V I saw you tall. blonde Mr ()ddbins (originally Woodlands. now Hyndland). Enjoyed recoiniiiendations. Interesting sales patter? Now too shy to ask for more. Using Victoria Wine! Perhaps a private tasting? Box No U/257/2‘).

V I saw you Roddy from Watson‘s at Century. You walked me back to Bruiitsfield. Come and see me sometime if you fancy. Box No U/2557/30. V I saw you oh where. oh where has my fluffy wuffy sheep gone‘.’ ()II where. oh where can she be'.’ I've looked high and low but failed to succeed. Now I'm sad indeed. Box No U/357/3 I.

V I saw you hot piece at lnveraray Castle. 24/6/95. A killer wasp attacked you! You read Bunty. I was stung by your beauty. Can we ‘park' in the T'.’ Vodkajellies on me. Box No U/257/32.

V I saw you not. I saw you. I saw you not. I saw you. l saw you. Remember Caird Drive'.’ Let's do it with Davies. Let's fall in love. Minmiii. Box No U/257/33.

V I saw you often. golden red- haired girl in black deiiiins from Madisons to Rainbow's liiid. Iwixt Leeds and Liberty. Glances exchanged you brightened those mornings! You‘ve gone! ()li woe!! Box No U/257/34.

V I saw you again! It must be fate. little lluffy wuffy sheep. If I speak your language will you contact me to make lambs in the hay? Baaaa baaaa. baaaa. baaaa.

0 I saw you at Cottier's. Sai lst. with your girlfriends. drinking on the ground by the beer garden gate. l kept grinning when I got your glasses. You have a lovely smile. Box No U/257/l9. V I saw you Neurosurgical ward. Southern General. Big. cuddly. shorn nurse with specs appeal. I like men with big appetites. Let me be your ‘girlfriend in a chicken korma.‘ Let's meat! KFC corner'.’ Box No U/257/20. V I saw you you saw me. face glowing. full of excitement. something about getting on a social care course. Let’s celebrate Heather. you must remember me PMS! Box No U/257/2 l. V I saw you l-‘i‘uitiiiarket cafe. 27/28“? June. A bit of a long shot this but you sat in the corner pink T-shii't. very sexy. Me'.’ Long dark hair. liitrigued'.’ Box No U/257/22. V I saw you Once but ne'er again. A fast moving. fiddling dream. You used to do it regular to woo the crowd. ls someone else sampling your delights while squeezing and a leasing”? Box No U/257/23. V I saw you Tesco’s. Brougliton Road. Sunday 2/7. Lucozade and frozen peas?! Me: the girl. three checkouts down. who couldn't stop staring at your unruly. dark curls and more! Did you look too'.’ Box No U/257/24. v I saw you BBH! And couldn't believe my eyes! What were you tip to that night at Cottier’s (6.5.95). Too much bacon brought on flirting? If you don‘t look out she’ll be gone! Box No U/257/35. V I saw you Carr's liriiitshop. 30/6/95. You Aussie blonde. me tall. brunette. onion buying liar. fleeing from traffic wardens. A date perhaps? Box No U/257/26. V I saw you My lltiffy wuffy sheep. I know I did ~ without a doubt. ()ii a inunro. where I don't know (ooh. a rhyme!). You had a parrot. How's about menage a trois'.’ Box No U/257/27. O I saw you on the Underground. where we laughed about the impending flood! You wore sports gear and got off at Kelvinhall. You‘re South African and seemed really nice. Box No U/257/28.

V I saw you Brian the train driver. We met at the Brew-house on Thursday Homesick James gig. Can we join tracks again please! Please get in touch to appreciate good music together. J. Write to Box No U/257/3o.

V I saw you eating your cheesecake with your Thai prawns. You didn’t find the happy strawberry funny. so Q. What do you call a hedgehog with no legs'.’ A. A

shoebrush . . . and there are l()()() others where that came from. Box No U/257/37.

V I saw you driving a grey Volvo (Irish no plate) in Clarence Drive. You were cute. dark hair. goatee beard. We exchanged looks. Pick me up next time you see me. Box No U/257/38.

baaaa. baaaa! Box No U/257/35.



PERSONAL (Box No is included in price.

Lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 20p/extra word. Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 40p/extra word.

I Saw You: Free for up to 30 words.


lineage: £5 for up to 30 words plus 20p per extra word.

Semi-display: £8 for up to 20 words plus 40p per extra word.

Display: £5 per single column cm. excl VAT.

(Box No costs £5 extra/ issue for non-Personal ads).














If your advert doesn't apply to any of the above sections. please contact us and we can arrange a new section heading for you.


For a limited period, I SAW YOU

adverts are FREE of charge. Just fill in the classified form and send it off.


It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates are £5 per single column centimetre (excl VAT). Minimum size 4 column cm. Minimum cost £20 (plus VAT).


It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. Minimum cost is £8 for up to 20 words plus 40p per extra word. Personal ads in this style. include a Box No and cost from £14.

I This Is a lineage ad. Minimum cost is £5 for up to 30 words plus 20p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £10.

Please note Lineage and Semi-display ads are inclusive of VAT.

DISCOUNTS lineage/Semi-Display/ nisplay

2 consecutive insertions 10% 3 consecutive insertions 15% 4 consecutive insertions 20% 6 consecutive insertions 25%

E Print in otocit CAPITALS I : Name ......................................................................... ..

I Address ..................................................................... ..

l . . c . n u o c . n n u o o o o n a a a - - o - n a a o o o o o . . o n a o c g o . o o a o . o u . u . . . n u o u s u o o o o . u o o o o o o o o o o o u a n o o o .-

I ,l I ........................................ .. Ic. ................................. ..

m Print message one word per box (NB Telephone Numbers count as one word).

.. w- .0. V. .

Which Section?

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m Not required for I Saw You.

All adverts must be prepaid. Cheques and Postal ()rders should be made out to The List Ltd

I enclose cheque/postal order/cash for £ ___

l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Alternatively. you may pay by Access or Visa credit card. I I I

Please debit my " Access :—~ I Access/Visa card I _WSA , .. ._- , .

I : Number: / / / 4

i Expiry date __J___/

: Cardholder's Name ..................................................... .. I (name and initials as on card)

: Address ..................................................................... .. : (if not as above) ......................................................... ..


Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for publication). . The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation. 3. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion. 4. In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be accepted if both the advertiser and person sought are over IX.

Conditions: I.

5. Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable for publication in personal ads.

I Copy for Classified ads must reach us by second post on :TIIURSDAY A WEEK BEFORE PUBLICATION

I | WI". WIELCOMIS CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp John Knox's : House). Edinburgh. during business hours.

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