Main Stage

I Skunk Anansie Raw. aggressive punk tnetal witlt classic riffs sweeping all before them and the inimitable fiercesome presence ofsinger Skirt.

I The Almighty Scotland's hirsute masters of tire tneaty riff.

I Dodgy Summer sun and jolly japes frottt a trio who are otte of several bands vyittg for the title A Monkees For The 90s.

I Gene A string ofeloquent singles and a wardrobe ofdapper suits. The Britpop choice for the furrowed brow indie fan.

I Black Grape See feature.

I Terrorvision Possibly Britain's trendiest rock band. who like to concentrate on power pop turtes rather than the usual metal machismo and dodgy lyrics

I Paul Weller The Master Modster rocks out stylishly and conjures up the ambience of littglish meadows full of yellow oil seed rape (well. his videos do that actually

. . .)

I Therapy? increasingly doottty rock forecast frottt the erstwhile punk power trio. Nihilistic references'R’Us.

I The Prodigy Go ballistic! See feature.

14 The List 28 Jul-10 Aug 1995

The complete running order for all four stages is shown below in the order in which the bands will appear,starting at noon.

NME Stage

I The Longpigs [ire/ting Session faves who've been around for a while and are currently relaunching themselves with the single ‘She Said‘.

I Powder Three blokes with cheekbones. one girl with a Louise Brooks haircut. sotne passable punk pop tunes will they make the grade?

I Cast Former La‘s bassist John Power gets to do his own thing and ends up sounding a bit like The l.a‘s. More tuneful fodder for the Oasis generation.

I Corduroy Dudes! Slick acid jazz with a smooth 70s futtk edge of late.

I Ash Rousing lrish garage pop that's jttst sat its ‘A’ levels.

I The Bluetones ‘Classic‘ ‘guitar' ‘tunes' but don't let the conventional description put you off. Accessible tojust about anyone. but don‘t expect any maverick input. I Menswear They wear skinny ties. bttt the girls love them anyway. Sound like they're influenced by lilastica who were influenced by The Stranglers. arid so on back into the mists of time. See paneL

I Echobelly They‘ve been quiet for a while. replacing battd members attd whatnot. but Sonya's pritnittg her lungs for more epic pop bellowing.

I Supergrass Yowsa! What it sounds like to be young and fttll of vim. If all you‘ve heard is Hit UT The Year ‘Alright'. be ready for an accomplished array of different styles. all half- ittched tnischievously frotn the glorious musical past.

I Elastica Pogo pop with lasltings ofcool. The kids

say ‘yeah!’ I "


Groove Tent

I Massive Attack The Bristolian bunch are in charge for the whole day. booming out their immense dttb sound system attd saying hello to guests such as Horace Andy. The Mad Professor. Talvin Singh. Nick Warren arid Uaffa. N ,

Elastlca: DIME Stage

Caledonia Stage

I Swellingmeg Winners of a competition run itt Edinburgh's lit-wring News to pick a band that would open Saturday's proceedings on the Caledonian Stage. Features fortner Darlingheart singer Cora liissett. so worth investigating.

I Mudshark Glasgow heavy rock band signed to (iun attd Texas's management with a f0l‘lllC()llllllg single on the Pony Music label.

I The Delgados 'l‘outcd new indie noiseuiks from Glasgow. Current lZP: ‘l.a‘/.arwalker'.

I The Diggers Sorttetitttes winsome. sometimes angular. always melodic pop from Glasgow.

I Schtum Laborious hardcore frotn Derry for boys who think

, they‘re really hard.

I Spare Snare See panel.

I Shriek ()ne of Glasgow‘s best bands whose momentous live set just rocks and rarely lets up Labelmates with iilastica but more ferocious itt their

" quirkiness.

I Goya Dress Rather precious pop from

‘0 Shetlander Astrid Williamson and her

it London-based trio.

I Kate featuring Baby Stafford fix-(inn guitarist goes for it with some biting heavy rock.

I Trashcan Sinatras Perennial tuneful favourites front Kilmarnock.

Echobelly: NME Stage