Sail 'I‘raining .»’\ssociation. in order to give yottng people who normally couldn’t afford it ‘7 the chance to experience the benefits of sail training. The aim of the race is to bring I together people of all nationalities and give a them the opportunity to work and live together. I learning about themselves and others in a challenging yet fttn environment on board the tall ships. The race is very much an event in which the taking part is paramount and the I winning of the race is incidental to the learning (3 experience the winner is not the fastest ship bill the one which has contributed tnost to international understanding and friendship. ( What this means for the good people of Scotland is that for four days the port of Leith I will become a huge carnival. bursting at the seams with fire eaters. street theatre performers. rock. pop. jazz and traditional bands. marching bands. trapeze artists. radio road shows. parachute drops. fireworks and a ' funfair. And. lest we forget. over 100 I schooners. sloops. barques. ketches. cutters.



epending upon which way the sea breeze is blowing. the relevant authorities estimate that between half a million and two million landlubbers will pack into [.eith Docks for four days of festivities I based around the race. Whatever the exact

. figures turn otit to be it‘s shaping up and | shipping ottt to be a whale of an event.

The (‘utty Sark Tall Ships‘ Race. which was

‘t first held in 1956. is organised by it charity. the

brigs. barqttes and yawls will be lining the docks. their rigging quivering in anticipation of letting visitors board them. Moreover. entry to the qttaysides and access to the entertainments will not cost visitors the financial equivalent of a taste of the cat o‘nine tails it‘s all for free. Pretty good value in most people's books. Having berthed in bonny Leith. the ships will then parade their wares tip and down the Firth of Forth with all their sails hoisted before lining up for the start of the first leg of the race

1.4131 1 n/ lfiLL onu’o I'IHIUHE




to Bremerhaven in Germany. The QE2 will be on hand to lend an air of grandeur to the event. Full steam ahead. (Captain Codbrain Trew)

The C utt_v Sark Tall Ships Race 95 was brought to Edinburgh by a partnership comprising the City of Edinburgh District Council, Lothian Regional Council, [.ot/tian and Edinburgh Enterprise Ltd, Forth Ports plc and Edinburgh Tourist



page 10 for Zone map.

I] Day-by-day highlights of events. See ll i

The Hump" Family


I tI The Kwik-Fit Stage is in Zone 3. All events free. From 2pm—10.3()pm it‘s going to be laying on a sparkling treasure trove of local and not so local musical talent. The last two acts of the day. The

I Humprr Family and The Khartoum Heroes. will ensure that the sttn goes down with a party in full swing.

‘I Gate Beck’s hangs loose in Zone 4. All events free. From 12.30pm. This venue has more of a folky-cum-jazz feel but

i anyone who has the gall to call themselves The Peristalsis Brothers has

I to be worth seeing.

I The Marks and Spencer Family Garden


is situated in Zone 4. Open Ham-(rpm. Free. Parental supervision is required. Today. The Scottish State Circus will be clowning around and getting up to acrobatic hi-jinks.

I The Events Arena is in '/.one 7. All the spectacles free. From l-- 10pm there's a succession of marching bands as well as a choreographed stilts theatre along with pyrotechnics and drtttn rhythms. The Golden lions Freerall Team will be dropping in on the qttayside having stopped offcn route to perform some mid- air airobics (sic).

I The Kwik-Fit Stage is in '/.one 3. All events free. Once again. from 2—l().3()pm the stage is set for a sack fit]! of boogie. The Tim Barella Big Band. hail frotn Glasgow and will get a big thumbs tip for their beefy sound. EH15 will lend a cool mood to the evening with their ethnic jazz fusion.

I Gate Beck’s fiddles and funks in Zone 4 and it‘s all free. The fttn begins at l2.3()pm and rounds off at l()pm.‘The afternoon won't leave a sailor with a dry eye in the docks {IS The Folkworks’ Sea Shanty Competition kicks off. Alternatively. get folky with a double dose of Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley who

_ - - _ '- .- -. - - - - -

together form half of the Shetland flavoured Seelyhoo.

I The Marks and Spencer Family Garden is situated in Zone 4. Open 11am—6pm.

t liree. Parental supervision is required.

Those who attended the circus here on Saturday will no doubt be itching to try their hands at juggling and unicycling although volunteers to eat lire will probably be in short supply. Either way. the Circus Workshops will prove popular. I The Events Arena is in '/.one 7. All the spectacles free. l()am—-l()pm. Fans of marching bands are in fora treat with The Scots Guards Pipes and Drums and The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. Come the evening the air will be filled with flying bodies and music as Skinning The Cat present the aerial trapeze spectacular Em‘hantress.

I Leith Pageant This parade to welcome the Tall Ships assembles in Pilrig Street at noon before setting off through the streets of Leith sat 2pm. Look out for bands. floats and art RNLI lifeboat.

I Tall Ships Ball This ball aims to raise money for the Jubilee Sailing Trust which was set up to foster greater understanding between physically handicapped and able-

bodied people within the challenging jenvironment of the sea. The ball takes iplace in Leith Town Hall. Tickets are £30 Eeach from ()131 556 5698.

mamm— l- The Kwik-Fit Stage is in Zone 3. All ievents free. The stage will be rocking

2—l()ptn. Keep your ears peeled for folksters Geolbeg and their new line-up and don‘t forget to hang around for all your easy-listening favourites from the evening's closing act Graig McMurdo and That Swing Thang.

I Care Beck’s hangs loose in Zone 4. All events free. llam—(rpm. Start the day with a smile and the sophisticated sounds of The Jody Grind. named after an album by the jazz pianist. Horace Silver. which should give you an idea of what musical genre you're dealing with.

I The Marks and Spencer Famin Garden is situated in Zone 4. Open 11am—6pm. Free. Parental supervision is required. The Inner State Theatre Company will be shivering timbers all round when they bring Robert Louis Stevenson's pirate classic Treasure Island to life. No teaching the parrots to swear.

I The Events Arena is in Zone 7. All spectacles free. 12.30—10pm. Graham Fisher’s International Its A Knockout will pttt the Tall Ships' crews through their paces as they come ashore to race through inflatable swamps. Sid‘s Cafe and Gilligan's Island.

I The Bank of Scotland Tercentenary Fireworks The Bank of Scotland was founded exactly 300 years ago and this pyrotechnic display will celebrate the event with a hang. The first blue touch paper will be lit at l().3()pm and Radio Forth FM and Max AM will be broadcasting maritime music as part of the fireworks display so take your trannies down to the docks.

l l 'l l

The List 14-27 Jul 1995 7