I The Gamekeeper ( BBCI ) 7.30—8ptn. Charlie is otll on the hills with a party of Belgians. before taking Alastair. the trainee keeper. ottt to shoot his first stag. I Victoria Wood (BBCl ) $8.30an Repeal of a short comedy with Vic’s pal Julie Walters.

I Shine On, Harvey Moon (Scottish) S.3()--‘)pm. While Rita‘s tip it) the air. Harvey is planning to solve the Anopardi problem. whatever that is.

I Rah C. Hesbitt (BBCl) 9—9.30pm. Wee Burnie isjudged to have a talent for painting. so Mary decides to line tip some extra art lessons.

I Ellen (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. After inadvertently appearing on the television show Gladiators. Ellen has a fling with a ltunk.

I Chandler and 00 (BBC!)

9.30- l().25pm. Elly is dating a doctor who asks for her help with one of his patients whose son was involved in a near- fatal accident at work. Elly sets out to discover what happened it) this entertaining private eye serial.

I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30— I ()prn. Clever-clever idea with the twentysomething sitcom swapping characters with another American show called Mad About You.

I Frasier (Channel 4) l()—i().3()pm. Father-son rivalry ensues when Frasier goes fora liberal political candidate in the election. while Martin opts for a right- winger.

I Throw Momma From the Train (BBC) ) l().25—l l.5()pm. Danny DeVito's impressive directorial debut is a black comedy starring Billy Crystal as a creative writing professor who's suffered creative block since his wife published his first novel under her own name.

I Whose Line Is It Anyway (Channel 4) l().3()—l 1.05pm. Clive Anderson introduces sotne more improv fun.

I Fallen Angels (B BCZ) midnight—l2.3()am. Another from the ‘Pttlp Fictions' season about American crime writers with Laura Dern and Alart Rickman starring in ‘Murder. ()bliquely' which is based on a story by Cornell Woolrich.


I Colombo: Caution, Murder Can Be Hazardous (Scottish) 7.40—9.20pm. Another lightweight feature-length story with the rumpled detective.

I numpole or the Bailey (Channel 4) 8—9.05pm. The ‘Vintage Thames‘ season continues with an episode from the 1978 adaptation ofJohn Mortimer‘s stories of

legal wrangling in England's ltighest court.

I Summer Dance (BBCZ) 8. lS—9ptn. This season ofcontemporary dance films continues with the work of two choreographers: Siobhan Davies whose White Bird l-‘eat/tt'rlcss explores riddles and double meaning. while Victoria Marks presents Outside In presented by a group of mixed-ability performers.

I A Night of Wonder (BBCZ) 9—10.05pm. A specially recorded concert by Stevie Wonder who plays the hits.

I Portrait of a Serial Kisser (Channel 4) 905—935an Jose Alves de Moura is a man with a mission kissing anyone in the public eye he can fasten his lips onto. Frank Sinatra and the Pope are just two of his conquests.

I Bob Monkhouse on the Spot (BBC 1) 9.25—9.55pm. Will Bob‘s act suffer from the recent loss of his life's collection of jokes'.’ Will anyone notice‘?

I Alien (Scottish) 9.35-1 1.45pm. Sigourney Weaver is the female officer aboard a spaceship which has been infiltrated by alien pods which hatch in a rather alarming manner as the vessel approaches Earth. A classic shocker.

I Bull Durham (BBC I ) 9.55—1 1.40pm. Kevin Costner in happier times. before he was engulfed in the tidal wave ofbad publicity surrounding ll’aterirorld. Kev is a veteran pitcher. ilt this entertaining baseball movie. who attracts the eye of team groupie Susan Sarandon.

I Seinfeld (BBC2) lt).()S—l().3()pm. Jerry finds his loyalties torn between his new girlfriend arid old friends after art incident at the ball park.

I Cronos (Channel 4) l0.2()pm—12.()5am. Bizarre Spanish film about a lbth centruy alchemist‘s device which creates eternal life. When a man discovers the instrument in a junk shop 400 years later. he unleashes an uncontrollable horror.

I The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos (B BC2) 7.40—8pm. Another tall tale from the bizarre comedy series.

I Sharpe (Scottish) 8—l()pm. Repeal of the drama serial with Sean Bean as a maverick British officer leading a special operations force against Napoleon‘s army in Spain.

I Preston Front (BBC 1) 8.30-9.20pm. A brush with a church spire lands Diesel in hospital where he claims to have glimpsed the after-life in this comedy drama about a bunch of part-time soldiers.

I Witness (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Another programme from the ‘Lethal Justice' season which looks at how the families of three murder victims in America came to forgive the killers.

I laughter and loathlng (BBC2) 9.30—1()pm. The wit and satire of Roman poet Juvenal. described as the Sun columnist of his day. is examined by Private live editor Ian Hislop. with help from Stephen Fry.

I Havana (BBCZ) lOpm—IZ. 15am. Average Sydney Pollack movie starring Robert Redford as a high stakes gambler looking for a decent game amidst the turmoil of revolutionary Cuba.

I Heathers (Channel 4) 10—] 1.55pm. Shown as part of the ‘Schooldaze‘ season. this marvellous dark comedy thriller is the

story of two high school kids who plan to break the tyranny of a clique of bitch girls known as the Heathers.

I Broadcast News (Scottish)

l0. lSprti—12.4()am. Engaging romantic comedy set in the world of television news in which a producer is strangely attracted to an urbane news anchor of the kind she usually despises.


I NB. (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Sally Gray has been out and about reporting on things to do and see in central Scotland.

