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I Hardy perennials - and that’s just the sunflowers. Glasgow’s Colour Wheel continue to purvey their polished pop groove around Scotland this fortnight. See flock listings for details.

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I No, not Barbara Cartland breaking her relentless schedule of royal functions and lunches with ladies and gentlemen of the press to compose some cutting edge fiction . . . this symphony in pink is with Spectacular & Glossy Productions, who are what they are in la Cage Aux Folles. See Theatre listings for details.

I Soom maight sayee Liam should’ve left his cagoule at home when Oasis played Glastonbury, but it kept the rain off, didn’t it? Manchester’s best dressed popsters will have some serious thinking to do before Irvine, in the wake of the Strathclyde sunburn scandal. See Bock listings for details.


2 The List l4-27 Jul 1995