ZlCOUSliCliSlT)jI‘tlll. which recently celebrated its first birthday.

I Mo’ Jazz With Attitude The l3th Note. Glassford Street. 553 I638. 8pm. More of an acid jazz and jazz-funk slant to this regular pre-club event. which features live bands some weeks. See Rock listings for details.

I James Barnes And Cochise MacSorley's. Jamaica Street. 22l 8499. 4pm.

I Country/Bluegrass Club Clutlia Vaults. Stockwell Street. 552 7520. 3.30pm.

I The Andy Boyle Show Ivory Blacks. Oswald Street. 22] 59l 1. 7.30pm. Keyboard player with a 70s show.

I live Music Music Gallery. Back Sneddon Street. Paisley. 848 l332. 3pm. Five bands on throughout the day.


I The Blues Poets Scotia. Stockw ell Street. 552 868l. 3.30pm. Blues session. I Club Mouth The l3th Note. (ilassford Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. Free. All indie pre-club club run by Mark Percival. Peter Eastoii and John Cavanagh. featuring live music occasionally. See Rock listings for details.

I Rollin’ Joe And The Jets Clutlia \"aults. Stockwell Street. 552 7520. 9pm. Rock 'n' roll.


I Words And Music Samuel Dim-s. Nithsdale Road. 42.3 0107. 8pm. 50p. First Monday of every month. A performance club for local writers and musicians. featuring four half-hour sessions of readings and music.


I Glasgow Songwriters Blackl‘i-iais. Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. Featured guest every week. plus open line.

I The Kazoo Club The l3ili Note. Glassford Street. 553 1638. 8pm. A club run by local band The Blisters which incorporates different hands each week. See Rock listings for line-up details.

I Peach County Colliers. llyndland Road. 357 5827. 8.30pm. New country band perform an unplugged session.

I FM Band/Jefferson Murphy's Barrelhouse. Kelvinhaugh Street. 22! 5569. 8pm. Playing alternate weeks.


I Blues Club Clutlia \'aults‘. Stockw'ell Street. 552 7520. 9.30pm. With traditional Chicago blues from .liveass.

I Andy Boyle Ivory Blacks. ()swald Street. 22l 591 l. 9pm. Keyboard player. I ClUb 99p The 13th Note. (‘iIassl‘ord Street. 553 I638. Doors open 8.30pm. bands on 9.30pm. An extension to the Kazoo Club.

I Fascination Murphy 's Barrelhouse. Kelvinhaugh Street. 22] 5569. 8pm.


I Southside l.eith Oyster Bar. 554 6294. l0pm. Free. livery two weeks.

I Soul Connection Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 459 9988. 9.30pm. Free.


I Bab Howatt C‘as Rock Cafe. 239 434 l. 4pm. Blues.

I Live Music Gold ’l'ankard. lloudon Street. 667 0328. 9pm. Free. \"arious musicians doing their one man and a guitar cover versions thang.

I Subterraneans Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 4599988. 9.30pm. Free.


I Cross Cut Legends. Cowgate. 225 8382. l lpm. Classic rock and pop covers. I Seattle/Ram Shankies Black Bull. Grassmarket. 225 6636. 9pm. Folk and rock/pop covers alternating weeky.

I The Groove Buffaloes Ryrie‘s.

, llaymai'ket Terrace. 337 7582. 9pm. Blues I 'n' rock from the former Volunteers.

I Bluefinger No l. Rutlanti Street. 229

E 3402. l0pm. Free. Classic rock ‘n‘ roll.

l I Soul Connection L‘Auaelie. Ruilaiitl

l Street. 2293402. l0pm. Free. Big soul

band with a beefy brass section.

1 I Rain Dogs Nicky Tam's. \‘ictoria Street 225 3326. 9pm.

l I Guaranteed Pure Two Madogs‘. George Street. 225 3408. 10pm. Free.

I B & B jam session Young’s.

i l.eamington Terrace. 3--5pm.

; Mondays

3 I Jump The Oueue M adogs‘. George

3 Street. 225 3408. l0pm. Free.

5 I Patty Hearst Nicky Tam's. Victoria

Street. 225 3326. l0pm. Alternative

acoustic and electric music from Hearst 2 and devotees.