I Now What? (Scottish) 8—8.3(lpm. Last in the series of comedy pilots is the odd man out: a sketch show. as opposed to a sitcom. made by Lenny Henry's Crucial Films.

I on, Doctor Beeching! (BBCl) 8.30—9pm. New sitcom with Hi-De-Hi.’ stars Paul Shane and Su Pollard set ill a remote country railway station ill the 60s. I The Outer Limits (BBCZ) 9—9.45pm. A new breed of machirte-controlled human could make rnatt impervious to disease in another yarn from this sci-fi serial.

I Blade Runner - The Director’s Cut (Scottish) 9—] l.5()pm (including News at Yen). Ridley Scott's futurist classic starring Rutger Hatter is shown the way he intended it with a bleaker ending than the one originally shown in the cinemas.

I Murder in Room 1215 (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. Investigative film about the murder of two businessmen in a Miami hotel it) 1986. A British man was charged with the murders the motive was thought to be business rivalry but nine years later Krishna Maharaj is still on death row maintaining lte is a victim of a miscarriage ofjustice.

I Burma - The Forgotten War (BBCl ) ().3()—l().3()pm. As part of the VJ Day season. this film by veteran BBC correspondent Charles Wheeler looks at a battle front that was overshadowed by the fierce fighting in Japan.

I Shopping (BBCZ) 9.45— l().3()pm. The last in the series on consumerism visits the mother of all malls. The Fortrtn in Vegas. where shoppers walk amongst Roman statues in a safe and sanitised environment.

I Homicide Lite on the Streets (Channel 4) 10—] 1.05pm. Bolander and Munch investigate the murder of a man linked to a cocaine cartel.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBCZ)

ll.lS—l l.55pm. Emma Freud presents the first of her thrice-weekly reports from the Festival. Tonight‘s show includes Peter Sellar's I was Looking at the Ceiling and Then [Saw the Sky and Richard O’Brien in Map/iistop/teles Smith.

I Festival Cinema (Scottish) ll.5()pm—l?_.35am. First of two reports from the Edinburgh Film Festival presented by Dougie Vipond.


I Moving Story (Scottish) 9—l()pnt. More comedy drama with the boys frotn Elite Removals.

I Gumshoe (Channel 4) 9— IOpm. Documentary film following the work of six private detectives who investigate everything from adultery to insurance

I Prisoners in Time (BBC 1)

10—1 1.05pm. John Hurt plays Eric Lomax in the real-life story of a prisoner of war in

Japan who met one of his torturers many years afer the war finished. See Book Festival supplement.

I Scottish Men (Scottish) [0.30—1 lpm. Rod Stewart is among the men on tonight's show who claim to be addicted to football.


I Britpop How (BBC2) 6.45—7.30pm. Damon Blur introduces a compilation of clips highlighting the boom in British indie pop from Pulp to Elastica to Menswear.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Scottish chart action and pop videos with Mari Steven and Ewan Macl.eod.

I Ex-S (BBCZ) 7.30—8pm. Repeal of the fascinating behind-the-tutu look at Scottish Ballet's production of Swan lake with costume design by the flamboyant Jasper Cortran.

I The Baldy Man (Scotlislt) 8—8.30pm. Another instalment of the Naked Video spin-off starting Gregor Fisher.

I Siege Doctors (BBCZ) 9-9.50ptn. A camera crew follows a learn of British medics into Sarajevo where they try to make all impact on over 50.000 war wounded. Sometimes this brings them into conflict with local doctors.

I Over the Rainbow (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The series examining the history of queer America continues with a look at recent policy on banning gays it) the military which Bill Clirtton made a campaign issue but has so far failed to legislate on.

I HMS Brilliant (BBC 1) 9.30—l0.20pm. All aboard for another visit to the active- service warship for this fly-in-the-cabin documentary.

I Have I Got News For You (BBC2) 10—10.30pm. Compilation of highlights from the past series of the news satire show.

I Match of the Seventies (BBCl) 10.20—1 lpm. Dertnis Waterman presents another compilation ofgreat footballing moments from the 70s. which should have been titled the ‘Sideburn Show‘.

I Parkinson: The Interviews (BBC 1)

l 1—] 1.40pm. More classic chatshow moments as Parky tussles with movie legend Orson Welles.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBCZ)

l l.lS—l 1.55pm. More from the Festival as Emma Freud introduces Cirque Surreal artd the stage adaptation of Alasdair Gray's Lanark.


I Very Jean Muir (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. First in a three-part tribute to the internationally-renowned. ex-pat Scottish designer who died earlier this year. starting with a look at her 1993 collection. I War Cries (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. New series ofdocumentaries made by filmmakers with a close personal relationship to the subject. Clare Richards. w ho lost a baby through cot death. examines the motives of women who snatch other people's babies.

I Resort to Murder (BBCl) lO—lO.55pm. Joshua believes the biazarre nightclub performer killed his mother ill the penultimate episode of this stylish thriller set in Brighton.

I A Game of Two Halves (Scottish) IO.3()—l lpm. Jim White referees another comedy quiz with a Scottish football theme.

I Just for laughs (Channel 4)

l l.()5pm—l2.4()am. Compilation of the funrty bits from the Montreal comedy festival last month. featuring several acts you could see in the flesh in Edinburgh. Tonight‘s programme features Mark Thomas. Harry Hill. Donna McPhail and the rather farty Mr Methane.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

i 1.15-1 1.55pm. More from the Festival frontline with Emma Freud donning the flakjacket to bring reports on Miami City Ballet and Stanley Singin' in the Rain Donen.

The List ll-l7 Aug I995 99