I Auld yins theday, eh? Ye dinnae want tae mess wi’ ’em, but. Pensioners Action Group East collaborate with 7:84 Theatre Company in Act Your Age a special show for Glasgow Fair which celebrates growing old disgracefully. See Theatre preview for details.

I Drokk Dredd sexy that’s big Sly Stallone as Mega City One’s most feared law enforcer. Or will the live action version of Judge Dredd prove more two- dimensional than the original cartoon strip? See Film review for details.

I Touche or not touché? What’s Philippe floiret doing in a frilly collar and poncy boots - that is the question. Keeping his swashes buckled in Bertrand Tavernier’s new movie, D’Artagnan‘s Daughter that’s what. See Film review for details.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Events: The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race Maritime magic ahoy as around 100 sailing ships from a bygone era breeze into the Port of Leith for a four- day quayside carnival. Visitors can clamber aboard some of the ships. listen to diverse music from rock 'n’ roll to sea shanties. see circuses. trapeze artists. street performers and a superb firework display. On Tue 18 the ships will parade

.up and down the birth of Forth under full

sail before lining up for the first leg of the race to Bremenhaven.

l’nr! ofLeiI/i. Edinburgh, Sui l5—Tue [8 July.

I Fair: Glasgow Fair Festival Glasgow lets down its hair and has some fun on the Green. There‘s three tents and countless acts over ten days. Watch out for Jools ‘l.ouche' Holland. Ivor ‘()blique' Cutler and Bob ‘Chortle' Downe. Most of the shows cost well under a fiver so there's no excuse for not having a good time.

(i/usguw Green, (illusgmv, Fri 14—5101 25’.

I Music: REM. The world‘s largest monsters of rock career into Edinburgh fora huge stadium gig. They‘re big. they‘re bad. he‘s bald and together they‘ve sold squillions of albums on the strength of their scary ability to capture the zeitgeist. Le tmr! Central Scotland will begin to file out of their places of work. study and so on around 2pm leaving bosses. teachers and professors scratching their heads and wishing that they too had bought a ticket. .‘llru'ruvfield. Edinburgh. T/llll‘s 2 7 July. I Film: Batman Forever The Caped (‘rusader buckles on his codpiece to do battle with the forces of evil for the third time. As usual the Devil gets the best tunes and .lim (‘arrey gets full marks for his role as the Riddler. Box Office figures point towards this movie being l‘)‘)5's Jurassic Park.

()H general I'('/(’(I.\'¢’_/l'r)lll FIT [4.

I Art: Light From The Dark Room: A Celebration of Scottish Photography This remarkable exhibition shows the development of photography over the last ISO years. Comprising over 350 photographs. the exhibition features the w ork of no photographers. both past and present. who have contributed to the photographer's art. The exhibition looks at the optical instruments which create the photographs as well as the photographs themselves. A large scale camera obscura will be built into the venue giving a view of the world outside. Rum! Seams/t .‘lt'(l(/('III\', lit/inhumh, [mm l’ri 35’.

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