m_ character developing despite himself, thanks to puberty. Childhood innocence and insecurity is provided FREE WILLY 2 this time by Elvis (Francis Capra), while Jesse swims with the orcas,

stalling more 'idicule this SideP' "19 drives the motorboat and gets the girl. Atlantic, the makers Of Free The dfama pfovided an out-of.

have returned with further adventures control on slick gives wmy a chance

0' the limp-finned whale. Orphan to use hicks to save Iives and i Jesse (Jason James Ricmefl, settling provides a simplistic eco-moral about in with foster parents Jayne Atkinson protecting the envimnmeni which

and MiCh39' “lads” “1 "‘8" should satisfy all the mini animal , A picturesque North Western coastal lovers in the audience. Oona Chaplin town, discovers that his real mother is A tad too anodyne and uninventive to DCSWC mm, hm.” mm dead and he has a half-brother, named really justify its existence (the death the spotliglitiis the

5 Elvis, coming to stay with them. Q of Jesse’s mother is handled very daughter of a world

i This coincides with a holiday to an sketchiiy), the movie does have its i‘amons playwright. ()otizt island where old Native American pal charms, Richter again hows the 0 N01“ was destined to

attention pleasantly with familiar I”? “,“N m "9" I"? eclipsed by hel husband *

faces like Elizabeth Pena and M. Charm Chum”

Emma! walsn poppmg up .'n cameos; Vehelliently opposed to a and Wlllll, although WONVleY biography of herself while reminiscent at times of the xenomorph alive. she would perhaps from Alien, is cute, cuddly and doesn’t have blessed this volume. bite, (Simon warden) Hl(/(/('II Sim- (Richard Free US, Cohen Books 1. l 7.99) by

Patrice Chaplin. divorced

Randolph (August Schellenberg) has

just encountered Willy and family swimming in nearby waters. Amid much impressive natural history footage and pubescent showing off to Randolph’s teenage god-daughter, Jesse gets reacquainted with his acquatic playmate and finds time to

bond. With EMS. . . a 1995) Jason James Richter, Michael with 0,. ha, CNN W] A . . Unlike many sequels, Dwrght Little’s ' Madsen, Jayne Atkinson. From Fri 4. WWHH. m“: mi". .n Free Willy 2: ‘does have its charms' film has the benefit of a |ead ~ General release. mum)”. will” than

straight biography. and the author describes her style as 'distant. yet close . .. objective atid yet involved'. The result is like overbearing the conversations of a soap- opera dynasty.

The cheesecake photo on the back cover sends out early warning signals iii the case ol’ /.l(llll M'l'xnli.’ T/It’ l'i/irl Biography (Hodder & Stoughton £16.99). The text then confirms those fears: ‘Womeii adore Liam Neeson. All women. all ages. shapes and sizes . .. lie is the Holy Grail ol- all that‘s desirable iii a man.‘ And so on. a 210- .page love letter written in easy tabloid style.

Stings illy il/Inl/lt’l’ Tillie/I! Me (Arrow £6.99). on the other hand. is a very evocative

M I It is a decision which. although Allie i never regrets. is to prove his downfall. A ; The play is simply too outrageous for early 6()s Dublin. Besides providing a . . . ., . locus for bigoti'v against Allie. it also The ceritelial'v ol the publication ol I/le . x ' r . ' . . . moves lillli to declare his love. A love [importance 0/ Being [gar/lest and . . . . . . Will .\ h” lib I l W mm m which to that point iii his Me. has never '(C.'1L‘t eczse:_; .‘ e . . T _ . dared to speak its name. Marquess of Queensbury is a fitting 1 Finncy provides. ,1 we” mundcd time to release a cinematic homage to iffmmncc l“ \mC lmd is. “my the great lrish plavwright. Instead of DL ( " r .‘ j “i . I. l . ‘. t. “.1 I g . supported throughout. particularly by l‘()(llClllE at irec no he o i te. . lll‘l . . ~ .. . l}: . l i H ll [ 1 m Rultis Sewell as Robbie. the bus drivel. risiii'imma ias o et o crea e; . . . .

