W ' transatlantic r'azzamatazz. and a stretch


I Cookery Demonstration The Adams Rooms. The George lnter-(‘ontinental Hotel. l‘)—2l George Street. 2pm. “2.50. Clarissa Dickson Wright. regular presenter on Radio Four's Curious ('(mks programme. formerly behind the world's largest specialised cook bookshop and the driving force behind Edinburgh's Global Gourmets. will give a demonstration of Georgian cooking for modern dinner parties in aid of Scottish European Aid which raises money to support their projects in Romania and Bosnia.

Wright is a woruan who knows more than most about gourmet food: her grandmother owned the upmarket Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore while her father reckoned that it was worth the bother and expense of having his pigeons llown in from Cairo. Wright hersell has cooked on a charter yacht in the West Indies and run her own luncheon club in St James' preparing food for the great. the good and the dastardly. Anecdotes will not be in short ration.

Tickets for the demonstration, which takes place on Tue IS July. are limited to 200 and are available from Scottish European Aid. 18 Hanover Street. Edinburgh.

I Edinburgh Rock Cafe I25a Princes Street. 220 5007. Aptly. this themed restaurant bar opened with much

limo on American Independence day. 4 July. Sandwiched between those twin bastions ol. the rrrusie business -— the Virgin Megastore and HMV - the Rock (.‘at‘e is jam-packed with music memorabilia of all shapes and sizes from John Lennon drawings to gold discs and even a life-sized dummy of The Artist Formerly Known As Whatever He (‘alls Himself Now. Elvis tans are well catered for since the restaurant has the largest collection in Scotland ol‘ the obese deceased‘s records. ()n a Scottish note (sic) there‘s signed guitars from such distinguished (‘aledonian luminaries as Midge Ure.

1 Gun and Leith‘s very own Proclaimers

l'rom Guns N' Roses and Bon Jovi. No doubt the restaurant will be clogged by pony-tailed rock anoraks drooling over the music relies just as rmrch as the liood. Continuing the rock theme. the lirst tloor contains a DJ booth which will house disc spinners every day and it you really want to go the whole rawk hog. then there's a list ol’ 50 classic rock tracks printed on the menu which the DJ will be happy to play. There's a rooftop garden under construction which will be used for corporate hospitality and radio broadcasts at sortie point in the future. Presently operating on two floors. the restaurant offers an American i inlluenced menu that contains some

while the Yanks are represented by axes '

with good toppings.

"The commitment to non-animal products is total and the cooking is careful. This combination yields hearty soups, generous dishes such as Cashew Korma, Mushroom Stroganoff and baked potatoes


£1 .20-£5.00

All food is animal and dairy-tree therefore suitable for vegans.



SERVING FOOD 7 DAYS 12pm - 7pm


L.____..__ _-.-.. --.___.. ~..

1 truly awl'ul puns such as liergal's Sharky an eight—ounce shark steak. or

5 how about the Fats Domino Rib Rack‘.’

i (iargantuan appetites can try and take on the King. a .‘il-ouncc char-grilled popcscye steak which weighs in at a bcel‘y Ll‘).‘)5. Having said that. all the

r portions are .»\merican-style. ie jumbo- sized. Edinburgh Rock (’al‘e buys in all

its food fresh each day and the only l'ro/en product on the premises ar Mr

Boni’s ice cream. Have a nice day now,

: y'all.

_ l Seadog Caledonian Traditional Beer

5 Hall Seadog Warehouse. Constitution

g Place. l..eith Docks. Just when you

thought that you‘d got to the end ol‘ the

: Tall Ships” coverage here‘s another

3 nugget of info. Edinburgh‘s very own

(falcdonian Brewing company have taken over the 6.000 square t'oot

Seadog Warehouse and put a-1t) loot bar into the premises. There will be 25

.handpulls snuggling into the bar comprising three brew s l'rom (‘arlsbeig two traditional ciders and the lull ('aley range of beers including the special ()ld Davie brcw. Davie Ross worked for

(.‘aley' Breweries for many a year. He

recently went up to the great brewery in

i the sky and to commemorate his

passing the brewery have tirade a

limited amount ol'cask ale using an old

copper that they have had since lSo‘).

: Just in case you get a sudden attack ol'

'the munchies while you're there. get stuck into some barbecued roast pig or

.go for the lishy option and try out some

ot‘ the oysters. prawns and assorted

7 other tinny delights courtesy ol‘ the

Oyster Bar liutcrpriscs.

The beer hall is open 5 ll lpm on Thurs l3 and noon-~I lpm for the next live days. l.ive l'olk. jazz and blues bands will complete the atmosphere.

I Good Pub Food For the fourth time in a row. those ale and hearty people at ('AMRA have compiled this guide to pubs that serve line beer and decent l'ood. Armed with this 400-odd page tome you can wave goodbye to the kind ol‘ establishments that serve boil in the bag ocean sweepings and skin gralt lasagne. Instead say ‘hello‘ to decent bars that serve good quality produce. well cooked and prepared with imagination. This doesn't mean the guide deals e\clusivcly with pubs that sell lobster thermidore and baby asparagus tips btit also with honest boo/ers that provide real Iood and that includes ploughman's lunches.

l'nt‘ortunately. the guide covers just one pub in lidinburgh. 'l'.(i.‘s. and one in (ilasgow. Babbin Boyvster. which means that it isn't nmch rise to /.i.\'l reader‘s unless they're tray elliug around Ilowc\ct'. lul‘ those w ho are dotting about Britain. the guide is well researched. lovingly written and easy to use. (itim/ l’u/i linul is published by (‘;\.‘\lRA. written by Susan Nowak and it costs £9.90. tJonathau 'l'rew)


90 The I,lsl it ,",’ I'ZI