I Grand Hotel (Channel 4) 9.3(l—l 1.35am. Vintage MGM stuff as Greta Garbo. Joan Crawford and Lionel and Joliti Barry more 3 are among the guests who converge on :1 Berlin hotel. I Beaches (Scottish) slopin. Weepy female buddy movie about two very different women. played by Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. from opposite sides of the States who share their hopes via letters and photographs. I lonely Planet (Channel .11 3.30 91‘”). lati Wright aiiibles rotiiid Jamaica. \ isiting Bob Marley's riiatisoleum and attending the Kingston carnival. I Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC! 1 9.304 l()pm. The last episode of the last Blackadtler series in which we hid the sardonic japester a tearful ‘(ioorlbyee'. Still not as good as the preceding three series which were nothing short ofcoiiiic genius. I Over The Edge (BBCJ) 11.15 11.15pm. Speaking to mental health sutferers about the Pros- and cons of electroctitivtilsiye therapy I Carry On loving (BBC) 1 ll.4()ptll- l.l()am. The usual scatological humour and double errant/rm courtesy of t‘egular (’irrrv ()ll team members Sid James. Kenneth Williams. (‘harles Hawtrey. Joan Sims and Hattie Jacques in this rollicking look at the fortunes of the ‘v't‘tldcd liliss Marriage Agency.


I The Mark or Zorro (Channel 41

3.15 4pm. Tyrone l’owet plays the Hashing blade Also starring Basil Rathbonc.

I The Business ( BBCZ) 7.30 Split. A look at the business acuriren of Mr Musicals 'R‘ l's Andrew I loytl Webber. I The Mind Field (Channel 4) S The everyday psychology programme draws to a conclusion with a look at how titetttoi‘y works. I Atrican Footsteps (BBt'Zi .s S..‘illptti Anthony Sher investigates the illicit allure of‘langter in Morocco. magnet for the artistic likes oftlrlon. tieiiet. Matisse and (iinsberg.

I The Likely Lads (BBCZ) 9 “dili‘lll.

They don‘t w rite sitcom theme tunes like this anymore. Thank goodness.

I True Stories (Channel 4) 9.30—l LOSpm. Documentary abottt tnothers seeking their soldier sorts who have gone missing iii the course of the Chechen uprising.

I Till Murder Do Us Part (BBc‘t 1

930—1 lptn. Another of those choice American mini-series with completely unimaginative plots and titles and usually

f I Bullshot (Channel 4 ‘-

j starring l,oiii Anderson or sortie other cosmetic surgery casualty. Born to be


I A Game or Two Halves (Scottish)

Illfit) llprtt. .lovial Scottish football quiz

1 for those of you who can‘t get enough of

()ri/v rill lite/(1e.

I Married With Children (Scottish)

J l-—l 1.30pm. The family dog receives a credit card it) his name in this episode of the riotous sitcom satire.

I Walk On The Wild Side (Channel 4)

midnight— 1 2.3011111. Repeat of Stuart

(‘osgrove's series in which society drop-

outs get to tell their side of the story. This week. a queasy btit fascinating attempt by a gang of Glaswegian girl delinquents to justify their disruptive antics.

I Record Breakers 1 BBC 1 1 i. It) 5.15mi. Ania/trig feats-ago-go. including an

attempt to beat the world pancake beating record.

I The Rock ’n’ Roll Years ()iBt‘i 1 7.30 Spill. Hits and headlines front 19S?

which 1.1.1! readers will surely remember

as clearly as if it were yesterday. The Proclaimers satig their hearts ottt. but Maggie still got in for a third term.

I The First Night or The Proms (BBt‘Z)

.S’ ltlpm. Before the flag-waving and face- painting. the serious stuff. The centenary season opens with a Mahler night

I International Athletics (Scottish)

‘) ltlpni. Coverage of the Bislett (James

from ()slo. with Stcye ()vett coiiitiietitatiiig on the Dream Mile.

