big day is Tue 25. when the Ceremonial Spade is presented In the Turf (‘utter nutside the Old I’nst ()llice. High Street at -Ipm. ()n Thurs 27 lttnttllr-Iplltl. Fri 28 (noon-Spin) and Sat 2‘) (noon 0me there will he latme days at I’tnkie Playing Fields. ()it Fri 2‘) at 9.30pm the Hruntnn Theatre Company and Theatre \Vnrkshnp lead a lantern prtx‘essinn t'rnm the Bruntnn llall In the Rivet lisk t'nr a 'l'n'e sculpture extravagan/a‘?

I SCOTTISH SLALDM AND JUMP EVENT Stilt 23. ‘).3()am—~lpm. Scnttish National Waterski ('entre. Tow nliill (‘nuntry I’ark. l)unl‘ermline. (H.333 (v21) I23. An excellent chance to see the members til the Scottish Waterski Squad itt action. The jumping is purely t'nr distance tint style. with cnmpetitnrs travelling nv et 35' metres in the air. llnw ev er. they do have In land properly and circunniav igate a huoy. The slalom event involves mpping tntmd a set nli twelv e l‘ttnys. Alter each \ttccesslittl attempt the speed is increased tttitil you fall nil nr miss a hnuy. With plenty nli things to do in the (‘nuntry Park. including an adventure playgrnund and walks. this has the makings nt' a wacky day out.


Fnrth listuary. See feature.


| 5pm. l'ninn Street. .-\l\etdeen. Free Decorated Ilnals and l'nlk tn latte) tllt‘\.\ l‘arade dnwn l’ninu Street tirnni 3PM). to arrive at ('astlegale It)! a presentatinn nl' pl‘l/CS. 'lillc‘ lItlttls .tssc‘llll‘lc‘ :tI :\ll‘ylt l’lacc l’rnm lpm.

I ABERDEEN INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL FESTIVAL Stilt to Sat 22. 1 7pm. Seatnn l’at'k. l)nn Street. .-\herdcen. Free.

Twenty -l'nur learns nt' I‘nys and girls linni twelve nations compete in this annual competition.

I ABERDEEN LIVE .\Inn l7 Fri 22. l'ninn Terrace Gardens. I'ninn 'I'errace. .»\herdeen. Free. :\t‘ls .‘Itttl c‘t‘alls workshops in the (iardens linm mid- mnrning In mid Aaliict'ttnnlt daily. including the ever pnpular Swamp ("iicus (‘nmpany‘s circus skill workshops. Fach evening. ltnm H llptn.tl1cie'slive entertaitunent from the hest local hands. including soul t.\lnn l7). tau t\\'ed I‘M. l'nlk (Thurs 21)) attd lilties (Fri 2] ). There‘s a ceilidh on Saturday evening.


llain 5pm. (irainpian 'l‘ranspnrt Museum. All'nrd. .-\herdeenshire. (ll‘)755 (12292. £3 £2/£l. See plintn caption.


2- 5pm. Mnri'istnn Park. Iilgin. £2 (£1).

('ar parking at Filgin Academy. Caber tossing. pulling arid throwing. Pipe hands.

a ten-mile road race and a tug-n‘-\var. Yes.

it's another great games!

I HIGHLAND COUNTRY MUSIC JAMBOREE Fri 2l—-Sun 23. The Court. Mundnle. near Fnrres. Details from ()l-I()3 2212087232385. Country and Western seems In he the flavour of the tnntnent. ()ii Friday there's a dance I‘inn—lam) with the Jnlm C. King Family Band and Alan West (£4). Saturday is dancing (Spin-midnight) tn the Haley Sisters Band. Dex. Walters Band and Jimmy Fr://el 15.5). ()n Sunday there's a concert ll -7pm. £7) with all of the above and few tnnre atid in the evening a dance

18.31) —I l.3()pm) In Old Spice and the Steve James Band (£3).

I ROUND BRITAIN RALLY Mon l7~ Mon 24. The (,‘alednnian Canal. The flotilla nl' yachts making their way round Britain on this annual rally will he passing through the canal during the week. Not a Day Out

in itsell‘ perhaps. but worth lonkitig nut for

it you're passing that way.

I ALIEN INVASION Sun to. 2pm. (‘hatelherault (‘nuntt‘y l’ark. Ferniegar. llainiltnn. Free. Information on ()lfi‘LS’ 420 213. .-\ chance tn lind nut about the way plants t‘rnm overseas have cnlnttised native habitats sometimes to devastating c‘lilt‘c‘l.

