I GIAHT JEELY PIECE SHOW King’s Theatre, 2 Leven Street, 220 4049. Wed 19—Fri 21

.r I 4' ~' 4/1 '

Jul. 2pm. £3.50. ‘Ye cannae throw pieces out a twenty-storey tlat,’ as every well- versed Scottish school kid knows. Top tamin entertainers Crooked Jack conduct the chorus in this jam-packed sandwich of comedy, songs and tun including the afore- mentioned Jelly Piece Song and other rabble rousing numbers such as Ye Cannae

Shove Your Granny att a Bus.

Events are listed by city, then alphabetically by activity. Kids Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Activities and Fun

I Bee-friend a Bee .‘vlugdock Country Park toll. A81 Milngavie-Strathblane Road) 636 30-13. 137.71.. . . ge close to the Mugdock Park bumble bees. and make your very own bee nest box to take home. I Glasgow Fair Glasgow (ireen. l’ri l4—Sun 33 Jill.

Bonnie Prince Charlie Rive Gauche Tent. Glasgow Green. See (ilasgow l‘ait' listitigs for details.

Giant Steps Rive Gauche Tent. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings ref details.

The Amazing Mr Bones Rive Gauche Tent.

for details.

The Happy Gang Save the World Bi g Fun Circus Tent. Glasgow Green. See photo caption and Glasgow liair listings.

I Water Beasties Wildlife Garden Pond. Glasgow Zoo. Fri 14 Jul. 3pm. Further info from Maria Hardy. 01698 263138. Free zoo entry with leaflet Countryside Events in Clyde-Calders Area (available from libraries and tourist offices). Meet a spider who swims. and a pond creature who skates in this aqua-exploration of the

zoo's wildlife pond.

I Mini-beast Satari Vistor Centre.

(‘alderglen (‘ountry Park. Strrr 16 Jill. 3pm. The Ranger Service. 013553 366-14 for details. ('reepy crawly creatures take cover! The hunt is on.

I Teddy Bears Picnic .‘vtzii-ytiitt l.ocks. Mon 17 Jul. 3pm. Diane \Vaddell. 0141 33339115 ext 1‘) for details. ‘11. you go

down to the woods today" . . . etc. etc.

I Hature tor Youngsters ("aravan Site. Strathclyde Country Park. Tue 18 and Tue

35 Jul. 10am. Ranger service 01698 366155. Get back to nature on these

j organised walks for young people. Adults

welcome to tag along. I Canal Mini Monsters The (‘lay Quarry.

i Thurs 30 .lul. 3pm. Diane\\'adde11.01~11 3530115 ext 1‘) for details. What swims

around iii the still waters oi the canal‘.’ Find out in this water-logged safari.

I Canal Nature Games Meet at \Vestercommon \N'oodland. Thurs 37 Jul.

3pm; 3pm. 1)iane \V'addell. 01.11 3339115 ext 1‘) for details. (‘anal-side inn and

games for children of all ages. Glasgow Green. See Glasgow Fair listings 1 3


Activities and Fun

I Summer Activities at Haggs Castle Haggs Castle Museum. 100 St Andrews 1 Drive. 437 3735.1"ree. l'ntil Tue 15 Aug.

\'arious times. [flue l’i'ler eat your heart

out -- llaggs Castle is 111 there with the scissors and glue this summer. Activities are divided by age group and range from making linger puppets tor the tiny tots to designing a coat ot‘ arms tor the older

I Summer Fun for Kids Various venues throughout Strathely‘de. (‘all 3375005 tor details. l7ntil15ri4.»\ugusr. 10am 5pm daily. individual sessions ti'ottt 50p; day tickets £1.50; weekly ticket £6.50. Move over Take That! The chance to make your own pop video is just one ol' the tantalising treats ol‘t‘ei'ed by the Department of 1’ert‘ornnng .-\its as part or their Summer 151m for Kids programme this year. .-\ctiv tries and show s run throughout the holiday period moving on to a dil'lerent community venue every week.

I Summer Splash sir-ailietyite x\t'1s ('entre. 13 Washington Street ('all .Hsl 3000/331 J5361‘ort‘ull programme

1 1 1am 5pm weekdays only 1. Throughout Jul/Aug. Strathclyde Arts ('entre bursts into action this summer vv ith a programme of events designed to banish holiday boredom lrom the streets. Turn your hand to printed testiles in the ciatt workshops; learn the lingo vv ith 1‘un Trench; let your locks loose at the (iiant 15ashion llair Show; get into the groove vv ith street dancers li'om 1’roiekt 11:03; or put )‘(iurselt in the director's chair with video and animation workshops.