I Till Murder Do Us Part (BBCI)

i ‘).3t)~ l thpm. Second and final part of

the triini-scries inevitably ends tip in a courtroom battle scene. I Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBt 'l 1

ll) It).3()riiii. Idiosyncratic humour from

the seminal comedy team.

ll).3()pm» l2.(l5am. Mel Smith and Billy

Connolly turn tip in this spoof of Bulldog j l)t‘tltlllll()lltl with lots of WWI japes iii the

course of rescuing a damsel in distress. I Little Shop or Horrors (BBC 1)

l l.()5piii--12.35aiii. Well. l never a gigantic talking titan-eating plant. Rick

f Moranis finds his sex appeal escalates dramatically when he is in possession of i such ati unusual pet in this daft musical.

I Pet Shop Boys - Discovery (Channel 4) 12.()5--—l.l()am. The quintessential ironists camp it tip in Rio De .larieiro. running

through all those self—conscious electro—

pop hits.

I Death In Venice (BBCZ) 12.3(l-2.4(Jam. Brilliant. elegiac adaptation of the Thomas Matiti novella

about a composer who becomes obsessed

with a beautiful young boy while on holiday in Venice. This is the role that

nearly drained Dirk Bogarde bttt he rises to the occasion magnificently. His co-star

is the haunting Mahler score.

I Thank You Mr Moto (Channel 4)

(lo-2.25am. Peter Lorre stars. therefore

3 brilliance is assured. lti this instalment of 1 his investigations the Japanese detective goes on the trail of the lost treasure of Genghis Khan nothing like setting yourself a modest task or two.


7 I Follow A Star (Channel 4) 1—2.30pm. Norman Wisdom stars as an aspiring pop star (this we iiiitst see) whose talents are exploited by a fading singing star —- plus (“(1 t'liri/ret' iii the heady world of rock ‘n‘ roll.

I Bullseye (Scottish) (i—(i.3()pm. It's the final! Stipersniasliiiiggreat. You win a hook token. but look at what you could have won a holiday ttlatlsioti in the Bahamas and your own private jet to take you there. plus a year‘s supply of Haageti


I Bookmark Special: Heart at Darkness (BBCE) S -‘)pm. A look at the iiioderri-day echoes of the sublime Joseph Conrad novel. See preview.

I Rock Family Trees (BBCZ) 0 9.50pm. An essential watch for rock obsessives. or even jtist keen amateurs. This week's programme takes on the gargantuan task of tracing the lineage of British R& B bands like Cream and l.ed Zeppelin. Slit/ml 'Iir/iisms alloy!

I Amsterdamned (Scottish)

13.55 illstim. Worth watching for the title alone. btit fortunately for the plot and general sclilocky atmosphere too. There's a killer on the loose and lie/she/it lurks iii .-\riister(lam‘s canals and strikes passing prostitutes and the like.

I FYE! (Channel 4) 3.10 2.40am. Sheryl Crow. Duran Duran atid Sandra Bernhard mingle with the riff- tall at the opening of the Hard Rock Casino it) [as Vegas.

I Grange Hill (BBt‘Z) tt).3()-l 1am. The seminal school drama repeats continue. We're in the mid-Stls now -- at) all-time style nadir. and all the old favourites have buggered off to star in litrvtli/ti/erv.

I The Rock That Doesn‘t Roll (Scottish) Noon l2.2()pni. See preview.

I Local Heroes (Scottish) 2 2.30pm. Celebration of the career of ex-llanny Wilson man (.iary Clark.

I Tour De France (Channel .1)

(1.45 7. 1 5pm. The climax of the (:oiiipetitioti with lots of cyclists lapping the Arc (le 'l‘riomphe iii pursuit of some yellow jersey.

I Fawlty Towers (BBCl ) S - 3.35pm. More hotel-related dementia from John (‘leese. Andrew Sachs er (1/.

I Hairspray (Channel 4) ‘)-l(l.4()pm. John Waters went mainstream and stayed hilarious with this tale of a corpuletit teen queen. played by chat show host Ricki lake. and her efforts to he the star dancer on The ('orrrv Coll/i Slime. Look ottt for Divine as her mother (well. you can't miss him). Debbie Harry as a snobby neighbour arid l’ia '/.adora as a spaced-out beatnik.

