Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Andre (1') (George Miller. IFS. 1991) Tina Major'ino. Keith (‘arradine. (‘helsea Field. 9-1 mins. This time it‘s tlte turrt of a seal to keep the kids oohing artd aahing. as tlte true story of Andre ttrtfolds. Set dtrrirtg the early (t()s irt a srttall fishing towrt irt Mairte. the filtrt ltas all the necessary elements cute kid bortdittg with ctrte animal artd with a few adventure sequences in the plot that puts this flipper‘ed hero irt the Skippy/(‘hatttpion/Rirt Tin Tin class. Border s: Paviliort. Fife: Adam Srttitlt.

I Arizona Dream ( l5) (lirttir' Kttstttrica. France/LS. 1993) Johnny Depp. Faye Dtrnaway. Jerry Lewis. 135 mins. We're talkittg the ‘logic ofdreams‘ here. so it’s useless to attetttpta plot syrtopsis. Let's jttst say it ltas Depp as at) NYC fislt inspector otrt west. a bizarre lo\e triartgle

w itlt wacko Dtrrtaway attd her weirdo darrgltter. caddy salesman Lewis. liskimos and a flying machine. Sometimes inspired. often infuriating.

trtostly impenetrable. See review. Glasgow: (ll-'1'.

lidinbur'gh: Cameo.

I Bad Boys ( l5) (Micltael Bay. LS. 1995) Martin Lawrence. Will Smith. Tea Leorti. l()1 rttirts. Wltett a criminal mastermind completes a ltttge drug heist. Leoni is the ortly w itttess to the

groovey chicks and parental ltontilies. so wltile tryirtg to pay off their back taxes. their anachronistic attitudes claslt with the moral ambiguities of the 9(1s. Kitsch attd absolutely hilarious. this is the one 'l‘V-to-big-screen transition that ltas worked a treat. Glasgow: MGM Film ('erttre. lidinburgh: l‘('l. Strathclyde: 1'(‘1(‘Iydebank.

I Bullets Over Broadway ( t 5) (Woody Allen. (S. 1994 ) John (‘trsack. Dianrte Wied. ('lrau.

Palrttirtter'i. 105 mins. Self-absorbed playwright David Shayne ((‘usack ) cotttprotttises all the

way dow it the lirte as he atterrtpts to get his new

rttasterpiece staged he's willing to cast a

gangster's girlfriend for the necessary funding and take wtitirtg tips front her str'eetw ise bodyguard. Allen's emphasis is on witty dialogue and strong per'forrrtances. w lticlt gives the frlm a slightly theatrical feeling. lidinbtrrgh: (‘anteo.

I Captain Blood (PG) (Micltael ('ttrtrz. LS. 1935) lir'rol Flynn. ()livia de llavillartd. Lionel Atw ill. 119 rrtitts. ()ne of the best .swasltbucklers

of all time. following the adventures of a Btrtislt surgeon-tutned-btrcanrteer'. who still retains the

accorttpartyirrg murder. but she'll only talk to cop 1

Smith. Smith's otrt of the office. so partner Lawrence assumes his iderttity. artd the two buddies with badges ltave to keep the swapped role stunt up until trial date. Plenty of opportunities for corttedy artd action are made the rttost of it) this new post-Murphy black cop franchise. Glasgow: ()deort. MGM Pat'kltead. lidinburgh: ()deon.1'(‘l. Str'athclyde: Magrtrrrtt. L’Cls.

I Batman Forever (PU) (Joel Sclturrtaclter'. ('8. 1995) Val Kilrtter. Tomrtty Lee Jones. Jirtt (‘aneyz 122 rrtirts. A lightening of tone ltas followed the departure of Tim Bttttort front the director's seat. meaning that this third effort is. irt comparison. sltallow. noisy arid rather lty-the- number's. That said. no one will be asking for their money back. Added to the list of characters this time are (‘ar‘r'ey's The Riddler and Jones's 'l‘wo-Face villains of truly ltissable class arid another wannabe vigilante iii the shape of orphaned Dick Grayson ((‘hris O'Donnell). Just don't expect the sarrre dark forays into the shadows of the ltttrttart psyche. See review arid feature. General release.