I Andy Chung Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 226 2530. l0pm. Free.

I Subteranean l.'.~\ttache. Rutland Street. 2293402. l0pm. Free. Rock covers.


7 I Patsy Mack Bannerinan‘s. Niddry

Street. 556 3254. 9.30pm.

I El Supremo Queen Street Oyster Bar.

Queen Street. 226 2530. l0pm. Free. Big

Bert out on his tod.

I Johnson Brothers Black Bull. Urassmarket. 225 6636. 9pm. Covers.

' I Hot Tomales St James Oyster Bar.

Calton Road. 557 2925. l0.30pm. llai'moiiica-flavoured blues.

; Wednesdays

I Guaranteed Pure Two :ylatlogs. George Street. 225 3408. 10pm. Free. I Subterraneans Beehive lltlt. (irassmarket. 225 7l7l. l0pm. Free. Rock and covers. 5 I Andy Chung St James Oyster Bar. (.‘alton Road. 557 2925. l0.30pm. I Junkyard Angels Black Bull. Cirassrnarket. 225 6636. 9an f I Little Green Monkeys/Richie ; Henderson Bannerman's. Niddry Street. ' 556 3254. 9.30pm. .-\lt'ernating weekly. : I Johnson Brothers Queen Street ()yster 1 Bar. Queen Street. 226 2530. l0.30pm.


i Thursdays ' I Woodstock Taylor Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. l lpm. Free. Songstress whose songs range from rock to smokey blues. and usually come with a twist.

I Dan Austen Ryrie's. llaymarket ; Terrace. 337 7582. 9pm. Country and western. I Gods of Glam Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 459 9988. 9.30pm. Free. I [as Supremos Bannei'man's. Niddry Street. 5563254. 9.30pm. Rock and blues I Jezebel Black Bull. (irassmarket. 225 6636. 9pm. I Blues Duo Film Bar. lilm Row. 557 4540. 8.30pm. Free. Blues from one member of Blues 'n‘ Trouble and one member of Texas Breakfast. ' I Jump The Queue Madogs. (ieoi'ge Street. 225 3408. 10.30pm. Combines j rock and humour. what with comedy being the new rock 'n‘ roll. A cliche too 1 good to resist. I The Gods or Glam t’lail‘oi-m ()ne. (.‘aledonian Hotel. 225 2433. 9pm. Free. I Bluefinger NBCs Bar. Ballnoral Hotel. Princes Street. 556 24 I4. 9pm. Classic rock ‘n‘ roll. i I Beanbag Deluxe l.'r\ttache. Rutland l Street. 229 3402. l0pm. Free. Britpop ' I Prodigal Sons Beehive lnn. ‘UTZISSItlllt’RCI. 225 7l7l. 10pm. Free. Celtic rock. g I Soul Connection Rttllitlltl No l. Ruilaiitl E Street. 229 3402. 10pm. Free. Big soul l band with a beefy brass section.


Dates listed below are for one-off shows:

see separate section for residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city.

3 Performances will be listed, provided

that details reach our offices at least one week before publication. Jazz Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.


Glasgow I Captain Shitty lllltl Hermon X l\)l\ e

(iauche Tent. (ilasgow (ii'eell See (ilasgow Fair listings to: details

: Edinburgh - I McEwan’s Taste Experience the coin lischange. l.eith. Free. The first ol four days of traditional _i.i// and blues to help celebrate the Tall Ships Race. [05 Supremos are on from 2.45 4 45pm. followed by Tim (‘ondle‘s blues trio Kings of the Wild Frontier iron. (i, l5 l There is also some jazz in the Tall Ships Festival progranmie. including the 'escellent .‘ylike Trayis‘s F.lll5 and the Tim Barella Big Baltd


. Edinburgh

I Leith Festival Gala Day l.elllt Links.

Free. 1-9.30pm. Music includes (ilenn

Miller-style big band charts from the

f Wardlaw Big Band (7 9.30pm).

I McEwan’s Taste Experience The (‘oiii

. lischange. l.eith. Free. See Fri l4.

Featured outfit today are lidiitbiii'glis

jump-jive and swing specialists Fat Sam’s

Band (3 <7.30pinr.