I The Clive James Show (Scottish)

It) - lt).45pm. The urbane Aussie casts his sardonic eye over global televisual curiosities with ititerjections from his celeb guests.

I Have New World (Channel 4)

lt).1l() ll.4()pm. A repeat showing of [ck/unions exploration of rave and drug culture. voted one of the best television programmes of last year by List readers.


I NB (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Sally Gray presents the whistle-stop look at art and leisure events iii Scotland this week.

I Nelson’s Column (BBCl) 8.30—9pm. John Gordon Sinclair as reporter Gavin Nelson. Journalism is not really like this. kids.

I Travels With My Camera (Channel 4) 9 ~l(lpm. Author and explorer Dennis

Hills returns to Uganda. where he was sentenced to death for calling Idi Amin a tyrant btit was granted a last minute reprieve.

I Homicide - Lite On The Street (Channel 4) l()—l().55pm. The Baltimore detectives go about their hard-bitten business.

I Broadway Melody DT 1940 (Channel 4) 2.05—4pm. All-singing. all-dancing musical from the golden era of MGM and starring who else btit Fred Astaire.

I Summer Holiday (BBC l) 7—7.30pm. Yo! Cliff again! Oh. it's not. It‘s actually Jill l)arido and Monty l)ori with holiday arid travelling tips. What about buying an old double decker and heading off to the continent doing lots of dance routines on the way'.’

I Dig Science (BBCZ) 7.3(l-Sprii. Series which relates scientific progress to the society it will affect.

I United States Of Television (Channel 4) Midrtight- l2.45am. The series examining Attierica's all-encompassing television culture looks at the nation's approach to news programmes.

I The Little Picture Show (Scottish) llQS—lliam. Wendy Lloyd presents the cinema atid video preview show.


I My Friend Flicka (Channel 4)

2.20 -4pm. Roddy McDowall does the child star hit as a raricher's son who rears a Coll.

I My So-Called Lite (Channel 4) (1~7pm. The writers of I/tirtvsrinter/ring try their hand at depictitig the rigours of getting through your teen years. See preview.

I Star Trek: The Next Generation (BBCZ ) (1 (1.45pm. Superlative sci-fi adventures of the liriterprise arid its motley crew.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.3(lpni. Mari and liwati dine otit on the pop charts.

I Cocoon (Scottish) 8-rltlpm. Rather sentimental cinematic exploration (if aliens. cryogeutcs and the like. featuring a lot of old codgers.

I Delia Smith’s Summer Collection (BBCB) S.3(l--~‘)ptii. A foody show. Had to get one in. and if anyone knows their grub. it‘s Delia.

I lonely Planet (Channel 4) S.3()--‘)pm. The travel show with a difference packs Justine Shapiro tiff on a pilgrimage along Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and on into Belize and Guatemala to sample life as it is lived by the natives.

I Hicki lake (Channel 4) 5—5.45pm. This edition is subtitled I Fell In [.Ul't' With A I-‘reelmrt/er. Sporigers tune iii to get some tips. I The Crystal Maze (Channel 4) 8.30—9.30pm. The demonic Edward Tudor-Pole leads the jtimpsuited contestants through a variety of mental and physical tests. I A Game or Two Halves (Scottish) l().3()—l lpni. More parochial footy humour in the quiz that thinks it's a football version of Have I (In! [VCWS For I Love And Death (Channel 4) l().3()pm—12.()Sam Woody Allen‘s parody of War Am! Peace is not one of his best efforts. but he and Diane Keaton as Napoleon's potential assassins carry the feature. I Gaytime TV (BBC?) 11.15-11.55pm. Mary‘s grandson Bert Tyler-Moore and Rhona Cameron present the gay magazine show with a worldwide spectrum of features. I Walk On The Wild Side (Channel 4) 12.05—12.35am. Three young Muslims front Birmingham expound on their philosophy of life which involves scamming their way to wealth and respect.

78 The List 14-27 Jul 1995