I The Best Of British Animation 2(15)9()mins. After fotrr British ()scar wins for the Best Animated Short Filttt itt five years. no one could argue that we weren't world class it) at least one area of filrnrnakirtg. This superb programme consists of Jake/rm; Britannia. Hit (inner/v. The Big Story. 'l'riang/e. 'Ialex l’runr 'I‘lte lien/ta Worn/3 Stil/e Nae/rt Ill. Save Me. Jain/ring Juan. I’ih «.Q Pug attd Ah I’mrk Iv Here. with highlights The Sound ()f'Mut'it' (Pltil Mulloy's 199-1 lidinburglt Filrtt Festival winner) artd [tn/ft Birthday (Alison Snowden attd David lines 1995 ()scar'charttp). lidinburgh: (‘ameo

I Beyond Rangoon ( 12) (John Boot mart. LS. 1995) Patricia Arquette. Frances McDoirttand. Spaldirtg Gray. 100 rrtirts. Art American physician (Ar'quette). travelling through Asia. stumbles upon the lawless military dictatorship of Burma artd the rrtass slaughter carried otrt there iii the late 1980s. Ar‘quette manages to come through it all with a toughness that‘s credible. bttt Boorrttan overdoes the violence dorte against her arid others. The sweeping landscapes ltave a powerful beauty. brrt ultimately the political lecturing becomes too much even for such an irrtpressive canvas to bear. Glasgow: ()deort.

I Bird (151((‘lint liastvvood. LS. 1988) Forrest Whitaker. Diane VCllOt'tf. Samuel 1i. Wrigltt. Michael Zelinker. ltrl rttirts. Eastwood's labour of love is a moving attempt to portray sonte of the complexities of (‘ltarlie ‘Yardbird' Parker. whose improvisational developrrtents on the alto saxophone rttark him dowrt as one of the century‘s most significant musical presences. A skilled patchwork narrative. art excellent cast (among whom Forrest Whitaker stands ottt lit the title role). and an evocative vision of the jazz underworld front cameraman Jack N. Green combine to create a sombre. engrossing arid excellent biography. Glasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I The Brady Bunch Movie ( l 2) (Betty Thomas. US. 1995) Shelley Lortg. Gary Cole. Michael MeKean. 98 mins. The makeshift Brady household is caught in a 7()s tintewarp of flares.

moral ltigltgrotrrtd. Great action work throughout. de llavillarrd lloks radian! as the love interest. Basil Ratltborte is a nasty baddy artd l-ly lll) became art overrtigltt star. lidinburglt: l‘ilrtthouse.

I Circle Of Friends ( 15) (Pat ()'(‘ortnor. 1‘8/1'K. 199.1) (.‘ltris ()‘Dortrtell. (‘olin Firth. Mrnrtie Driver. 102 rrtirts. A group of friends

rrteet attd socialise together as a relief front their

college studies irt Drrblirt. with love arid disappointrttertt inevitably rearing their heads. A slice of life irt 1957 lrelartd - so parochial it might as well be another planet ()'(‘onrtor"s adaptation of Maeve Binchy‘s rtovel is faitltftrlly recreated bttt too lightweight. Glasgow: ()deon. lidinbtugh: ()deort.

I Clerks ( 18) (Kevin Smith. US. 1993) Brian ()‘llallorart. Jeff Artdersort. Marilyn Gltigliotti. 9f) trtirts. Just when you were sick of the very sight of the word ‘slacker". along comes (‘lerkx and gives the wltole comrnercialisation of the Gert .\' lifestyle :1 good hard kick tip the backside. Kevin Smith's ltilariously fottl dialogrre peps up the exchanges on life. sex arid everyday living between bored convenience store check-out assistant Dante attd equally bored video store manager Randal. lidinburgh: ('arrteo.

I Cobb (15) (Rort Slreldott. l'S. 199-1) 'l'otrtrtty Lee Jones. Robert thltl. 128 mitts. Part sports hero. part arrogant bastard. Ty (‘obb (Jones) ltas a strange charisma. or so thinks his biographer Al Stump (Wultl). Throughout. the film rests on the debate between printing the legend or writing the naked truth. Sheldon doesn‘t condone or sentirtterttalise his subject. btrt maybe he also doesn‘t realise ltow unpleasant this mart is. Tommy Lee Jones. however. is magnificently lottd artd dominant. See review. lidinbttrgh: 1‘i1rrthouse.

I Congo ( 12) (Frank Marshall. l'S. 199-1) Dylan Walsh. Laura Linney. Tint Curry. 108 rttirts. This misbegotten morass of half-baked ideas. crass ittiscalcttlation artd slteer stupidity is art awfttl warning to those who thought Michael Crichton (w hose source rtovel is the only ‘star' on offer) could do no w rortg. There's a talkirtg gorilla. a rirtg whose design leads the way to a jungle diarrtortd rttirte. killer primates and a volcanic earthqtrake for a finale. bttt rtorte of it works for a moment. General release.

I Crumb ( 18) (Terry '/.wigoff. LS. 199-1) 1 19 mins. (‘omic artist Robert ('rttrttb ltas remained resolutely part of the counter-culture since lte started drawing iii the (dis. In this fascirtatirtg arid personal film. long-time friend Zwigoff tries to explain the cartoonist's disturbing output. finding a casual connection between childhood. madness attd creativity. btrt skimming over legitimate concern at his portrayal of women. lidinbtrrgh: Cameo.

