Edinburgh. lpm. W I FreuchievStenhousemuir Muir Road.

lr‘reuchie l m. . p . ,

I Carlton v Herlot s Gran - Loan. I Sri Chinmoy took Road Race Riccarton gt

Edinburgh. lpm.

Campus. Edinburgh. 0131 313 5300. 7am. INTERNATIONALS Free. For the fourth year running (sic) . around 70 competitors will be trotting Fnday

around a two-and-a-quarter tnile circuit of the campus in what must be one of the ultimate tests of endurance. The race includes the Scottish and British Athletics Federations‘ 100k Championships and has therefore attracted runners of an international calibre. The leaders will be crossing the finishing line in a mind- boggling and tendon snapping seven hours. We salute you.

Sunday 6

I Monklands Half Marathon starts from Time Capsule. Coatbridge. Info: 01236 441460. 10.30am. This year the race includes the Scottish Veterans and next year it will also take in the British Veterans. Around 300 hardy souls are expected to be pounding the streets of Coatbn'dge.

I Holland v Denmark Boghall. l.inlithgow. 0131 317 7247. 11am. Collection for entrance. Fifty-five overs a side.

Saturday 29

I Scotland v Denmark Boghall. Linlithgow. 0131 317 7247. Collection for entrance.

Sunday 30

I Scotland 8 v Denmark Grange Cricket Club. Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. 0131 317 7247. 11am. Collection for entry. Fifty-ii ve overs a side.

I 3” Heavy Events Championship John Clel ‘nd is 43 years old. He owns the second time in six years. It would simnmnan park, "cm- Bridgc 0f Allan, a garage in Peebles and drives a two he just reward tor his competitiveness 1.30pm. £1.50. This event also litre Vauxhall Cavalier. He is no Adonis which is as keen as that of Damon Hill encompasses the Bridge of Allan and has never had a Slimtast shake in or Michael Schumacher on the track Highland Games 80 keep an eye out for his lite. He is also the leading saloon but much more relaxed oil it.

“Y‘ng “be” ‘13 WC“ “3 '61“ 38”) and driver in Britain. ‘lt’s impossible to compare it to

Solb hammers being swung up. down and i 9 i . . . all around “.8 doubtful whether pulling l m not an athlete by any means, he Formula One, which Is the pinnacle of

large weights with yum mm d I“ G“ )1]. claims in a rough Borders brogue. ‘I do motorsport. We are however the top Cal”... is “my ,0 be approved by the SAP nothing in the way of training but I’m saloon car championship in the world as a recognised [rack and field cvcm surrounded by professional drivers in and although we don’t have as much the British Touring Car Championships money as Formula One, we are a lot

M who train seven days a week, drink closer to the sport at grass roots level. G|asgow orange juice and do tour million press The Cavalier I drive is just like the one

saturday 29 ups. I’m a car dealer who just happens you can buy in the show room, §;,Td',‘,‘,‘,r,ff’f’fif,,§‘§,:,m, scams" coujny CHAMPIONSHIP to race at the weekends. I’m not the whereas a Formula One car is an Road, Glasgow Tim-c are [an races in

I Aberdeenshire v Clackmannan County most physically tit guy in the world aeroplane with wheels on it. We all each meeting starting at 7.45pm. Morningside Road. Mannofield. but mentally I’m fitter than most of talk to each other. I don’t think you’d

Aberdeen lPtn. _ them. I make the car do the work as find Damon Hill and Michael M gm? V ro'iall'smw MCKanc Park. opposed to me. I will think race Schumacher having a hamburger or a

Itsltrtgtlgnl‘l;:e (mm v Ayrshire Lochside manoeuvres through, know what tyres bottle of beer together. our drivers all Fnday 28

Park Form lpm. everyone s on, know when they will be eat, drink and play golf Wlth each . . Edinburgh Races Edmburgh

I penhshim v West Lothian County stronger and weaker than me. That 5 other. There s an element or fun until Rnccwursc‘ Mussclburgi, pm me Norm Inch‘ Gunnochy Sports pavilion‘ the best Skill 1 have.’ we pull on our crash-helmets and 650an Flat racing,

North Inch. Perth. lptn. John’s cunning has already seen him compete.’ (Philip Dorward)

I Stirling County v Arbroath County win at Silverstone this month and he The British Touring Car Championship saturday 5

Willianfield. Torbrex. Stirling. lpm. now heads tor Knockhill, sate in the Super Meeting takes place at I Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. Ayr. First "ML WESTERN “mo! . knowledge that a win up here could Knackhill Racing Circuit, near race 2.05pm. Flat racing.

I “mam” V M." K”ks‘y'c' L‘mc see him race away with the title tor Dunfermline on Sat 29—Sun 30 July.

Bellsland Road. Kilmarnock. lpm.

I Poloc v Clydesdale Shawholm.

Pollokshaws Road. (31st ow. l m.

I Kelburne v Ferguslle iK/hitehpaugh, Saturday 29'sunday 30 Barshaw Drive. Paisley. lpm. sat rd 5 Alloway. Ayr. lpm. I British Touring Car Championship

I Creenock v West of Scotland u 3V . I Uddingston v Kelburne Bothwell Castle Knockhill Racing Circuit. By

Glenpark. Brisbane Street. Greenock. SCOTTISH COUHTY CHAMPIONSHIP Policies. Castle Avenue. Uddingston. Dunfermline. Fife. 01383 622090.

lpm. I Amman. county y Aberdeenshjre lpm. 9.45am. £ 10 Sat. £15 Sun (£5/£7.50). The I Drumpelller V Uddingston Langloan. Lowlands Cricket (jj-Ound_ chiic kiwi I Ferguslie V Greenock Meikleriggs. competitors battle for pole position on the Drumpellier Avenue. 1pm. Arbromh, lpm. (‘orsehar Road. Paisley. lpm. Saturday before the main races on the llYDEll EASTERN LEAGUE . “shin y perthshire cmnbugdmm I West of Scotland v Poloc Hamilton Sunday. See panel.

I Falkland V cam“ SHOES“? Park. Alloway, Ayr. 1pm. Crescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. lpm.

Falkland. 1pm. I Fonamhin v summon county I Clydesdale v Kilmarnock Titwood.

I Edinburgh Academicals V Grange rim-thin. Filmy place. Bmugmy [:crry. Benton Road. Glasgow. lpm. W Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. lptn. Dundee, 1pm. HYDEN EASTERN lEAGUE

I Watsomans v Corstorphine Myreside. I Clackmannan County v west Lothian I Watsonians v Royal High Myreside. Sunday

Myit‘fi‘dfi RWd‘ iidiflburgh- lpm. r The Arns. Cambus Road. Alloa. lpm. MYWSidC ROfId‘ Ediilburgh. lpm. I Glasgow Tigers V Cradley Heath

I “em” 5 V F'eucme Gomcnacrcv Ferry I Stirling County V File Willianfteld. I corsmiphme V Edinburgh Academicals Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Road. lannhurgh. lpm. . Torbrex. Stirling. lpm. Union Park. Carricknowe Parkway. Glasgow. 613 1552, 630mm, £750

I Stenhousemuir V Royallllgh The Tryst. HALL WESTERN UNION Edinburgh. lptn. including race card. £3.50 for kids and Tryst RUIN. SlClthUSClllUIF- ]PM I Ayr V Drumpellier Cambusdoon. I Grange V Falkland Raeburn Place. ()APs. Premier League match.

75 The List 28 Jul-10 Aug 1995