I Former High Road star Natalie Robb is doing 3 Kylie, having left Glendarroch for a career in pop. ‘Take Me to Paradise’ is her first disco number; tongues will be wagging in the village post office.

I Winning prizes for a preposterously over-long title and unintentional innuendo relating to its star’s recent Devine retribution, we offer you The Englishman Who Went up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. Keeping his upper lip stiff in the passenger seat is Hugh Grant, while lan McNeice takes the wheel. See Film listings.

I Studiously avoiding any puerile references to warm hands on his entrance, gay performer Mark Pinkish arrives in Scotland to perform the one-man comedy Road Movie about the trials of a transatlantic relationship. See Theatre.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: 'I’ in the Park ‘Two days. four stages and sixty bands' runs the advertising blurb for Scotland’s largest music festival and after last year's resounding success they're going to do it again. So slap on some sun cream (hopefully) and slope off to Strathclyde Park for bands. burgers and beer. Watch out for Weller. M People. Kylie and all your indie guitar faves.

Strut/ulth Country Park. Sat 5—3101 6 August.

I Dance: The Tale The Shamans from Hungary return to Scotland giving Glasgow the opportunity to see last year's Fringe success. Eva Magyar and Csaba llorvath examine the morass that can be personal relationships. Magyar first came to the fore performing in Richard Demarco's 1993 European art jamboree and has since consolidated her reputation.

The 'I‘rmt 'I‘ltcutrc. 'I'uc 8—321! 12 August. I Theatre: Reader The Argentinian playwright and novelist. Ariel Dorfman. who achieved worldwide acclaim with his play Death and the Muir/en. unveils his latest work at its world premiere in Edinburgh. Absurdist and unsettling the play looks at the nature of censorship. both self-censorship and that which is imposed by the authorities and the effect which this has on literature and vice

'I'rui‘t'rsr' 'I'lu'rttrt'. Fri 28 July—Thurs 3 August.

I Television: Pulp Fictions BBC2 opens a new series ofsix half-hour. American dramas based on the country‘s top crime writers of yesteryear. The genres which the season takes in are instantly recognisable -- ‘l was down on my luck: the holes in my shoes were big enough to let the Great Lakes in and I didn't have enough money to buy a cheap bottle of bourbon. Then this big sassy blonde walked in . . .‘ The series contains contributions frotn Laura Dern. Gary ()ldman. Alan Rickman and Martin Scorsese.

[31K ‘2. starts Fri 4 August, 11.15pm.

I Art: John Bellany Recent Paintings and John Bellany Printmalter Over seventy prints. eighteen huge oils and twelve water colours form this major exhibition of one of Scotland’s most well~known contemporary artists. The show covers new work from the last three years which has never been seen before in public to a retrospective of Bellany's printmaking skills from the late 60s to the present day.

Yul/mt Ru'c Gallery, Edinburgh. Thurs IO A ugust—Sun I 0 September.

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