(PG) (Bryan Spicer. US. I995) Paul Freetttart. Gabrielle Fitzpatrick. Artty Jo Joltnson. 95 mins. A strictly juvertile big screert version of the TV sltow witlt the Artgel Grove teenagers battling the evil lvart ()oze. Wearing tltetr colour-coded jumpsuits. tltey use good old-fashioned teamwork to tumble artd kickbox their way through oodles of tttonsters. The figltts are well- staged. httt some of the effects are tacky. It‘s all partto-bland enough to keep the kids happy. See review. Gerteral release.

I Muriel‘s Wedding ( l5) (P.J. llogatt. Australia. I994) Totti Collette. Rachel Griffiths. Bill Huttter. 105 ruins. L'eg duckling Muriel decides to leave behind her boring life irt Pot'poise Spit artd search for her Prince Charming itt the big lights of Sydney. A bottrtcy Abba soundtrack and fairy tale arttbiattce add to the charm of one of the year's best crowd-pleasers. As sparkling. irt its owrt way. as 771:'xlr/t'¢’ltltrl'¢’.t ()fl’ri.'.(‘i/lu. General release.

I My Fair Lady (PG) (George Cukot'. ('3. I964) Rex Harrison. Audrey Hepburn. Stanley Holloway. Wilfred Ilyde White. 175 tttins. Familiar screen adaptation of Lerner attd Loewe's tttttsical slant on I’vgnru/r'mr. notable for a catalogue of great tttrtes. Harrison's .sottteltow endearing half~spoken singing. and Cecil Beaton‘s splendid costume designs (especially iii the racecourse sequence). Glasgow: GET.

I Natural Born Killers ( 18) (Oliver Stone. t‘S. I994) Woody Hattelsott. Juliette Lewis. Robert Downey Jr. |l9 tttins. Stone's visttal artd aural assault rttakes for one of the rttost remarkable cittetttatic experiences irt years: his attempts to marry style with content. artd provide a damning expose of the media adulation of serial killers is less successful. let down by his trademark overstaterttent. Violent. ittestttetising. ltallucirtatory attd bold irt its ttse of various film formats. A'BK is a landmark itt MTV-influenced filmtttaking. Glasgow: GET. ()deort. Edinburgh: CCI.

I A flight At The Opera (PU) (Sam Wood. US. I935) The Marx Brothers. Margaret Dumont. Kitty (‘atlisle. Allan Jones. Walter Woolf King. 90 rttitts. The Brothers (rttirttts Zeppo) were at the height of their comic powers wltett they made this masterpiece. This time they're helping art opera company get back on its feet. bttt not before they‘ve ltad a ltartd in wrecking it irt the first place. Glasgow: GET.

I Night Of The living Dead ( l8) (George A. Romero. l’S. I968) Duane Jones. Judith ()'[)ea. Russell Streiner. 96 ntins. Seminal black comedy shocker which spawned two incteasirtgly nasty seqttels artd countless unauthorised imitations. A group of people barricade themselves ittto a farmhouse to seek refuge frottt the hordes of flesh-crazy undead. created by tttisftring military experiments. Filtrted on a shoestring irt Pittsburgh. with real gore supplied by a local butcher. Though it now seems dated. the rottglt arid grainy qttalities of the film only serve to make it tttore horribly convincing. Edinburgh: LTCI.

I Once Were Warriors (18) (Lee 'l‘atttahori. New Zealand. [993) Rena ()wen. Termuera Morrison. h‘laittaengaroa Kerr-Bell. 99 rttins. 'l'atttahori's feature debut is a gritty Loach-style look at domestic violertce artd disenft'anchisement within Auckland's Maori underclass. It's a film about sttrvival of individuals. of families. attd of race. It's also art uncorttprorttisirtg. shocking film that doesn‘t sensationalise its material. Stratltclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I 101 Dalmatians (U) (Wolfgang Reitherman/llatttiltort S. Lttske/Clyde Gerottirtti. US. I961 ) 80 tttitts. Disney's Easter '95 release ts a personal favourite. Dad Dalmatian Pottgo artd various animal churtts help rescue his offspring from a terrible fate as the intended coat of Ct'uella De Vil. Plenty of fttrt. acres of cuteness. artd the best villainess itt animation history. Borders: Pavilion. Roxy.

I Outbreak (15) (Wolfgang Petersen. US. I995) Dustin Hoffman. Rene Russo. Morgan Freeman. 122 mins. A deadly virus transfers from the African jungles to California and. iii a tertifyirtgly short space of time. is threatening the entire world. Petersen's AIDS paranoia thriller starts out well enough. bttilding on very real fears. btrt it does descend into a hardware shoot-'ertt-up. Okay as a slab of entertainment. bttt it fails to tap the potential of its subject matter. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid ( I8) (Sam Peckinpalt. L'S. I973) James Coburn. Kris

Kristofferson. Bob Dylan. 106 mins. Bloody version of the Western legend. with Peckinpah artd screenwriter Rudy Wurlitzer reachittg for a moody. brutal American tragedy. only to have their work re-edited by the studio. Dylan fans will want to catch him in a decent stab at acting. Glasgow: GET.

