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' rubbish. Sept 1 1.05am. £5 (£3). fairytale.‘ says Theresa Embarking on a Demel. who Co-directs the W company with Kira Muse.

remarkable journey. she

Drowned And The Saved. The ttazis at- . . cynically calculated that no one would The Drowned And The Saved: deciphering t

9 _ . believe the. stories at mass I 3'“? 9°“ f" Nazism- ; encountch Slyvcsm- because during that time extenntnatton and a recurrent The company use highly trained ; Sebastian 31mm 3 Sign), g they wouldn‘t have nightmare oi prisoners was that no V0009 actors ranging from eleven to i business man and his l Phio-bused Mother Wild improved 0" her Writing one did. The play tells the story at one § seventeen years old and The John stooges. the Bumberling Theatre Company say Millictluug Sufism”. but man’s survival in Auschwitz. By “"191” company as we" as Théétie ‘19 t B‘”"““”‘"“‘ SC."“”>" they WM" m permr'" . [he l-iinguugc '5 .m'v emphasising movement and mime with complicité haVe help“ With some WW. and ROb'" - . Tiff“ that Pose qucsmns ".91? LYiiu iii"? .[ v d a limited text, Big Spirit is reflecting '. scenes. ‘I think the youth at our actors. RUbb'S'." 1"” ""0 “"‘h h" T'". “I ‘.”"‘”.‘““‘” . “Luisa” " “m m 755‘

- - - 3 band 0t Mucky Men, JUICL‘S flowme wrthout i ttito it that way but it s levi’s observation that when violence says something about the dlgmtv of 0mm Lubrmki being hugging by an... t pt‘ettv nutrient tn ntn- eves is intlicted on man, it’ls also inflicted fli'fime Innocence says Beifl9l’ds- founder or Openwidc Their "mitten mixing-tn,” i now that she had a little on language. Blg SPITIT hope that L?" 8 book '8 beyond baited: 't 5 Theatre Company says the Git/’1’.” Markt’h based 0” ‘1 i mm? m S”). mu" She physical movement can articulate the Wlthout tancourt an attempt to show was devised with all C hrislinu Rossetti poem. """"“L“‘3 (“mm linguistic hell of Auschwitz, using the understand, but it’s not about ' the family in mind. deals. with suppression of Shepherd) . . body to decipher the inexplicable forgiveness. Our show is about - ‘Therc'S Puppets Original C”‘°“°”-‘ 11”" ‘5 (‘C'M‘rcd | I 6mm" Mamet (“mg”) code of Nazism awareness) f songs. a nail biting plot, through song in a style l Mother Wild Theatre

, , . ' . . . . . . . . Sharp rcpaficc and some more classical than a ; C0”’P”")'t Chaplaincy

Vie re deliberately usmg the indirect :nggtfisglgoipmgtsraffis Whole" impormm cmmmmcnm, straight musical but Centre (Venue 23) 650 sty e at mime to get over what IS t . es .lmony '3 an ' issucs‘ but egg-emigin it's without the overwrought t 3301. 13—19 Aug. dmtcun to represent on stage, and I act oi war against Fascism. (Ronan Cmmaimncm; stylising of opera. i 1.45pm. £5 (£4). microphones are used to deliver the O'Donnell)

sub-language ot the guards. We also The mourned and the Saved (Fringe)

have no set. What you see is through 31!] 3p!”t Theatre company, 301004!” T “m

the eyes at the actors,’ says director "3115. (Venue 175) 550 8499. 14-7-9 i

Rory Reynolds. Aug. 2-2011"), 55(541- L tt nk t i e o ery e

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The Wall Street Journal on The Hard Nut by the Mark Morris Dance Group

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Bitten by the gambling bug: Stomping Feet Theatre Company

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The Stage on Deschamps et Deschamps (C'est Magniiique)

(r , . has generated, the National Lottery slip. Chaos, domestic cannibalism, WC] [pl/5] (“(1/9 3100914101” and the associated gambling theme ' exploding stomachs and crashed has made little impact on the Fringe ; helicopters ensue in the most

, /‘ this year. One company is producing ; unpredictable manner. (Hf/01’ / 29 .9 0.9. Dostovevskv’s The Gambler but that’s Fans at tairy tales and 18th century it. apart "0'" this Pmduction 0' no“! social satire will recognise something The American Record Guide on 1 Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky Monefluls walk. even can’t 0' Jack and the Beanstalk and Swift’s be accused ot lumping on any form of A Modest Proposal in the mix. Director

Ben Harrison, who was instrumental in last year’s Hare and Burke, draws

bandwagon since it was written two Fres meat for ; years ago and concerns ltselt with the i Irish lottery rather than Camelut’s . more modern parallels: ‘lt’s a cross U U U as cash cow. j between Flann O’Brien and Gogol; that o a The action centres around the moral j kind at absurdist strain at humour. A

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i 038° 0' POVBTW- 5185!. the family'3 one 1 Feet Theatre Company, Pleasance daughter and astonishineg prolitic I (venue 33) 555 5550, g “9.2 Sept

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miss the biggest cultural event of the year. Edinburgh baby “do”, pops and swaps he, i (not wed”), 2.15pm, [gamma 18, Call 0131 225 5756 for details and bookings. '"le'"a"°“a' FESTIVAL . 30'9"“ haste" SD"!!! Withthe Batten : 19, 25-27Aug, £5.50 (£4)11-17Aug,

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28 The List 11-17 Aug 1995