you an evening of the New Wave of the

1 New Wave of the New Country. Glasgow THURSDAY 3

I Papa’s Roses, Deep Blue Sea and White lies Brewhouse. John Street. 552 GIaSgow 380l. 8.30pm. Free. A Bandsearch heat. I "I

. . e Pearliislters and God‘s Bo rientl I Glasgow Songwriters featuring Alex King Tu“ wah Wah Hm St Vin!!!" Osborne Blacklriars. Bell Street. 552 Street 7,,“ $979 8 30pm' £5 Much“

5924. 9.30pm. i‘fLL. The Song“ i‘llLrS tunefulncss for Davey Scott and his happy mainstay promotes his debut album Let band Sec Fri 4 for Cock Boyfriend 34:! “g” ’3’“: "y’r‘h‘x‘r‘l"thfh wilful); I London Atter Midnight and The

" n u L l“. “~‘=‘ "9"“ f“ M Witching HourCathouse. Brown Street. by more traditional means. Plus open mic. 348 6606 9pm £4 including entry to

' alternative club Contamination. The Ed|nburgh headliners are a Californian goth band I 39mm soul" and space Monkey (surely it‘s too sunny in California. . .) VCllUC. CililOll Road. \vho are influenced Brit bands ()plll. (1 BOT) lVlill‘lL‘y lflbUlL‘. Bauhaus and Sisters Mercy. Their

bellCVC ll 9" "Ol- The lead Singer. MOSCS current mini-album revels in the title is a bit of a dead ringer for Bob. Anyway. 5‘,[e(-,c(15(.c,wx pm,” 771‘, 5,,(101‘7711,

all the old faves will be played. war/(L I Songwriters" Showcase and Workshop I Billy Rankin Cathouse. Brown Street. * Tron Tavern. Hunter Square. 8pm. £1. f 348 6606 8pm £3 (advance). A benefit Vic Chestnutt will . . . erm . . . conker all in his path on Fri 4 information: 553 7631. Weekly orum or for [he Nrmoml Childbirth True! with l B , Edlllburgh‘bHSCd SlllgCT-Song\vrl.lcrs. “i'llh COIncdlan Raylnond h1carns and the Street. 10p!" [3:8th 4 3"}wa “'Clwmc ‘0 Perform}1 l'ilccn‘ former Nazareth guitarist showing off covers. ' ' ° p p Glasgow El'v'mlnsfil‘]0mm? ““i‘igfr'itrt's some “Clbmrd W111"de I Soul Connection Rutland No l. Rutland ~ o .‘5 [Lg "final I ‘kpnlrt‘lc‘l 3'3 "1 I Bandsea'ch venue Fma' BrCWhOU-‘cv Street. 229 3402. 10pm. Free. Large soul I Y": Chesmm and The Loved ones ng S 'e‘ "7'25 35% lioy raw/2‘1 , .l 10h“ Street‘ 552 3801' 8'3Opm' Ere“ , band with ginormous brass section to give 11" S :vah wah “ml?! Vim-En} Sm“ . trcet. ..... .. - i. pm. rte. s . nge I Tom Mcmyen quartet MCChum'S‘ ngh ,I go m ‘000 n h', ._1 5-79. 8.30pm. i- .50. Tickets from and friends provrdelsome live musw as. Street. 552 3135. 10pm Frcc_ Acid jazz. Gods ’mpm'a'm PI f O King Tut‘s and Just the Ticket. Yirgin. partbof abpat‘tlyeti'ening wggth 11;) emphaSis I Blind Nation, wash and Sin (my Under Rutland Street MS on“; gr?0pl?1“'Frcc Union Street. 2b2(:i4679. The wJailfifng on ' 0 ant s rom t ie eat es to r y r r 7 ""“ ~ ~ e ' ' Am ‘ri ‘an trou a our no. not Bellshiil. £2. More Wk than mom scnSib.imiCS can Buckley) much admired by Michael Stipe I Gallus Black Btill. Leith Street. 557 Jamaica Street. 221 3499 9pm, Free, Eagdle. m a ;CLCP%SS pursu” 0f the who produced one of his albums. The 5121. 10pm. Free. See live re_View._ I Chang Halt Bar. woodlands Road, 332 Ieciwloan‘g , M D I'd most recent in a prolific career is Is The I Hot Tamales Whistle Binkies. Niddry 1210. 9.30pm. Free. Road 557 4978c? moirgc C 0”“ Artur Happy." . , E'chaifhii'i‘J 321$??? 8"“ “d R 33°31’33"?“ 39d” 0"“ 8”“ I "ultimate; We? Enddyecraar :"fi-Bi'ii‘s'? “fir? gifiizé‘ £3