I The Piano ( 15) (Jane Campion. Australia/New Zealand. I993) Holly Iltrnter. Sartt Neill. Harvey Keitel. I20 tttins. Jane (‘ampion's masterpiece follows mute Scotswoman Ada (Hunter) as she

travels to l9th certttrry New Zealand with her piano artd daughter to enter ittto art arranged marriage. Soon she begins a passionate and erotic affair with her illiterate neighbour as the means of regaining her treasured instrument. lmpeccable performances lift this highly charged piece to the realms of classic cinema. undoubtedly one of the best films of the 90s. Glasgow: GET.

I Priest ( l5) (Antonia Bird. UK. 1994) Linus Roache. Robert Carlyle. Tom Wilkinson. l03 mitts. Writer Jirttttty McGovern (Cracker: 11mm- A/trl Mini/s) goes from strength to strength with another uncompromising foray ittto an area of social contention. while director Arttortia Bird (Safe) shows that she too is adept at balancing political attd emotional impact. Priest's handling of homosexuality within the clergy is no excuse for tabloid scandal; instead. what emerges is a story of personal freedortt. compassion and the struggle against hypocrisy. Glasgow: GET.

I Pulp Fiction ( 18) (Quentin Tarantino. L'S. 199-1) John Travolta. Samuel Jackson. l'ma Thurman. Bruce Willis. 150 tttirts. Muclt more ambitious than Reservoir Dogs. the rttost awaited second feature of the 90s ltas many scenes that crackle with Tarantino wit. and a few others that fall flat as the writer-director braver experiments. Interlocking stories irt the ptrlp crime tttartrter concern ltitrttert. ailittg boxers. gartg bosses and their rttolls. drug fiends. arid assorted riff-raff. Last year's surprise Cannes Palrtte d'()r winner is a trip. all the way. Glasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: Catneo. ()deort. Strathclyde: ()deort Ayr.

I Duai Des Drumes (PG) (Marcel Carrte. France. I938) Jean Gabitt. Michele Morgan. Michel Simon. Pierre Bt‘assettt‘. 9l tttins. A cynical army deserter falls irt love with a young idealist. artd

tries to wrench her frottt her crooked guardian. A I wonderfully pessimistic piece of romantic

cinema that echoes the political clouds hanging over France at the time. while setting the course for Hollywood‘s forthcoming preoccupation with doomed love affairs. Glasgow: GET.

I Duiz Show ( 15) (Robert Redford. CS. 1994) Ralph Fiettrtes. John 'l‘ttt'turro. Rob Morrow. I33 mitts. When television was irt its intimacy artd America itself was ridirtg on a wave of post- war/pt'e-Kennedy innocence. the disclosure of cheating on the game show 'Iiw'nty One caused a ttatiottal scandal artd sense of shock. Redford sets up the inevitable collision of ethics and

glamour. morality attd profit. while Ralph

Fiertnes. John 'l'utturro. Rob Morrow arid Patrl Schofreld acquit themselves with style. Glasgow: GET. Strathclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I The Railway Children (PU) (Liortel Jerri-res. UK. I970) Dinah Sheridan. William Mcrvytt. Jenny Agutter. 108 mins. A trio of youngsters find that their involvement with the railway that runs past their garden is to lead tltertt ittto adventure. Pleasing family film. lit up by a bright pet'fortttance frortt a very young Ms Agutter. Central: MacRobett.

I Reservoir Dogs ( l8) (Quentin 'l‘arantitto. LS. 1992) Harvey Keitel. Tint Roth. Michael Madsen. l00 mitts. A gartg of hoods. known only to each other by colour-cmled nicknames. meets at art abandortcd warehouse to figttre ltow ottt their rigorously planned heist went so drastically wrong. The best debut in years front writer-director 'l‘arantino. whose stylislt violence seduces the audience into complicity. Brilliant itt every sertse of the word. Glasgow: ()deort. Edinburgh: Cattteo. ()deort.

I Ritchie Rich (PG) (Donald Petrie. L'S. I995) Macaulay Culkin. Jonatltatt Hyde. John Larrtxurette. 95 rttitts. The world's wealthiest child played by the world's wealthiest child actor this comic strip turned movie ltas ertough knockabout rttayhettt to keep the kids happy. Culkin is more confident artd appealing than irt his sottte of his other work. bttt it‘s Hyde‘s sarcastic butler who brings a better comic tottclt to the proceedings. General release.

I Rob Roy ( l5) (Michael Caron-Jones. L'S/I'K. I995) Liam Neeson. Jessica Lange. Tirtt Roth. I30 rttirts. When lte is betrayed by the Marquis of Morttt'ose (John Hurt) attd a tttaliciotisly psychopathic Englishman (Roth). Rob Roy MacGregor is determined to win back the honour of his name. Alart Sharp's script is rich. witty and literate; Caton-Jones's directiort injects a little action. btrt doesn't partder to Hollywood;

and all the perforrttances are wonderful. A stirring epic which refuses to cotttprotttise. making it one of the best films about Scotland and the Scottish psyclte ever made. Glasgow: | ()deon. MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: ()deon.

L'CI. Strathclyde: ()deort Ayr. L'Cls.

I Royal Wedding (U) (Stanley Donen. US.

l95l) Fred Astaire. Jarte Powell. Peter Lawfot'd. 93 tttins. After his co-directing debut success with ()It T/tc’ Tim-It. Dortert was allowed his first i solo effort with this sparkl'ttg ntusical about an ! American vaudeville br‘other-and-sister team who conte to London to perform on the eve of the wedding of the then-Princess Elizabeth and

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