The complete running order for all four stages is shown below in the order in which the bands will appear,starting at noon.

Main Stage

I Opening band to be confirmed.

I Marion Five callow Mancunian youths who seem to have been influenced by every important British act of the last decade. Shades of The Smiths and UZ in

their epic numbers.

I Reel Upcoming British rock act who’ve got the funk. Wouldn't exist if it wasn’t

for Pearl Jam.

I Shed Seven Not the best odds for longevity but their generic indie pop is charming nevertheless.

I The Charlatans Still in love witlt tnaking cheeky indie pop records after all these years. Now with added rootsy feel. I Tricky One for all you trendspotters. Sublime rap with a healthy range of diverse influences and the chartning

vocals of Martina.

I Kylie Minogue The girl's got style. but

how will that voice

fare sounding out

across a big field“? See feature.

I The Beautiful South See preview.

I M-People The hits keep coming for Britain‘s most popular handbag dance act. A celebratory finish.

Shed Seven: Main Stage





' NME Stage

I Dub War Hard funk-rock riffs and deep reggae basslines combine to make one of Britain‘s most promising new bands.

I Northern Uproar Surly Mancunian whippersnappers. Haven‘t we heard this somewhere before'.’ I I Puressence Gliding gttitar sounds with ; diverting falsetto vocals. ; I Salad They twist indie pop into unusual shapes. but they‘re still only halfway to the brilliance they hint at.

I dEUS The tops. Check 'em out. See

I McAlmont Post-dizzy pop hit ‘Yes . McAlmont treats us to a helping of his swooning vocal style. See panel.

I The Verve It's all about getting the right vibe. man . . . sometimes they hit their stride. sometimes they don’t.

I Freakpower Retro disco grooves. but apart frotn the big advert hit. is anyone

btlt someone's buying the records.

I The Boo Radleys lissence de guitar pop from the Liverpool collective who’ve been banging on about some crowd called The Beatles for years and now approximate the joyous sounds of The Beach Boys. See !


I Sleeper Pretty average indie collective. ' l


Whipping Boy: Caledonia Stage

it"? See panel.

C O < (D I'D =

I Melonhaus Ambient dubsters. You may have heard their single. ‘l)opamine‘.

I J.Pac Gritty Millwall pop frotn a new signing to the management stable of Tom (Bros) Watkins.

I Republica Former N-loi vocalist Saffron with her new dance combo.

I Fluke The first techno act to release a live album this duo know how to take their sounds out of the club and into a venue.

I Dreadzone May the dtib be with you. See panel.

I Ozric Tentacles The

l hippy's answer to bangin' dance grooves.

! They may take a while to get to the point. 1 but it's usually worth sticking around for.

I Underworld Simply one of the best

dance acts ever with loads of hooks to

i their pumping rhythms.

I The Shamen Aberdonian es-pats who took quality dance music into the pop charts. it's been a while ~ can they still cut

. 1|) t}: 5H,”! ’2

I I1!) 5-! flfl’it.

Coast: Caledonia Stage


Caledonia Stage

I Dragdoll Young Nirvana-esque Glasgow band. winners of the Evening Times competition to kick off Sunday's proceedings on the Caledonian stage.

I The Secret Goldfish Fuzzy pop from new Glasgow label Creeping Bent.

I Crying Ellis Formerly Wah Wah Jack. A mature sound for such young chaps. with a well powerful vocalist to boot.

I Coast London-based Aberdeen quartet with pop in their veins. Not to be mistaken for Cast. although there are some musical similarities.

I The Mutton Birds Melodic N7. band in the tradition of Crowded House. but darker.

I Whipping Boy Intense. angsty combo

The Verve: NME Stage

from Northern Ireland who recall the .s‘turm um! drain; of prime Echo And The Bunnymen. Lowlife and other alternative drama queens.

I The Supematurals Hey. hey. they're

The Supernaturals! A big local following

for these colourful troubadours and their sunny retro pop. The Dodgy of the north. I Murmur Local tunesmiths who‘ve been knocking around for a while and will soon have a debut album out to show for it.

I The Kelly Family Irish-American

Salad: NME Stage

folkies. Big in Gennany. we hear.

I Captain Shifty The cats in the hats (except they don't wear sflly hats anymore) dish out groovy vibes with their slinky jazz funk.

The List 28 Jul-l0 Aug 199515