I BALLOCH HIGHLAND GAMES Sat 15. lIliIlIl".<[llll. ('hristie l’ark. .‘\le.\andria. Regular Highland Games with all the c‘\lt‘;ts It) gt).


Sat l5 Fri 27. \‘arinus venues along the

Fnrtlt tk ('lyde ('anal. Full details h'nm the l

Fnttlt tk (‘Iydc (’anal Project on (ll-ll 332 ‘il )5. ext l‘). See photo caption.

I CAR BOOT SALE AND KIDS ACTIVITIES Sun 23. l2.3l)«-5pm. David livingstnn (‘entie. Station Road. Blantyre. (nous 323141). ('ais £5 (browsers Tree). In order to attract a good nuniher nl t'olk In the car boot sale. the ('entrc is putting on a treasure hunt at 2pm with cryptic clues and pri/es l’nr all participants.

I CONSERVATION AT MUGDOCK livery 'l‘ue/Wed IIIIIII Wed ‘) August and Sat 22 .luly. 5 tk 1‘) Aug. Illam—3pm. The Work (‘nnipnuntL ('raigend (‘ar Park. Mugdnck Country Park. C’raigallian Road. .\Iilngavie. l)l~Il 9566101). The Mugdnck (‘nnservatinn \'nlunteers are looking l‘nr t'nlk to lend a hand over the sunnncr with

My site

was}, g

I THE ALFORO CAVALCAOE Sun 23, Ham-5pm. Grampian Transport Museum, Alford, Aberdeenshire. 019755 62292. 23 £2/E1. One of Scotland’s largest vintage vehicle

shows with a variety of events so wide that it includes parachuting, vintage cycles, a

vintage fun fair, helicopter rides and camel racing. Also trade stands, rides for the kids and catering. Over 300 vehicles are expected to visit, including Andy Done with his 1963 AFV 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier (above) which he will be using to destructive effect to crush a car - take it away Andy! The highlight, however, has to be the Craigievan Express: 3 small steam tricycle car, built in 1895 and still puffing.

a variety of tasks including boardwalk building. pond digging. path construction and invasive species clearance. So if’ you feel particularly energetic. masochistic or just fancy a hit of physical graft in the

sun. give the ranger service a phone. There should he tasks suitable for all abilities but all volunteers must be over sixteen.

I GLASGOW FAIR Fri l-I—‘Sun 23.

1 Glasgow Green. Glasgow. For full details l nl‘events see Glasgow Fair listings.


I GLASGOW SHOW Sat 22/Sun 23.

ll)am—5.3()pm. Glasgow Green. Glasgow.

Free. See photo caption.

I IRVINE HARBOUR FESTIVAL Fri 2l—Sun 23. Irvine llarhourside. Expect a crowded quay at Irvine over the weekend as thousands turn nttt for the free entertainments and live music. Highlights include a jnusting Inurnament from the Black Knight Medieval Jousting Troupe. a horse show. an appearance of the Blue Arrows Motor Cycle Display Team and. of course. the ever popular German Bierkeller night complete with nnm-pah

. hands.

i I GLASGOW SHOW Sat 22/Sun 23, 10am—5.30pm. Glasgow Green, Glasgow. Free. The Show takes on a medieval flavour this year, with jousting, falconry and a re-creation of a medieval village. Other events include monster trucks, kids village, vintage car

display and dance tent and the Radio One FM Roadshow live on air from noon on the Saturday. See Glasgow Fair listings for full details.


lnnerlelthen, Leeblesshire . - 0.4. .: H... w ' o 1.


Stalls from 10.303m and events from 12.00pm - 5.00pm

A day for expert and amateur with Sheep dog demonstrations. rare breed displays, spinning, weaving, natural wool dying and many stalls.

Also this year dry stane dyking and Debbie Bliss demonstrates from her book 'Toy Knits'

Admission Adults £3.75 Child £1.75 (includes entrance to the house).

TRAQUAIR FAIR SATURDAY 5th AND SUNDAY 6th AUGUST 11am - All entertainment free with your ticket.

Theatre, music, children's entertainment, crafts and complimentry medicine.This year including HENRY NORMAL, BLUES CRUISERS TARTAN AMOEBAS, WRIGLEY SISTERS, WYRD ARTS “The story

of King Kong”, MR BOOM, CLOWNABOUT and much more. Tickets: ADULTS £9.00 (£7.50 advance)

CONCS. £5.00 (£4.00 advance) FAMILY £20.00 (18.00 advance) NO DOGS PLEASE

Tickets on sale at Edinburgh Fringe Office Tel: 0131 225 5138 or Traquair House Tel: 01896 830323/830785



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