I £3 (£2). Join the Marie l-orurn's debate on . Pm “mm,” m 1””. Hum“ Mm.“ Hm”

the relationships between physical and g and In” Kmdu” verbal perlormance ltl this open forum 5 hosted by Pete Brooks and Geraldine l l i

catch the best theatre this fortnight

). -' s s s " | . Eggrfl'na‘agggggg near Ml, honing l I Bob Downe .\tonltn Rouge leltt.

_ . l(ilasgow (ireen See (ilasgow lullr

Meridian team up with l‘il'th listate to - . . - . . u ' 0 I r l'C\‘l\'L‘ tlns kev Stanlev l-.velrrrg work trotn 2 Comedy Is listed by date, then by crty. '” S cord". 9' HOTWSS '21.! - ' 'Mlto .so l\el\rtlgto\e.\treet. Willi/5.

the golden age of the old 'l‘raverse. with Shows will be listed, provided that (. ) 1 . } '_ t _ H I , 1 I its- sharp observatloll ofthe relationship 1 details reach our offices at least ten . \ :I;::Il,:.‘li\i‘l.} TI“: {,1}; “)1! {Th i “,1 between a burnt-out writer and ltis dotirlg. days before publication. Comedy listings ; Ii“ 1 k kl 1:9 );.1.llI:'f"llfl‘““ “3 «\ voting fetnale admirer. See preview. l compiled by Ellie Carr. imp drill.” if u \i i . I. Hi“ ..

. . tort uto_\ colttctton tor tht strtllrntr

I \L" \t) mama—l FRIDAY14 :. I KING’S PARK Stirling. lltfo: ()lo()4 7s7 . Edinburgh ;

I Glasgow Fair The annual people’s festival on Glesca Green brings together performers from all over the

f 777. Moscow State Circus l?rtti| Sun to July. l‘r'i 5pm; Sat. Sun 2pm. 5pm. £3.50 £2(l


I The Comedy Stop Stepping Stones.

world. including prince of polyester (£3.50 llat tale for wheelchair users). E “N “W. (“ANIMth :35 (63” 3pm Bob Downe (pictured above). wry Breathtaking antics of the Big Top kind in l rm- olnn :5 .r‘ a r sL-L- l-H |.t humourist Ivor Cutler. music from what cottld be the last-ever British tour for i ; Jools Holland and lots more besides. this superbly-trained troupe of Russian r See (,‘(asxnw [fair listings seal-(mfor acr'obats.‘clowns and illusionrsts‘. the tour ! . dam-[8. reaches (tlasgow at the beginning of It 3 Edlnburgh H . 2 ll. ' I Dance: CandoCo Stunning work Al" I \ l t I The Comedy Stop stepping stones. . . . , . . .i \- -w from Bntain s foremost integrated I \_\tsr liow._( nassntatkt r. 23 out), bpllt company. who reveal their l i W "l‘m ‘0 ' ‘~ *- M‘s l“ w- astonishinv skills at the Scottish l i . . 3 Youm Danie Fwin RgAMD : I The Comedy Stop Stepping stones. ' Glasgow Glasgow \ ' A ' i West Bow. (irasslnarket. 225 (r520, 3pm E I Kenny Harris mil parrot Big. pm

I Sexual Perversity in Chicago David Marnet‘s cruelly accurate

for 9pm. £5 (£3). Dallas and Parker and (‘tteus 'l'ent. t ilasgov. (tit-er: see their popular twice-weekly Lt)!llCtl_\' club i (ilasgtnt l-‘m‘ [isotope

Dance penormances and classes are showcasing a trio of trp-arrd-eorning local I Jimmy Logan \ltnrlm Kongo, (ildsgruy

comedy reveals the desperation and listed by city the" alphabeficany by comedians. ' Um.” Sm. (Mm)... H”. Ming ugliness of the second city‘s singles venue. Show; will be listed, pmvided ;

scene i" the 705- A 501“ revival from that details reach our offices at least ten Glasgow t

the Arches Theatre Comapny. Tron days before publication, Dance Listings t I Mischief La-Bas and The Johnny Seven

Big Fun ('it'ctls Tent. (Glasgow (ireen. See '

01415110“ till" 'Nlnib- I lnsinuendos Cabaret Club ()‘l‘s liar. 3 l’icardy l’lace. 55o (H‘J‘). Midnight. £2. More late night lilue Monday happenings

Theatre, (I‘lusguw. compiled by Ellie Carr.

I Cavalcade Noel Coward’s huge- scale fatnin drama, presented by a W , company from one of Britain's tiniest I CDTTIER THEATRE 935 llyndlahd , i

theatres. the King's Head in London. Street. 357 3868. “l "W 11”} “Uh

Festival Theatre. Edinburgh. A 905 Street Ballet Wed l‘) Thurs 2t) . . .

