l The New Edinburgh Speech School opens its doors this

. . :zfii'i‘m September with a one-year part-

time course in Creative Speech. I Ni R N 8 IT

All aspects of voice/speech

development are covered: from

storytelling. drama and Small flat MOVE specialist-£28 (single item £15)

I TEFL teacher with two years experience in a Spanish international company offers private tuition for anyone wishing to improve their English. All levels. Students/ professionals welcome. Phone HeatherOl3] 225 I305.

recitation to artistic speech as a path towards wholeness and increased confidence. A one- day introductory workshop will he held on Sunday 33 July at

Hands-on help with lifting.

The Engine Shed. St Leonard‘s , Sympalhmlci Lane. Edinburgh (£12. {IO 1 friend|y service. DEVELOP YOUR concst. It you are interested in PSYCHIC POWERS the one-day workshop or one Learn [0 mad Tami. year course (held tour mornings Telephone Nell introduction to crystal ball. PC" “CUM Plk‘a-‘C CU'llaCli The 0131 229 8361 (cu leaves. psychO‘nclry cw f lidinhurgh Speech School. on

EXPERIENCED ENGLISH TUTOR Both language and literature. tip to Higher level. and linglish as a foreign language.

Phone Andy 0141 954 7332.

0141 532 5064; 0141 532 8515. 3 01875 340 939.

I Set designer Sltitloads (11‘ ideas. experience of professional. amateur and conununity theatre companies. Poster design also. Phone Andy (1141 sss 3532. '

,. edinborgh arts In entertainment , 'i " ,1 l‘ “"" “""~""""‘ ' drive fast cars. Call Neil E. ' ' g I _ ' . . ' I h ............. publicity distribution nationwide \1,1CGI.C”0’. Ch,”.[ . l.llhl".-I.,I- \ll\ \ I 1|I.rr.|'llllh HI I hI II "IIIII \Itrcl Illlnllulgll I I": J. l. l‘II'-II1 itII ilt \si IH‘I‘ I.u \Illnlr I‘ll ill I‘I‘I‘ 3""; and

DRAMA MUSIC DANCE Tel 0131 557 5275.

Apply now One-Year Full-time Course Commences August 1995

For further information call our I word processing and Infoline 0131 332 24 24. Spreadsheets. CVs. reports. A P Mas-u :. rt“ charts. invoices etc. For fast. : . . accurate. reliable. literate and 75* L DlN BURG H S confidential work. ring Susan F A T T © © TELFORD COLLEGE 0110131 343 3448todiscuss your needs. All work CUSTOM 8t TRADITIONAL WORK

maintained on disk.

52 MONTROSE TERRACE, (off London Road) EDINBURGH EH7 50L 0131-6532-2005


Arts, Entertainments, Tourism & Leisure Publicity Nationwide



This new, full-time caurse commences in October ’95 and looks at everything from puppet design to theatre administration and marketing.

Since T988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and

Blending theOry and practice, the caurse incorporates a wide range of transferable monllonng Ol all lOlmS Ol flee pUbllCllY' vocational skills to allOw further progression in higher education or to allow future careers in the community or social work, health education, professional design or theatre, television or film.

In T992 we were responsible for targeting

over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters

Care units include: puppet theatre skills; the histOry of puppetry arts; the puppet as an educational tool and puppet therapy and special needs. There is also a wide variety of Optional Subiects Such as: mime and mask; computeraided design and puppetry; drawing skills and music far the puppet theatre. The caurse is taught on a workshop/laboratory basis and has a strong element of work experience built in.

thoughout Scotland. Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops or 0 sustained campaign nationwide,

tall Angus White now on:

MT 429 3838 (Fax 041 429 0935)

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'Subiect to validation

For further details and an application form contact

Anniesland College, Hatfield Drive, Glasgow 612 OYE. Tel: 0141-357 3969.

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