29 July— 9 September 1995

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objects -

performance - video - sound


29 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 tDF 10131—225 2383 r. 0131-220 3130


Extended Festival opening hours: daily, 10.30—20.00


‘Blom participates in society as an artist at a point where art matters to us most: in our love and in our grief‘ —- Angela Kingston (Curator)

Ansuya Blottt will discuss her work with curator and w riler Angela Kingston on Saturday 5 August at 2pm. 111 the galleries. Admission free.


CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS 350 SAUCHIEHALL STREEI GLASGOW G2 310 INFORMATION: 0‘41 332 752‘ I \Iilt‘ltu‘ll on ttHII' truth ‘2‘" Glasgow lkmt t ..tllt-r\ Birmingham - - 112?", City Council


exhibition of his works on paper. including portraits. nudes. streelscapes and sea and river views.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Sauchiehall Street. 221 9600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun I 1am—5pm.

Art Machine ’95 Until 22 Sept. £1 (50p). Urging the viewer to reach out and touch is this exhibition highlighting the creative process a mesh of sound. film. visual and performance art and technology.

I NS GALLERY 53 Cresswell Street. 33-1 Uisge Beatha Until 12 Aug. Mixed media show by Scottish artists and crafts people. I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 248 1322. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. New Generation Until 23 Aug. Following a tour of Scotland's art schools. the gallery now plays host to a varied exhibition of the best and most exciting student work around including paintings. prints. drawings. ceramics and sculpture. I FRINGE GALLERY 17 Castlemilk Arcade. Castlemilk. 631 2267. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm.

Drawing With Light Until 5 Aug. The combined efforts of experimental photographer and artist-in-residence Christina McBride and three local groups produced through workshops over the past four months.

I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Cafe Cosmo. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. Mon—Sat noon—9.30pm; Sun 5—9.30pm.

Lizzie McKie Until 31 Jul. Photographic exhibition by Lizzie McKie. produced while in residence at the Glasgow Film and Video Workshop earlier this year. John Rankin Tue 1—31 Atlg. Photographs capturing everyday life in Moscow. a city undergoing massive social change. taken during Rankin’s time at the Russian State Film Institute.


Sporting Prints Until 29 Jul. The tradition of sports prints is reinterpreted by about twenty artists with an interest in or an aversion to sport.

Christopher Le Brun Sat 5 Aug-2 Sept. Although known primarily as a painter. 1.c Brun has. over the past five years. also established himself as one of Britain‘s leading printmakers. hi this. his first Scottish exhibition since 1985. he explores the interplay of imagery between painting. etching and monotype.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm; Mon—Thurs 10am—9pm; Fri 10am—7pm.

The Continuing Tradition Wed 2 Aug—2 Sept. An off-shoot of the 150th anniversary ofGSA. celebrating 75 years of painting at the school. featuring work by some of the many ex-students who have since become successful artists.

I NUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. University Avenue. 339 8855 ext 5431. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Closed l4~l7 Jul.

The bequest of William Hunter. a student ofGlasgow University in the 1730s. who left a substantial collection of books. prints and other curiosities to the university.

Whistler Until 2 Sept. Surveying the career of the remarkable American-born painter James McNeill Whistler. is this

4240. Mon—Sat 10am—530pm: Sun noon—5pnr

Blythe Spirit Until 31 .1 ul. An exhibition of textual and spirited drawings from Glasgow Art School graduate Blythe Reid. Also a selection of work in a variety of mediums by both established artists and recent graduates.

I PRACTICE GALLERY 58 Virginia Street. 552 7722. 'l‘ue/Wed 9am—6pm; Thurs

l 1am—6pm; Fri/Sat 9am—6pm. Disconnected Cities Until 3 Aug. Photographic and mixed media work by Mark Dawes. dealing with the experience of exploring unknown territory.

Ruth Addinall 1"ri-1-31 Aug. An exhibition of Iigtll'illl\t‘ paintings. detailing people and landscapes which play an intrinsic part in the rituals of everyday life.

I PROJECT ABILITY 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

From Lite Until 18 Aug. A mixed media look at life by Glasgow-based artists. curated by Trongate Studio resident Thomas Rev.

I STREET LEVEL 26 King Street. 552 2151. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Decade Until 29 Jul. An exhibition of work by seventeen former students. celebrating the tenth anniversary of the photography department at Glasgow School of Art.

Dark Light Sat 5 Aug—2 Sept. An exhibition of photography by David l.evintha1. drawing heavily on the language of film and Hollywood’s images of mythic America.

Photoworks Sat 5 Aug-2 Sept. Large- scale monochromatic works by Danish photographer Lisbet Nielsen.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. Trongate. 552 4813. Tue—Sat

l lam—5pm.

In Stereo Until 29 Jul. An exhibition of work by young Scottish artists Jim Lambie. Mary Redmond. James Thornhill and Robert Montgomery.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 221 9600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Still 1 lam—5pm. Cafe. [D]. Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall. Dumbarton Road. 221 9600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 1 1am—5pm. A museum crammed with buses. trams. tire engines. ships and other transportation. devoted to the history of transport.

Scottish Football Association Museum Trust Until 1997. Taster exhibitions of text. photographs and football memorabilia. leading up to the planned National Museum of Football at Harnpden Park.

I PEOPLE’S PALACE MUSEUM Glasgow Green. 221 9600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Stilt 11am—5pm. [D]. Cafe.

This well-loved institution is currently undergoing a facelift. which promises to make it more relevant to Glasgow people. the city and its history. The new-look Palace should be ready by 1998. in time for its centenary.

I PROVANO’S LOROSNIP 3 Castle Street. 221 9600. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sun

1 lam—5pm. The only surviving medieval house in Glasgow. built in 1471. Period room displays range from 1500—1918.

I ST MUNGO MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS LIFE AND ART 2 Castle Street. 221 9600. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 1 1am—5pm. Free. [D].

A museum of world faith. featuring a zen garden. priceless art works front the world’s six major religions. Dali's Christ ufSuint Ju/m oft/re Cross and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures.

The Threads or Faith Until 3 Sept. An exhibition highlighting the range and beauty of objects used in religious

52 The List 28 Jul-10 Aug 1995