0 I saw you Mon 26th July. l2.30am. CC Blooms. Me —‘ balding. glasses. batik shirt. diet coke. You —- denim shirt. full strength coke. We exchanged glances should have spoken. Next time? Box No U/257/9. v I saw you 30/6/95. 8.30m. 18 bus. Me: all black except bleached denim jacket. You: long straight hair. off white top/shirt. brown sandals/ shoulder bag. Get 13 home to Hillpark Road. Face of a goddess. Box No U/257/It).


V I saw you Tesco‘s. Broughton Road. Sunday 2/7. Lucozade and frozen peas?! Me: the girl. three checkouts down. who couldn‘t stop staring at your unruly. dark curls - and more! Did you look too? Box No U/257/2-I.

0 I saw you BBH! And couldn't believe my eyes! What were you up to that night at Cottier‘s (6.5.95). Too much bacon brought on flirting? If you don't look out she‘ll be gone! Box No U/257/25.

V I saw you Carr's Fruitshop. 30/6/95. You Aussie blonde. the tall. brunette. onion buying liar. fleeing from traffic wardens. A date perhaps? Box No U/257/26.

V I saw you My fluffy wuffy sheep. I know I did without a doubt. ()n a munro. where I don’t know (ooh. a rhyme!). You had a parrot. How's about menage a trois? Box No U/257/27.

I SAW YOU Did you meet through this column?

A national magazine would like to hear about your encounters (however briefl). Please contact journalist Rosalind Powell on... BOX No U/257/MC

V I saw you on the Booze Cruise (30.6.95) . ()ur eyes met across the bar. Your dark hair was tied back and you wore a Fair Isle patterned jumper. 1 was the tall. blonde haired woman wearing a light jacket and long skirt. 1 wish I’d spoken to you when you were engrossed in the Engine Room but I bottled out. Fancy meeting for a drink? Box No U/257/15.

V I saw you at Cottier‘s. Sat 1st. with your girlfriends. drinking on the ground by the beer garden gate. I kept grinning when I got your glasses. You have a lovely smile. Box No U/257/l9.

v I saw you Neurosurgical ward. Southern General. Big. cuddly. shorn nurse with specs appeal. I like men with big appetites. Let me be your ‘girlfriend in a chicken korma.’ Let‘s meat! KFC corner? Box No U/257/20.

V I saw you you saw me. face glowing. full ofexcitement. something about getting on a social care course. Let‘s celebrate Heather. you must remember me PMS! Box No U/257/2 l.

v I saw you Pink Lemonade. sitting quietly amongst friends. You tickled me pink. Just you wait till I get you alone l‘ll pop your cap! Box No U/258/25.

V I saw you tall. blonde Mr ()ddbins (originally Woodlands. now Hyndland). Enjoyed recommendations. Interesting sales patter? Now too shy to ask for more. Using Victoria Wine! Perhaps a private tasting? Box No U/257/29.

V I saw you Roddy from Watson‘s at Century. You walked me back to Bruntsfield. Come and see me sometime if you fancy. Box No U/2557/30.

0 I saw you on the Underground. where we laughed about the impending flood! You wore sports gear and got off at Kelvinhall. You're South African and seemed really nice. Box No U/257/28.

V I saw you hot piece at Inveraray Castle. 24/6/95. A killer wasp attacked you! You read Blurry. I was stung by your beauty. Can we ‘park' in the T? Vodkajellies on me. Box No U/257/32.

l l l l l l

V I saw you Guava Iced Tea. at a refresher course. We joked about Yeltsin. remember? 1 dream of sharing citrus pleasure. Box No U/258/26.

V I saw you often. golden red- haired girl in black denims from

Madisons to Rainbow’s End. 3 twist Leeds and Liberty. 1 Glanees exchanged you

brightened those mornings! You‘ve gone! Oh woe!! Box No U/257/34.

V I saw you Peach Iced Tea. at

l the New York Style Deli. Glasgow. You have a wide neck

and a large round bottom bttt I

think I love you anyway. Box

No U/258/2-I.

V I saw you Brian the train driver. We met at the Brewhouse on Thursday Homesick James gig. Can we join tracks again please! Please get in touch to appreciate good music together. I. Write to Box No U/257/36.

v I saw you Alliance and Leicester. Leith Walk. 5.7.95. You: fair hair. black leather necklace. big smile. Me: short black hair. unshaven. I paid money in. Want to take you out. Box No U/258/I.

