DEVELOP YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS Learn to read Tarot. introduction to crystal ball. tea leaves. psvchometrv etc.

0141 632 5054; 0141 632 8515.

I Cerac The energetic. stylish form of modern jive from France. ~15 minutes beginners class followed by dancing to l0.3()pm. Reggae. charts. l.atin. blues. soul. rock ‘n' roll. Licensed bar. No need to bring a partner.

In Glasgow: Mondays/ Thursdays: The Venue Nightclub, 47-1 Sauchieltall l Street. (Classes start 7.30pm). t In Edinburgh: every Thursday night at The Wide Awake Club l (Gilded Balloon durittg the Festival). Wilkie House. 333 Cowgate. Beginners class starts

at 7.30pm.

I Cate Royal, Women’s Disco golden oldies attd ()(ls. Saturday 2‘) July. 8pm to lam. £3 and £l.5(). ()t'iginal DJ Yvonne.

mas/mum: ' 5

I The Trailblazerz are an R‘n‘ ts band looking for management. Have you contacts orjust enthusiasm? Tel Stuart 0141

889 8474 for further info.

I Jazz saxophonist/trumpeter and/or vocalist wanted to front combo playing swing/modern jazz ability to improvise essential -- phone Ol-tl 423 6995.

I Accomplished pianist sought by clarinettist with view to fortning duo to perform and enjoy wide range of music. from classical to swing. lnterested‘.’ If so. call Heather: ()131 554 9327. I Girls with guitars! (and others). Be the new Girl Group. Requirements commitment. zany humour. rock 'n‘ roll (in that order). Glasgow/ l.anarkshire area. Admit it ~— you only live once! Box No 258/BM/l.

I Creative young temale singer wanted to work with songwriter on commercial soul. dance and reggae songs. I have excellent contacts. Good opportunity for right person. No chancers please. Box No 258/l3M/2.



Arts, Entertalnments, Tourism * 8: Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since I988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

ln I992 we were responsible for targeting over 7 millionleoflets, brochures and posters thoughout Scotland.

Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops at a sustained campaign nationwide, call Angus Whitgeow on:

04] 429 3838 (Fax 04] 429 $935)

edinbargh arts In entertainment

publicity distribution nationwide

IrIc-lolumr “II III 53‘ I-‘W'I‘ I.u\lllllI1‘ tlll HI Hi ."Hh

I Phone answering service

Idrrrlmruli \Ih .\ I nu-rtammrut I ll. II l'nrir \trnt I .Imlvmgli I I“. \II\

l“ i" ~\ , WEB)

la ' l R/ MI I

Small flat move specialist-£28 (single item £15)

/I~ I

Hands-on help with lifting. Sympathetic, friendly service.

STRESS FREE Telephone Neil

0131 229 8361

DO YOU NEED . . .a platform bed built. . . shelves put up. . . your bathroom tiled. . . sash windows repaired. . . a bedroom painted. . . cupboards built. . .

. . .your whole house decorated?

Then call Gordon for reasonable rates and excellent work.

G.Y. RENOVATIONS 031 669 5082


Bookcases. cabinets and shelves made to order and fitted with care.



13’ 03| 228 3522

I Set designer Shitloads of ideas. experience of professional, amateur and community theatre companies. Poster design also. Phone Andy 0141558 8532.

Our pleasant and friendly staff will answer your calls and take messages during office hours. Mailing address also available. Please phone Ms MacGregor now. 0131 66] 3377.

NOT ALL ACCOUNTANTS drive flash cars. Call Neil MacGregor. chartered accountant. for all your tax and accountancy needs.

Tel 0131 557 6276.



(Or have you got something better to do this weekend?)

INSIGHT NETWORK is the national magazine tor an alternative way of living. It’s about you, your planet, and positive change.

- Environment ° Energy o Natural Health 0 Nutrition - - Personal Development o Quality of Life ~ Quality Leisure v The National Guide to Alternative Entertainment and Events

Do something different this weekend - and the rest at your life. Get INSIGHT.

Available at at? major branches of WH Seth and John Menzies or on order treat your local newsageat tiime Out DiSlllbUllCn).



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