cutler. Sun 16 !


It’s summertime, the living is easy, and ' Glasgow Fair Festival is down on the Green, running this year from Friday 14-Sunday 23 July. Brought to a temporary halt in 1870, when the District Council declared it to be

‘falling into a vortex of drunken

debauchery,’ this long-standing celebration of the annual Trades Fair holiday was finally given a reprieve in 1990, when it was revived to its present glory by Glasgow’s East End Initiative.

Altogether more sophisticated than its 19th century forerunner, the festival on Glasgow Green is now a ten-day feast of performances and workshops incorporating music,

dance, theatre, cabaret, circus, visual ;

arts, film, writing, poetry and just the occasional swally. This year’s theme is France and the Auld Alliance, 7 with events taking place in exotically- titled tents such as the Moulin Rouge and Rive Gauche. Highlights over the ten days include Australia’s campest comedy crooner Bob Downe, Greenock-born stand-up Parrot, the unforgettable Ivor Cutler, Jools



y, ‘e ~." ‘r'u ,<.

- 5,"-

7- 2'2"" Ate—K " v' ape: Wyrd Arts present The Eigth Wonder of the World at Glasgow Fair Festival. Sat 15 and Sun 16

Holland and his band, Scottish jazz

chanteuse Suzanne Bonnar, Glasgow indie band Thrum, and the chance to take part in activities ranging from the French Jive form Ceroc to the ancient Chinese discipline Tai Chi.

I Oaks Bark Rive Gauche Tent. 7.30pm. £2. Multi-media entertainment with an international flavour in the form of music. dance and live art.

I The Happy Gang Saves the World Big l‘un (‘ircus Tent. 10.30am. £ 1. The (irumpy Gang are hell bent on ridding the world of singing. inn and games at arty cost. luckily The Happy Gang. with a little help from the children in the audience. are there to see justice (and good times) prevail.

I Sixties Karaoke Big Fun Circus Tent. 7.30pm. £2. ll‘ ever there was a decade perfect for karaoke. the ()()s is it. Not only are the songs stupidly easy to sing. but most of them were sung by boys and girls irt groups. so you cart be embarrassed as a collective rather than individually.

I The Eighth Wonder 01 The World Glasgow Green. 2pm. See Sat 15.

I The Human Jukebox Glasgow' Greert. See Fri 14.

I Ivor Cutler Motrlin Rouge Tent. 2pm. £4. Novelist. poet. children‘s writer. composer. musician. playwright. actor. TV and radio personality . . . some people just don't want to work. ' I Suzanne Bonnar Moulin Rouge Tent. 7.30pm. £5. Being compared to both

Billie Holliday (Ult/ lilla Fitzgerald is no mean feat considering their diverse styles. but Suzanne Bonnar manages it. For an evening ot'classic jazz. gospel and blues she’s hard to beat. with a voice so smooth you Could almost slip on it.

I Michael Cannon Band Rive Gauche Tent. 7.30pm. £2. The Strathclyde orchestra's blend of rock and soul went down a storm at this year's Mayl‘est. arid

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alongside professional musicians.

I Shahbaz Big linn (‘ircus Tent. 7.10pm.

I Jools Holland Moulin Rouge Tent.

saying the ‘l” word l‘c‘lote .\'ot/./\' on

they're sure to do the same here. The people witlt special needs can play

I The Happy Gang Saves The World Big

l‘un (‘ircns Tent. ltlfitlam. £l. See l-ii l5.

£2. .\laster ol the quick—change. Sltalibal. takes a light-hearted look at the influences of rrrale and lettutle \Vestern and .4\sran icons.

I Bad Old Days Moulin Rouge Tent. 2pm. £2. Telling it like it was is The Society. with a music ltall«style montage ol'songs‘. sketches and melodrama.

7.30pm. £l(). l'lx-Sqtree/e. L‘X-Tll/N'. espert pianist and host of the e\cellettt [Al/(7' van/r .... Jools llollattd. the man [anions for

Channel 4. perl’orms two nights ot~ serious

ivory-tinkling and swinging sounds with f


(Rita. a day at the races . are definitely not in their honor

' disaster lor their relationship. as ' (‘omponent l’arts 'l‘lreatre (‘otnpany deb e

(ia'rche Tent. 7.30pm. £~

his ten-piece rhythm 'n' blues orchestra I For Want of a Hail Rive (itttlc‘llt‘ Tent. 7.30pm. £2. Dangerous thing. gambling.

' ; particularly when you lose. l-ior' l7r'ank and

\Vilc‘lc‘ lilt‘ Utltl\ spells

ittto the gender dry ide.

; I A Magic And Mayhem Hight Big l’trn

(‘ircus Tent. "..‘~tlptrt. £2. .-\ night of

midstnimrer madness (better late than ; never) lull ol' mystical illusions. tricks. ~ treats arid all. with Debbie McGee

nowhere iii sight.


I Tea Dance Moulin Rouge Tent. 2pm.

£2. See Sat l5. I Jools Holland Moulin Rouge Tent 7.30pm. £ltt, See Mon 1".

I Giant Steps Rrye Gauche Tent. lprtt

arid 3pm. £1. Visible l‘rctrons [‘owerl‘ul play lor S l2—year-olds tells the tale ol' Hen. \\ ltti til\ itlt‘s ltis lttttc between the real world and a secret world. until a new lriendsltip turns them both upside down. I Sugar Town and Cowboy Mouth Rive 1. An evening with Marina Records leaturing es- llipsw‘ay indie rockers (‘ow boy Mouth. I Gong Show Cabaret Big bun ('ir'ctrs Tent. 7.30pm. £2 Swallow all pride arid

think ol' Hob Monkltotrse bel'ore you take

to the stage. stand beneath the ‘Glory Spot‘ and do your thing be It singing. dancing. comedy. magic or your own \I‘L‘Cial brand of entertainment.


E I Call That Singing! Moulin Rouge Tent. . 2pm. £2. ()pen wide arid get ready to 3 make a ioylttl noise as these Glasgow l-‘air

lavourites present an alternoon of blues.

ballads and belters. f I The Humpff Family Moulin Rouge Tent.

7.30pm. £5. The Usual set-up: they play everything from country to rock. you dance around and sing along and a good time is had by all.

I The Gods 0t Glam Rive Gauche Tent.

7.30pm. £4. leave your sense ol‘style at home and take a musical journey back to a time when bad taste was de I'I'gerrr.

I Grand Ole 0pry Hight Big t~‘un Circus Tent. 7.30pm. £2. Scotland's premiere country ‘n‘ western club transfers to the Green tor a night ol music. sketches and shoot-outs starring Rambling l‘ey er and The ()utlaws.

Have a triffic time with Thrum and their Hilferama, Fri 21

$2 The List 14-27 Jul 1995