V I saw you Arran Hotel. 1.7.95. You with friends, reddish thinning hair. Me: cute. gap-toothed boy. Fancy a bite? Box No U/258/2.

V I saw you Glasgow Underground. 6.7.95. 12-noon. You: female. white shirt. long. dark hair. beautiful eyes. Me: all in black. Walkman. and captivated. You got off at Cowcaddens. Coffee and chat sound good? Box No U/258/3. V I saw you Windy Ha's bar. 30.6.95. You small. slim. glasses and titian hair. I said “Caroline was very attractive’ to your friend. I was with wrong person! Do call or reply. Box No U/258/4.

V I saw you outside the King's Theatre. Glasgow at lunchtime. 27.6.95. You. male. tall. blondish. glasses. green jacket. Me. female. dark hair. sunglasses. black top. beige skirt with male colleague. Interested? Let's talk. Box No U/258/5.

V I saw you Flannigans in Largs. with two girls. you wearing red check shirt. Did you enjoy your threesome? If not. get in touch for some all in hurting. Box No U/258/6.

V I saw you Queen Street startion. Sat July 8th. 9pm. You: white trousers. carrying paper. great looking. Me: sitting. pretending to read. Couldn't take my eyes off you. Were you looking at me? Box No U/258/7.

1 Q I saw you Dial-a-Bus woman

(TOJ). mornings and evenings. but all we seem to do is stare. How about picking me up sometime. Please get in touch. Box No U/258/8.

V I saw you on the sand. Luss (Loch Lomond). 10.7.95. You: female. short dark hair. shorts. baggy jumper. with two friends. Me: girl with black Iabrador (she jumped on you!). Loved your hair. Box No U/258/9.

V I saw you at Pride. London. Green kilt and dark hair. sultry accent and dashing smile. I've seen you before but never as clear. Let me love you. Jog. Box No U/258/10.

V I saw you at the Wets concert. 15.7.95. You Block J. Row 0(4). Moustache. dark hair. orange shirt. with pal? Me. guy in row behind. striped t- shirt. Did you see me? Get in touch. Box No U/258/11.

O I saw you Andrew. architecture graduate. Friday 7.7.95. CC. Bloom's. talked all night. too shy to give phone number. I'd really like to see you again! Hope you'll reply. Michael. Box No U/258/12.

V I saw you Horse at Barrowland. 30.12.93 and every day since. Still making me smile. More mph please! Love from the sweet thing. Box No U/258/l3.

V I saw you beautiful blonde one playing Pooh sticks on bridge over Atlantic. Let's play Pooh sticks together on bridge over Kelvin. I'll even let you win. Box No U/258/I4.

V I saw you firstly at January Love Boutique (you in white top). then at Glasgow Art School Degree Show. You were wearing a pin-stripe suit and I wore white pvc. You intrigue me. Box No U/258/15.

V I saw you reading The List to see who saw you. I saw you in Wilton Street in New Lanark and in my dreams. See you? Always my pleasure. Box No U/258/16.

O I saw you cafe. coffee. October I994. You twinkled then. We shine together now. I love how you love me. Love you. Gem. Box No U/258/l7.

U I saw you 57a bus (19/7). Tall. slim. blue eyes. long brown curly hair. black dress. denim jacket. Me tall. dark hair. I got off Maryhill Road. Love to meet you. We smiled! Box No U/258/I8.

V I saw you Friday 14th July. 3.30pm. Mearns Cross. red Metro. J reg. Pretty girl crying. Let me dry your tears. My heart is lost. I was in the white Jag. Box No U/258/19.

. I saw you at the Coila concert. Civic Theatre. Ayr. Were you looking for Roc’ard? Get in touch and those fast moving fingers could be yours! Box No U/258/20.

V I saw you Djing in Mojos. Friday night. All great records. Were you at the art school after? Can we meet? Box No U/258/2l.

V I saw you you saw me. Sainsbury's. Blackhall. Sunday 2/7. You: denimjaeket. Me: jeans. T-shirt. glasses. next checkout. We smiled . . . and smiled. Let's meet. Box No U/258/22.

V I saw you Long Marsten 16.7.95. You jumped us in return for a much-treasured T- shirt. You cute in your shades. me - muddy and hungover. Write soon. Box No U/258/23.


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