I D'Artagnan’s Daughter ( 15 ) (Bertrand Tavernier'. France. 199-1) Sophie Marceau. Pltilippe .\'oitet. (‘lattde Rich. 136 rrtitts. Originally a project for director Riccardo Freda (who then fell ill). this lacklustre swashbuckler was picked up by 'l‘avernier. brtt his approach lacks pizzazz artd good old cut-and-thr‘ust. When a dastardly duke attacks her convent. young rtrtrt Marceau is forced irtto action. attd so slte drags dad D‘Artagnan artd his rttusketeer rttates ottt of retirement. A few diverting flourishes aside. Dick Lester probably did it better. See review. Glasgow: Gl‘T. lidinbur‘gh: Filrttltotrse.

I Dazed And Confused ( 18) (Richard Linklater". 17S. 199-1) Wiley Wiggins. Jason Lottdort. Rory (‘ochrane. 95 rttirts. The last day of the 1976 term for a bunch of LS schoolkids. and. for some. it‘s time to face the initiation ltrrrrtiliatiorts as they rttove front jurtior to senior high. Linklater abandons the baton-passing natt'itive style of iris seminal work. Slacker. attd shows masterful skill as lte weaves together a multitude of plot strands a la American (ira/fiti. (‘oo-ul.

lidinbtrrgh: Cameo.

I Dialogues With Madwomen ( IS) (Allie Light. LS. 1993) 90 rttirts. Light's engrossing artd rrtovirtg titX‘tltllL‘fllilly tells the story of seven women who have experienced multiple personalities. manic depression. schizophrenia arid euphoria. l'nlike other filnts which would just take a straightforward interview approaclt.

this one taps irtto the dreamlike qualities of rrrtbalartced imagination. recreating the memories and fantasies of its subjects. including the director herself. Glasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I Don't look Back (DA. Pertnebaker'. (K. 1967) Bob Dylan. Joan Baez. Donovan. 9o rttirts. Dylan on tour irt linglartd irt 19(t5. opertirtg tip to the camera artd meeting up with the likes of Alart Price. Allen Ginsberg attd a sycopltarttic Donovan. The sortgs "The Times They Are A- (‘ltanging. Strbterranean llomesick Blues". etc are excellent. arid master doctrrrterttarist Pertnebaker ltas a good feeling for the boredom of the road. Glasgow: Gl’l‘.

I Dumb And Dumber ( 12) (Peter l-"arrelly. 11S. 199.1) Jim (‘arrey. Jeff Daniels. Lauren Holly. 1(12 rttirts. Brainless limo driver Lloyd ((‘arr'ey) drags equally intellectually challenged roorrrrrtate llarry (Daniels) to Aspen irt searclt of the beautiful Mary. rtot knowing the suitcase he's carrying contains the ransom for her husband's kidnappers. There‘s rtothirtg patronising about these guy's sheer stupidity - this is aimless. puerile. sltamefacedly hilarious sttrff for people who didn't understand the jokes irt ll’rrvnex

t ll’orld. Glasgow: ()deon.

I Eat Drink Man Woman (PG) (Ang Lee. 'l‘aiwan. 1993) Siltttrtg Lung. Ktrei Mei Yang. ('hein Lien Wu. 123 rrtirts. Artg Lee's The tier/ding Banquet was a surprise international Ilil'. liar Drink Man Woman surpasses it on every level. (‘ltu is the greatest chef itt Taipai. btrt for years his affection for his three grown-up daughters ltas been redirected irtto the lavish meals lte prepares for them. When love unexpectedly enters irtto the lives of all four. their inability to corrtrrturricate comes to a ltead. Warrrt. funny. colourful. A joyfrtl experience. lidittburgh: Filrttltottse.

I les Enfants Du Paradis (PG) (Marcel (‘arne. France. 19-11) Arletty. Jean-Louis Barrault. Pierre Bt‘assettt'. 195 mins. Paris in the 18-10s. Amid the seething heart of the French capital's theatre street. a rrtirrte artist falls irt love with the delicious bttt flirtatious Garnace. ()ne of the cinema's most extravagantly enjoyable prtxluctions. this gorgeous elepltarttirte wallow of a film is cr'amrtred with incident and contpellittgly cttrious Gallic corrtic characters. Glasgow: (ii-'1‘.

I l'Enfer (15) ((‘laude (.‘ltabr'ol. France. 199-1) lirttrttanuelle Beart. Francois (‘luzeL Andre Wilrrts. 100 ruins. [it the 7()s. Henri-Georges (‘louzot stopped shooting this script after a nervous breakdown. Picked up 20 years later by (‘habr'oL the sense of impasse is obvious and. while interesting enough. it's less than satisfying. (‘luzet strspects that coquettish yottrtg wife Beart is unfaithful; she denies it. Credibility is pushed aside as the director concentrates on rttale paranoia. Glasgow: (il’l'.