. l The treatment ol his sexuality is exuberant enteiiainei' -- bus conductor ' . l, .1 I H” i v M!“ . g ' U m” Allie Bvrne (Albeit l‘illllCVl ~ to mirror Dunn.” T” ) “L “my ' 1L 1" i138 L w.l l . 'H. ' and givmg man. Willing to mask lils

i t e s i e. . . ~. . . true leelings in order to rotect his A conlirliied bachelor who lives with . . x _ _ . W t ‘_ _i I I l “h (Bl “d I I-” k I) \m friends. The ()()s setting is. however. the ss‘C‘- 'e L"C'C‘./- e _ , . . .

. ' . . lilili s weakness. it brings 'in air ol

entertains his passengers with poetrv bv . . r. _ . d n 1nd (“I “x )1 W81” [m 1m 1' ' overbearing sentimentality to a subiect ' ' ' 'e‘ x z .‘ ‘z . Lima] In“ by “liuh't mg cm [my be which should have been treated not as - ' c'indvfioss. but as bitter cracknel. incompetent. but they more than make '

. . . . . Thom Dibdin up tor it With enthusiasm. When he is ( ) reciting poetry to his captive audience xl illuii ()fNu l/il/mi'miice (/5) (Still

one morning. beautiful Adele (Tara lx’ri's/iiiumiiiu. UK/lz'ire. 94) Albert autobiography. drawing Fitzgerald) steps on board at once I-iiinev Brenda l-‘ri'ckei: 'liiru 9” ll‘L‘ S'I‘FHS- Still)“ 11”“ inspiring him to produce Wilde‘s . l"i'i:(}eru/d. Riff!” St’lt‘l’H. 95’ "Hill-*1 “‘"md‘ ‘" “Mm”

Brando's life and mixing

Drovocative bla)’ Sir/wile with liCl‘ in the! I’m"! I’l‘i 28-’ (i/us's'mr I'll/HI WNW/"(i

, . . .. them with rich anecdotes. title role. lziliii/mry/i l'l/lll/I()ll.\'(’.

A Man Of No Importance. well-rounded performance Rmnmm h}, It“, “CW.

limit a lliantiscript ol'

edited conversations with handsome Dr Askey (Neill), who also writer Robert Lindsay.

l fancies the aforementioned Mrs these words come till the E Voysey. Life and love was never 3 WE“ “5” ~“wimp-V Set in the Australia immediately after i simple thing, 1 Will?” 3 “(Sil'lcl'fi'f the Great War, all the resonances of i The fact that Blakemore, who wrote, I class struggle and emotional turmoil ' directed and stars in the film as the j 0‘”,in I i that well have been in UflC/B de'iciously pompous Alexandef, has NHHHU/ “Hm AIM/(v.5. Vanya are given new force by the set his film in Australia at this time { (lather a rather £7.99) the contradictions that endure and the ' throws up all sorts of peripheral 'l‘zli‘antino script is dramatic tension that exist in a once i issues that lend depth and colour to substantially dilli‘l'cm glorious house in the Outback. Eager E the drama. The basic human “W” “W Sign“ “HMO “3

an earlier work. so there's less oi the polished pop culture asides: instead. the elliphasis is on Wayne's

to greet the return from London of his relationships remain as Chekhov esteemed brother-in-law Alexander intended them, and prove the fulcrum Voysey, Jack (Hargreaves) does his around which all else revolves, but the

best to roll out the red carpet. I questions of Australia’s nationhood Ty mm, ,.,.,,.(,epcw\.c But the combination of Alex’s ? versus its colonial status, the class ! ii-ihnie. ()liiitted scenes. arrogance and the allure of his differences, even racism give the i like Mickey handling his beautiful young wife Deborah i story a modern quality that should U“ H defence in court. are (Scacchi) sets in motion a disastrous make it perfectly accessible to a i "film"? “‘L‘ “W09

' wider audience. (Anwar Brett) Indian theme is out. But.

soul searching, fraud, betrayal and an Country Life (12) (Michael Blakemore, ' my}: CW” Australia 1994) Sam Neill, Greta ' '

awful lot of drowning of sorrows. “It,”th WIN [he

i chain of events that results in much ' l - . I . . ma. _ While the men of the house tall under Scacchi, John Hargreaves, Kerry Fax, ) “(may mm. mm, mt. i l

" 9*" Deborah’s spell, Alex's daughter Sally Michael Blakemare. 114 mins. From

s. . .‘ H‘g ;. 3. “’3. -' : e '\ story's fairly easy media Country life: ‘depth and colour’ (Fox) clearly holds a torch for Fri 4. Edinburgh: Cameo.

targets. (Alan Morrison)

The List 28 Jul-10 Aug 1995 29