I pfivate Lives Kenn Irelandvq .Itrly. 7.30pm. £3. Glasgow company i I The comedy Stop “WW”; MW“. ' - . _ d y . I pmickl Ha): my“. a Spimcd Imp [mmmh 1 West Bow. (il‘asstllarket. 225 (i520. Split 7

summer wagon wm ‘8 up n 1 mom history. from the swing of dance hall days ; l‘" ()l‘m- ’5 (B’- SCC ii“ l‘i-

Coward probably his best known

to the rippling beats of ‘)()s street dance. I Billy Bonkers Madcap ('olltetly (‘ltrb.


comedy ofmannch- Rvyul Lyceum. i I cuscow GREEN ; The Hall Bar. snarl ll. itlpm. l‘ree. More, Edlllblll‘g/l. t Tea Dance with the Bob Dale Sound Sat I Johnny Beattie Moulin Rouge Tent. 1 Hill.) corned) at this fortnightly club with I EBVOT PitCh New lad Nick 15. Tue IX. Hi 2 l. Moulin Rouge Tent. Glasgow (ireerl. See (Glasgow l‘air the mall Billy as .\l(‘.

Hornby's celebration of footie and all (JIJSEUW (3'00" 590 0'1!ng l'iilit' I Salon Mischief (‘ottiets Theatre Bar. 95 ll}'lltll;llltl Road. .\'.‘~tlprll. l‘l'ee. See \\'ed

that it ‘nta'ls, brought to rrv Rob' “Sills—'S- . Hodson s popular solo show. ._ . . , Citizens’ Theatre, Glasg’mr: AND DRAMA 10“ chltcw Street. 33- Glasgow ; W

5057. [Accessz l’l’A. ST. 1.. Facilities: C' W 8‘ H‘ (J‘ ( ' “CID: A‘ AA] I lvor Cutler Motrlin Rouge Tent. Ed- b h Glasgow (ireen. See (ilas‘gow lair :


I TRAVERSE THEATRE (Ittnbridge Street. 22S l-ltl—l lAcct'ss: l lutcilities: \\'(.‘. WS. H. (i. (_‘l

The Body of Writing Sat 15 .ltll)‘. 7.30pm. £5 (£3l The lidinburgh based Milne Forttlll stage the results of a w eek-long laboratory looking at the contribution of writers to physical theatre. The performance is followed by a discussion between workshop (lllL‘L tor l’ete Brooks. the actors and w riter's lll\ olved. and the public. Sec pre\ iew

Are Words Enough? Sun to Jul}; 2.30pm.

I CandoCO oance Company/The

:3 .. z ' '3 . . gomoany‘t tr l-l Jul). 7..:lr1nn. £4 t£_:. . [willng : I The mbtlckler MU“. Hm.“ \ Mm“ ttlttltl s ttlcsl ltllcgtdltt t .ttlcc until an} SIR.“- ng 3504’ 9pm HIM.” UPC”

llll (tlasgow lot lllc ttrst lllllL as part or a 5 W 3' WW“ .5 (U, m Hm“ I“. double bill to mark the end ot tlte 1W5 Scottish Youth Dance l-‘estixal. See 3

preview. The second part of the night is l . given o\ er to the t't‘xllVitl (‘ompanv - 5 I’lnsmuendos cabarm cmb 0' “i113 - dancers Dawn Hartley. Brigid Mct'arthy. ~ l 'f‘m'} H‘M' 2‘6 (WN- M‘dmrl” L- l.isi Perry arid Michael Seabourne -- who it 5 mi” mu“ 51””‘110' mil”? 4” ll” 11”? will premiere at new work by l-"estrt al CM“ “1131” director Winifred .larniesotl with original music by John Anderson. 3 3 Glasgow ' ~ I Billy and Barney’s Bali-hi 880‘s 4 C‘ottiers Theatre liar. ()5 llyndland Road.

,H i A , H c 0 u ,, A u , 8.30pm. l‘ree. The Salon Mischief crew

E goal fresco for surnttlcr. l’ree BBQ and lots of balmy South Pacific fun


i | i Edinburgh

} P.A.G.

The urtzoue collaboration that brought you last year's huge Mayfest nit. Glasgow

GUINthliOIlS, Create a special production

I Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Scott

Capurro The (‘orrlic ('lub. lilackfriars

l Underground. 3o Bell Street. 552 592-1.

: 9,3(lprn (doors open 8.30pm. £5 (£3.50). Srrtooth-talktng. gay San liransiscan stand-up takes the stage for the first it] a flurry of lir‘inge streak preview s for w est-

tor the Glasgow l-atr Festival.

RAMSHORN THEATRE \tb Ingram Street. Glasgow l "J l! 1‘1 3U" 16 but t"AUODIH I The Ribtickler Mttstc Box. \"tctot'ia

L‘tlgtslct‘s itcktds L? t)() 8th Other: Tel 0141 5‘)? 3489) f Street. 335 256-1. 9pm (tltltlts open I Max anti COTdUTOY Hostess liar Donuts lrorlt tltdt 531 2919 3.30ptltl. £5 (£3) l‘idinburgh's newest .‘sliro. 3o Kt‘l\'lll}_'l'tl\ e Street. 353 0475.

-- - --———r r—-- ——--—~-——-—— I regular laughter lounge. a week|_\ affair SW 'l‘ltm-t fit).

50 The List 1-1-27 Jul l‘)‘)5