' . Take this voucher along to the Box Did you know that HMV opened in 1921 (mice at the Assemth Rooms, the Gilded

in Oxford Street. London and that until Balloon or the Pieasance and you can have the mid 60s this shop was the only HMV two tickets tor the price of one to see any show in the world? There’re been a few at the three venues.

changes since then: there are now 95

HMV outlets in the UK including the ' .

world’s largest music store. The I ' / f 1

refurbished Argyle Street store. which ‘— ‘5“

g launches on-Thursday 17 August. may _

g . . O not be the biggest in the world btit it is _ . i we are uttering two "I" price

a certainly the biggest music shop in Glasgow. stocking nearly 33.000 music ' tickets for the cost of one to see : titles across all the genres and formats. 3500 video titles. over 900 'i‘-shirt Ariel Oortman’s new play at the 3 designs and batches of computer and video games. "urn “averse: Edinbmgh 0“ sunday 30 «:5 On the opening day look out for Radio Clyde FM and various celebrity ' July and Tuesday1 August. Bring a appearances. No doubt our competition winners will also be first in the queue. along this copy of The Listto the E between them clutching £500 worth of Box Office on the night. Both

8 HMV vouchers to spend on whatever shows start at 8pm.

goodies take their fancy. We’ve got one £250 shopping spree.

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

a: All a o c: c: > E ::

three £50 vouchers and ten £10 vouchers to give away to the lucky List readers who

can answer this easy-peasy question: We are offering two full price seats tor the price of one to see the Noel Coward play at the Lyceum on Monday 31 July and Tuesday 1 August. Bring along this copy of The Listto the Box Oitice on the night to take advantage of

this otter.

What does HMV stand for? Get your answers to us by Friday 1 1

August. Address them: HMV COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh,

Stella Artois

In what year did the Festival start?

a: S; a TR©N= U) a E ASSEMBLY ROOMS Stella Anois is sponsoring the Edinburgh Festival 3 g 5 E- : Fringe Comedy Festival at the Assembly Rooms again

3 E % this year. playing host to chuckle merchants such as a > g 3 Julian Clary. Simon Bligh. Mark Little and Sir Bernard Chumley. Copious amounts of we can can one, two "I" price tickets for one to E g g c; Stella’s fragrant brew will no doubt help stimulate the laughter glands of the assembled see the awardminning dance means of the c E 7? g masses" , , , , , . , . _ , , Shamans at the Tron (63 Irongate, Glasgow Oi) q '5; g 2 Ten folk are gorng to splitting their sides and drinking their till for tree. courtesy oi between Tuesday 8 August and Saturday 12 August < 2- § § Stella AitOis who are offering ten passes to any show atany time during the Festival as Take ‘his copy of The Us! along to the Box (mice 3. 8 g- well as ten crates ofStella Anets. All they ve got to do is answer this. anal. 6pm on the night m '5 g— (I)


Send us your answers by Wednesday 9 August. Mark them: STELLA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 11E. - -. ' A ' s, 30

Orabbie’s/ Round Midnight

Take this voucher along to Old Orlean

Grindiay Street, Edinburgh and you will receive 20 per cent ott your restaurant bill between 5—7pm any day ot the week.

Crabbie’s will be spicing up the Queen‘s Hall Round Midnight series featuring some of the top names in jazz.

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box

m '— Ill :1: 2 I- s. E C) c on g a .. . . . m a g At each of the gigs there will‘be Whisky Macs to sample office or cash desk. A" offers ate subject to m g 8 3 (that 5 equal Pans 0f Crabble S and Whisky) Wh'Ch J k B availability and managements reserve the right to a —= 5 E should make listening to the likes of Carol Kidd. Annie 3:: "we refuse admission. 9 g '= Ross and Jack Bruce all the more en'ovable. i i i r llki . c -- ,. g , _ , . i J . . RA COMPETITIONS. Only one entry per person per a '5 {3 Five jazz fans Will have their nights spiced tip and (€9.58 competitiom If you ate entering more than one 5 g g g smoothed out by the Crabbie‘s goody bags which we GREEN GINGER competition, you need use on” one envelope, buy a, E ‘i 3 have to give away. Each fortunate punter can get their sweaty paws on a bottle of oioaso make sum mat you, name, “dross and “m 8 g . Crabbie‘s. a cocktail booklet. a Whisky Mac kit. and a Crabbie's polo shirt as well as a voooho, an attached to EACH 8mm competitions a v : pair of tickets for either Craig McMurdo. Jack Bruce or Gonzalo Rubalcaba. As if that‘s are open to a" "K moments (over the ago 0113 in m : not enough we are also giving away ten copies of the Sony audiobook The Life and Times alcohol.ralated (mots). no ,osoonsibimy can oo 4 : of Billie Holiday. To be in with a chance tell us the answer to this: accoptgd by the List for prizes which cannot be S : , _ . . , obtained due to untoreseen circumstances. To : "l Wh‘“ Year did 31"” “Ollday (“97 obtain a list of winners, please send a SA! to The l . List Competition Winners, stating which lssueis) : We need your answers by Monday 7 August. Address them: CRABBIE’S COMP, The List, woo“; you ,oqoim : 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 11E. L—-. ———x.

92 The List 38, Jul- |0 Aug [995 Printed by Scottish County Press. Shem'ood industrial Estate, Boiinyrigg. Midlothian. Tel: 0131 (>03 2404.