I Suzanne Bonnar and Friends .\l(ttllill Rottge Tent. (ilasgow (ireeti. See (ilasgow Fair listings for details.

I Anton Soler .la// Brunch. l’i/xa l:\pres‘s. l5l Queen Street. 22l 3333.

2 5pm. No cover charge for diners. Tony

Bennett-style yocalrst and pianist. and a relative of those well-known Maltese (ilaswegian Fillers (iiiio and Sandro

C‘lttllclo to boot.


; I McEwan’s Taste Experience the t'om

lischange. l.eith. Free. See l'ri l-l. 'l‘oday‘s band are The Charleston Chasers jt3 ~7.3()pml. .mm- i Glasgow

, I Jools Holland Moulin Rouge Tent.

" (ilasgow' Green. See (ilasgow' Fail listings for details.

: Edinburgh

3 I McEwan’s Taste Experience The com

E lischange. l.eith. Free. See Fri l4.

Today's line-up features The Charleston

. Chasers t3--4.45pni) and Wendy

' Weatherby and the Spirits of Rhythm


v I McEwan’s Tall Ships Ball ‘l‘lie (‘oin lischange. l.eillt. Free. 8 30pm |2.30am. Music will be shared between The Charleston Chasers and the Occasionals

Ceilidh Band.


. Glasgow

I Jools Holland Moulin Rouge Tent.

,(ilasgow Green. See (ilasgow lair listings for details.

7 30pm

-sec separate listings.


I Jean Mundell Quintet Fat shims Down Town Diner. 56 58 Fttulitainbridge. 228 3| I l 7. 30pm. .\'o co\ er charge for diners; phone for reseryations .Fl'iltllllttllitl tall.


WEDNESDAY 19 Edinburgh

I Fat Sam‘s Band l'at Sallis Dow ll Town Diner. 56 58 Fountainbridge. 228 3l l l. 8pm .\'o eoyei chaige l'oi diners; phone for reservations Swing and iuiiip-iive



I Jazz Piano Concert RS .\\llt. loll Reilliew Street. it 312‘ Ptanist Tony Caramia plays classical pieces with .i contemporaiy

3‘: 5057. 8pm L5

ragtiliie feel by Bolcom. .len'ss and Frost. and a series or improvisations on songs by

(iei‘sliw tll. Rovers. .-\rlen. ath others


I Kings of the Wild Frontier Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56 58 Fountainbridge. 228 3 l l 1. 7.30pm. No cover charge for diners: Phone for reservations. Blues.

, Edinburgh

I Leith Festival Dance 'l'lionias Moi-ion Hall. Ferry Road. 5544890.

8pm midnight. £8 (inc. buffet). (ilenn Miller-style charts and jazz from the

Wardlaw Big Band.



I Nigel Clark Quintet Rive (iauche Tent. (ilasgow' (ireen. See (ilasgow Fair listings huahaads

I Jazz Violin Concert RSAMD. I00 Rt‘llthWV Street. 5.32 .5057. Split. [5

if 3/L'2 l. \'iolinist Randy Sabien plays an as yet undisclosed Til/l programme.

I HMS (’ottiei‘ Theatre. llyndland Road. 357 3868. 7.30pm. RMS are Dick Lee and Jimmy X, Man of Mystery. Dick plays saxophone. clarinet and recorder and is a performer and composer of classical. folk. tan. and unclassifiable music. Jimmy X's music is striking and original.


I Anton Soler Jan Brunch. Pizza lispress. l5l Queen Street. 221 3333. 2 5pm. No cover charge for diners. See

Sun lo.

{tumm- ' Edinburgh

I Capital Jazz Band Fat Sam’s Down Town Diner. 56 »58 l’ountainbridge. 228 3] ll. 7.30pm. .\'o cover charge for diners: phone for reservations. Tl‘tltlllltlllill ian.



I Fat Sam‘s Band Fat Sam's Down Town

Diner. 56 58 l-‘iiiintainbridge. 228 3| l l. 8pm. \'o cover charge for diners: phone

for reservations. Swing arid jumpjive.


I The Hollywood Rockets Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56 58 Fountainbridge. 22R 3 l l l. 7. 3()pm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. Fifties rock

spiced with jump-live and blues.

50 The List l4-27 Jul I995