I Exit To Eden ( l 8) (Garry Marshall. US. 199-1) Darta Delarry. Rosie O'Donnell. Paul Mer'ctrrio. 115 mitts. A couple of LA cops go to a sex paradise resort to track dowrt a photo-journalist with the only known pics of a faceless smuggler. Brit soon the villairt artd ltis sidekick are on the

trail too. There's only a few pretty btxls arid the odd funrty gag on show irt this lacklustre effort. which fails to get past the soft porn .sitcorrt level. All 1'(‘ls.

I The Exorcist ( 18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. lillen Btrrstyn. Max Von Sydow. 110 mins. liarnest priest Von Sydow- steps iii to save poor little possessed girl irt this hugely effective scar'efest. Dead good. dead scar'ey. dead priest. Strathclyde: [5C1 East Kilbride.

I Exotica ( 18) (Atom ligoyan. Canada. 199-1) Bruce Greenwtxxl. Mia Kirscltner. Elias Koteas. 101 rrtirts. A brooding set of troubled sotrls who collect it) a strip clttb are linked by a dark event

irt their pasts. ltt away. ligoyan's film. despite its

settirtg. isn't about sex at all. It certainly doesn't allow the viewer to escape irtto fantasy. instead focusing on ltow these traumatised individuals cope with their personal sertsc of loss. The lilmrrtaker"s trtost accessible film to date. (‘entralz MacRobert.

I Far From Home (PC) (Phillip Borsos. ('3. 199-1) Mimi Rogers. Bruce Davison. Jesse Bradford. l-‘ourteen-year-old Angus is washed tip on the shores of the Pacific Northwest and. separated front ltis family. relies on The Yellow Dog for help. A live action kids' movie in the ‘one boy and his dog' mould. with ingenuity


under pressure shown by the young teen hero and canine courage from the four-legged co-star. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Faster Pussycat! ltill! Kill!(18) (Russ Meyer. 1’S. 1966) Turana Satana. 83 rrtins. Three go-go dancers release their tensions by driving spot'tscars through the desert and behaving


Catch the best Film “his fortnight.

FIRST 81111

I Batman Forever The tone might have been lightened considerably after the departure ofTim Burton, but there's no denying that the startling effects. non-stop action and cartoonish villainy ofthis second sequel is value for money. General release.

I Fresh 13an Yakin ‘s ghetto tale of an intelligent kid playing the drug dealers at their own game is a moving. well acted and _ unscnsationalised drama. Edinburgh: Flint/muse.

I The Brady Bunch Movie Even if you‘re not familiar with the US TV series, you‘ll laugh yourselfsilly as the kitsch homilies of the 703 clash with the reality ofthe 90s. General release.

I Rob Roy When he is betrayed and his homestead burned. Rob Roy MacGregor lights to win back the honour of his name. Alan Sharp's script is a masterpiece; Michael Caton-Jones's film is intelligent. literate and entertaining. General release.


I Royal Wedding Fred Astaire dances on the ceiling in this first solo directorial outing for Stanley Donen, about to receive an Edinburgh Filrn Festival retrospective. Edinburgh: Film/muse.

I 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould A brilliant, witty, revealing portrait of the idiosyncratic Canadian pianist, built from the blocks of dramatised fragments. Glasgow: OFT .

I The Best Of British Animation A new programme of short anirrrated works. including Bob's Birthday. this year‘s Oscar winner for Best Animated Short: proofthat' the UK is world class in this film-making field. Edinburgh: Cameo.

aggressively towards men. Classic Meyer cult- trash. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I First Knight (PG) (Jerry Zucker. US. 1995) Richard Gere. Sean Connery. Jtrlia Ormond. 132 nrirts. Without the action set pieces of other period epics or even the mysticism of Eu'tr/iher. this disappointing tale of Lancelot's (Gere) love for Guinevere (()rmond) despite her marriage pledge to King Arthur (Connery) is pretty leaden stuff. The matte Camelot landscapes are tacky. Gere is miscast and Omtond can't catty a role that's obviously been beefed up due to her recent rise to stardom. General release.

I The Fox and the Hound (U) (Frank Thomas. ()llie Johnston. Cliff Nordberg. US. 1981) With the voices of Mickey Rooney. Kurt Russell and Pearl Bailey. 83 mins. Sluggish. unimaginative Disney cartoon in which an orphaned fox cub arid a loveable hunting hound puppy spend an idyllic childhood together until their traditional roles and enmity are reawakened. Cute in a very familiar fashion. General release.

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