I Dolls, Dolls, Dolls Scotland .s‘ii-eer School .‘yltrseum. 335 Scotlaird Street. 13‘) 1303. l’nti1.\1on30g\ug. .‘ylon Sat

10am 5pm; Sun 3pm 5pm.1~'ree. (ilasgow museums dtist over their doll collection as over 1111) Hi liittl‘ieis predecessors receive a make—ov er tor this special t‘Xltil‘llltitt.


I Pirates Kings‘s 'l’hcatre. Bath Street. 337 551 1. Mon 17 Sat 33.1:11. 3pmi'6pm. £3 £6. Help see oil the dastardly 1)ev il‘s Island pirates in this brand new .singalong show lirom those unstoppable showper'sons at The Singing Kettle.



I Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1?) 1-‘i1mhouse. l.othian Road. 336 3(ib’b'. l'Tl 14 Jul. 1.30pm.; Sat 15.1u1. 3pm. £1.501:\dults £3.30). See 1-‘ilm index.


I Giant Jeely Piece Show King's Theatre. 3 [even Street. 330 ~101*), \\'ed 1‘) 1-‘ri 31 .ltil. 3pm. £3.50. See photo caption.

I The Happy Gang Save the World Roseber'r‘y Hall. South Queenslerry. Sat 33 Jul. 3pm. £3.50. See photo caption. I Hetherbow Puppet Theatre Netltet'lmw .-\rts(‘entre.-13«45 High Street. 556 0579/3617.

Pigs Can Fly l'ntrl 1'ri 14.1ril. 3.511ptlt. £5 (£31. .-\ges 5+. Sylvia Troon l’uppets present the tale of Tommy the dreamer whose tantasies become reality when he meets a robotic tlying pig and is llovv n oil iirto another world.

Storyland Creatures: Workshop Week Mon 17 lit 31 Jul. 3pm. £5 (£31. ('reate your own hand. glove or string puppets in these (litlly \vot'ksltops led by .-\ileen liiirlay and Alasdair Anderson. and on l-riday there‘s a chance to put together a storybook with .-\nderson. esteemed inventor ot‘ The (‘hevv y 'l'olit'ee Man.

I Celtic Tales Mon 31 iii 3S.1ul. 3.30pm. £3 (£3 :. Ages 5+. (iather round lair Turbitts open puppet booth lot some magical. mystical tales of Him .'\1c(‘oo1. Scottish giants atrd the curious Seal People.

I Pirates liestival Theatre. 13 3‘) Nicolson Street. 530 6000, l'ntil Sat 15

Jul. 3pm/6pm £5 £7 Seetilasgow.


Activities and fun

I Flying High l.ochore Meadow s Country Park. l.ochgelly. l'i1e.015‘)3 8600S6 Sim 31.1u1. 3 -1pm. Meet at Henar'ty t'omnrumty (’entre .-\ chance to make your own kite and watch it soar into action above l.ochoi'e Meadows. Kite

11). ms o1 all ages welcome.

I Traditional Street Games Kt'll‘tll'll ('ountiy ('entre. Ayrshire. 01475 5686S5. Sat 15.1ul. 3 -lpm. £ V50 1 £31 tor admission to the ('entr‘e with all its attractions. Travel back to the days beloie Super Mario and try your hand at diabolos. whips and peeries. and running with a gird and cleek as well as a chance to sing the school yard rhymes your granny used to sing.

I Pretty Polly the Clown Kc'llitll n (‘ounti'y ('entre. .'\'\'1'.\l111'c. 01175 56rS'6S'5. .‘ylorr 13.1ul. 3t‘111/5t‘111/dp111. £.i 501£3l tor admission to the ('entr'e vv ith all its attractions. Magic and music tor younger children with regular shows throughout the al'tei'noon.

I THE HAPPY GANG SAVES THE WORLD Various venues. Jul—Aug. Those shiny, happy people from Edinburgh’s Happy Gang do their hit tor society by saving the world from

The Grumpy Gang. The tireless bunch will be taking their show round the Central Belt throughout the summer months, and in selected Glasgow venues there's also a

chance to see their swashbuckling version of Treasure Hunt as part or the Department of Performing Arts ‘Summer Fun lor Kids’ programme (see listing for


58 The List 1-1-37 Jul 1995