Theatre is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Touring shows are listed alphabetically by title at the end of the section. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Theatre listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Access: P = Parking Facilities. PP; = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. l. = l.evel Access. R = Ramped Access. ST = Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC = Adapted Toilet(s). ws = Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. H = Induction Loop System. G = Guide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. C = Catering Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.

Help: A = Assistance Available. AA = Advise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon-~Sat l().3()am until (1.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on 0141 227 55 l 1. Sunday opening is noon—5pm. Any Ticket Link box office can sell tickets for other venues.

I CITIZENS’ THEATRE Gorbals. 42‘) 0022. [Access: 1.. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: AA]

Fever Pitch Tue lS—Sat 22 July. 7.30pm.

£6 (£2); Wed 1‘) July. 2.30pm. Free. The


13'...” s .H . ~ ‘1' J "

Carolyn Bonnyman and some flowers in Liz Lochhead‘s Quelques Fleurs

Football crazy - that’s Robin llodson in Fever Pitch

Robin Hodson's adaptation of new lad

novelist Nick Hornby's dmvn-to-earth tale

of one man and his life-long love affair with footie.

Arsenic and Old lace Tue 25 July—Sat 5 Aug (not Mon/Sun). 7.30pm. £6 (£2); Wed 261ul/Wed 2 Aug. 2.30pm. Free. Kesselrig's classic comedy about the two old dears with a murderous streak. performed here by the Arches Theatre Company directed by Andy Arnold. Quelques Fleurs Tue IX July—Sun l2 Aug (not Mon/Sun). 7.30pm. £0 (£2).

Wed 26 Jul/Wed 9 Aug. 2.30pm. Free. Circle Studio. Joyce Deans directs l.i1. Lochhead‘s unstoppable Nippy Sweeties in Lochhead‘s tale of Verena the oil- widow. and hubby Derek who's on a train home from the rigs to a Christmas he'll never forget.

I I CDTTIER THEATRE (>35 llyntlland

' Street. 357 3am.

', A SOS Street Ballet Wed l‘) ~Tlitlrs 20

; July. 7.30pm. £3. See I)ance.

! I GLASGOW FAIR Fri 14- Still 23 July.

5 Bad Old Days Mon l7 July. Moulin Rouge

l Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair

] listings.

; Tea Dance with the Bob Dale Sound Sat

; IS. Tue 18. Fri 2]. Moulin Rouge Tent.

| Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair

' listings. Oaks Bark Sat 15 July. Rive Gauche Tent.

I Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings. For Want at a llail Mon l7 July. Rive

Gauche Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings.

Too Loose la Trek Sun 23 July. Rive

! Gauche Tent. Glasgow Green. See

Glasgow Fair listings.

Shabaz Sun 16 July. Big Fun Circus Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings.

A Magic and Mayhem llight Mon 17 July. Big Fun Circus Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings.

Gong Show Cabaret Big Fun Circus Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings.

Grand Ole Opry llight Wed 19 July. Big Fun Circus Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings.

I KING’S THEATRE Bath Street. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. see Ticket Link details above. [Access: PPA. I.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

I la Cage Aux Folles Until Sat 15 July. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £3—£l7.50. Spectacular and Glossy productions get their teeth stuck into a spot ofcamp musical French farce. with this flamboyant display of song and dance that includes the gay anthem [Am What Him. The Best (it'll/nos and other rousing tunes. See review.

I OLD ATHENAEUM THEATRE I79 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. H. G. Help: A. AA] Street Theatre Sat 15 July. 2pm. Free. Performance takes place outside the Old Athenaeum in Buchanan Street. The I30 budding thesps from Scottish Youth Theatre's 19th summer festival round off live weeks‘ workshops with a series of public performances. First off the mark is this street theatre triple bill. featuring work developed by young directors during the festival.

I PAVILION THEATRE l2l Renfield Street. 332 1846. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. G. Help: AA]

Peter Powers’s Summer Funhouse Every Thurs. Fri and Sat until Sat 1‘) Aug. 7.30pm. £6.50 (two tickets for £6.50 on Thursdays). Themed performance by the popular stage hypnotist. who will make you feel very sleepy on a beach. after which you‘re promised sun. sea. sand and sangria. rather than the melted ice-cream and nasty heat-rash that might occur if it were all for real.

Peter Powers’s Midnight Madness Show Every Sat until Sat 19 Aug. Midnight. £6.50. A raunchier affair than the earlier show. with a late bar and an under-18 exclusion zone. this is a blue-comedy tinged treat for those in search of adult hypnotic entertainment.

I PEARCE INSTITUTE 840 Govan Road (opposite Govan Underground). 445 1941. [Access: P. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. Help: AA]

A Terrible Beauty Wed 20-Fl‘l 28 July. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2). Bonita Beach directs ()ff The Wall theatre company in a tale of

3 Friday14 iiiSatu'r—dayls

Citizens Marinate

Citizens Circle Studio___


La Cage Aux Folles


La Cage Aux Folles —- -

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Fever Pitch a Fever Pitch

Quelque Fleurs _ Quelque Fleurs

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Tron Sexual Perversity Sexual Perversity Sexual Perversity Charlie‘s Angels

Festival Theatre See Kids See Rid: _ ______m:_____w g _ A _ 1mm ___—_______ ,‘ King’s he [ate IZdWinit Black ‘__I\_ltirtl_c:\‘lfitl_io.ut9rirne Murderwithoutciinei Murderwimoutciine -- Playhouse - _ - instCzigeuAtix Folles La Cage Aux Folles E La Cage Aux Folles _‘ Royal Lyceum Loot Lem ' - _ i -

Traverse 2 - 'nie thly'()f\\'iiting Are Words Enough '= - , DmrJanet Rosenberg


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