t . on,” . 7 .aUCiea ree.... - . pm. _. I live Music Stones. Fr *d ‘rick Str‘et. : ~ west Mamand Street' 2"5 3861' 10'30pm' 1t .' '. b .t tt' 1 t.‘ 550 1776 10pm Free L L L I The Gyms (TB?) Ba‘F‘WF' Bruce Hotcl' Free. Blues. R & B and harmonica high- Stiff)? 29$"? r? CEOF-Cz.‘ ~~ ~~ - ~ - Cornwall Street. hast Kilbride. 013552 hkq ea me I is tnc it or .an‘ irst. .

29771. 10pm. £3. Post-Oasis indie pop 1 H . I "man 819935 MaCSQTICY ~53 Jamal“ mamm- on ram... GI their deal Wllh Sugar Records. , I P5 C ll" 3‘ ‘3 ~ r“ r - ~ - I The Delgados Rico's, Ann Street. I Buffalo SOIdIeI' Martel]. B‘urnbank 2135, 10pm. Frcc_

I Buflalo soldier The Garage. Grccnock‘ 01475 783 705. 10pm. £1. Road. 0] 324 ()2 l764. 8pm. £3. See Tue 1. I Rankin Twa Corbws, Kilbnwm Sauchiehall Street. 332 1 120. 7.30pm. Priming themselves for their T In The

Tickets from The Garage. Just the Ticket. Park Caledonia Stage appearance.

Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679 and Tower - ' Records. Argyle Street. 204 2500. Bob Edlnhurgh

Marley is the latest in along line of artists I Midge um venue, Canon Road, 557 being paid tribute by travelling imitators. 3073, 8pm £7. toooooohhhht I All" Dad‘s Peri illld Shamball Arena. Viennnnnnnaaaaal‘. Only joking. this man

Oswald .Sm‘c‘» 22] 3010- 9pm £9" has a serious solo career in full swing and

l "'9 Gm- UGE and The “"997 creams the material that you hear tonight is a

BrCWhouficv 50"“ Street» 552 3801- preview of his next album. as well as

8'30Pm- H30 some of his older stuff. of course. This is

. MCChUlH‘S. Street. an unplugged concert.

552 2135- lOpm- FWC- I The Reads La Belle Angele. Hasties -- -; I. ' Close. Con/gate. 225 2774. 9pm. £3. The zfifir H . . g , g . . . , . A g , , . g . , . . I

Ed|nburgh melody merchants launch their 50 It i 2

IM d w. E d0. , . Sn .‘EP h' h h) V“ ' FEE-H Maitlazftizdarsatreeet. 22% liisieiiing sztisCatilh): tighten]: on “gm o o J o I Groovettinnel Black Bull. Leith Street. I Congy Ben Queen Street Oyster Bar.

557 5121. 10pm. Free. The funkmeisters Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free. o o o

dosn (icoustic titre. Guitar duo one of whom. at the time of

I onomora S " .'.."11' h ' b)

Frederick Free. . Gary Hall, Catherine Craig and Marc he looks like Liam Gallagher and he'll

Pillae of the Little Hopetown Giants bring play any song you want. Definitely. maybe.

B c. ZED +_ 7: FLATURING My last

lilt‘ 11(‘\\'Sl11gi(‘

AIN’T no NEW THANG out 24th July

l’”~‘ on vinyl -(‘.(1

The List 28 Jul-10 Aug l995 45