As the Festival kicks off. The List steers you through the maze of ticket sales, tells you the stories behind the headlines and makes you some offers you can’t refuse. We preview the best theatre, dance mi‘lmfi‘gggfiddwoibb' and comedy shows in neat little time slots and guide you through an array of Festival music, clubs, Editotialmmiloemhan film and art. Festival heaven begins here.

Publisher Robin Hodge. Editor Lila Rawlings.

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Advertising Assistants Nicky Index of shows. in this issue 3 Stewart. Donald Ewing. Festival Frontlines 4 Circulation Manager Mino Front of flouse 7 Russo.

Accounts Manager Georgette gam-1 pm . 23 chwick. . I Wake up to a selection of the best £4933: “mum She'k‘ shows. including a stage adaption of Classified Jo Kennedy. George Orwell's biting satire Animal Typesetting Nikki Turner. Farm.

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Books Kathleen Morgan. Classical Music (‘arol Main. Clubs Rory Weller. Bethan

Feast your cultural sensibilities on

these tasters. including Roddy

McDevitt’s comedy of hunger and

survival. The Lottery Tie/rel.

SHOWS 3-6pm 33

Don‘t be caught napping: catch the

best late afternoon shows. among them. the premiere of the hard-

ncg'l‘; Ellie Cam hitting. 20/52. by Edinburgh's award-

Days Out Thom Dibdin, winning Grassmarket Project. Film Alan Morrison. Trevor SHOWS 6-8pm 39

“I” 1 ! Mark Morris Dance Group in The Hard Nut

rité‘iiiiingsrnomoibdin. Go on, swallow your pride and indulge in the wealth of Show (0 forsake leurdlenerfor- the Folk Norman Chalmers. . best international and British JfizKenny Mathieson. freebles 0“ Offer. 13, 15, productions. including Frank :oc’fl'fififimbbou. Fiona McGuinness's award-winning Shepherd. Jonathan Trew. l k Observe the Sons of Ulster Mare/ling greciggslgggTréwgb 'I'mi'ards t/ie Smnnle.

Theatre Andrei: Bilirnet Eilie . , SHOWS 8-10pm 47 Cm, As Alasdair Gray s meark leaps from page to stage, the Hi, that perfect beat with this. pick of Ca Ed' b lM.k-- - - . . . . 56333,, '" “'g‘ ° "" Glasgow novelist explains the secret of its success. Page 10 the best. including Mchretwrs

Trap. the rock musical destined to

A d 3 bring Chesney Hawkes crashing back n into the public psyche.

. . SHOWS 10 m-Iate 57 The Brooklyn photographer renowned for rubbing his To keep ,hcpadmnalin pumping into audience’s face in the darker Side of life. Page 12 the wee small hours. a selection of

the best late-night shows. Among

. them. Australia's l994 Perrier ar Award-winning comedians Lano and . . . . Woodley. Cracking audiences With The Hard Nut, an irreverent FESTIVAL Film 53

reworking Of Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Page From the cream of Hollywood to the

most innovative international iiliiis.

., ' V , FESTIVAL Music 59 ' ' v i Sounding out the best in music. from

Lanark artwork by street-wise opera to swinging

“Nahum The acclaimed film director resurrects memories of the Spanish percussion,

Published bEThe List ltd. Civil War in Land and Freedom. Page 15 “37”” A" . 73 0:2“: 1 We canvas the finest Festival an and . ‘8 “rm " v' n v ' ‘ll v 'd‘to Fdinhur h

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