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Fashionably wasted lrish stand-up Dylan Moran makes a welcome return to Edinburgh alter last year's notable absence. Having won the So You Think You're Funny? competition in 1993 you might have thought Dylan would have been eager to capitalise on his success. but not a bit at it. Probably couldn't be bothered getting out at bed. The Pleasance. until 2 Sept. 9.35pm.

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The List would like to thank all those who will be appearing at the opening Festival Party at the Traverse Theatre

I Tap Dogs Guaranteed top hat and tail-coat free. Tap Dogs are ; 1 . _ I , six brickies on a hot shoe shuf- . h ,, fie. Builders without cleavage

, , More talked about than a sheep in a bath of formaldehyde, £71) million worth of marble but With a percussrve energy.

u touches down at the National Gallery of Scotland

The Palladium, Fri 11 Au 7 /‘ ' ' ' x .a . , . . Sep 2 ‘i’ . s I -_\ this week. Everyone s talking about the price i i I ' ' ,1 T i \‘ tag but here are five little-known I Bad Boys Batucada From \ ‘7 ' o ' M Melboumc percussion combo 3 lacts about Antonio Canova s The

Three Graces:

Bad Boys Batucada trigger

;\ “\W

non-stop dancing with pound- \

ing Brazilian-influenced rhythms. The Palladium, Fri 10

\ 1 These are actually the fourth.

fifth and sixth Graces. After

i ' carving the first threesome in l 1813. Canovajust couldn’t put his chisel down so he carved a second. modified sculpture. , 2 The first version of The Three Graces was commissioned by Mrs N. Bonaparte. wife ofthat short French bloke with a power complex. 3 The Three Graces is carved from a lump of Carrara marble hewn from Michaelangelo’s ; favourite quarry. / 4 Canova came from poor Venetian peasant stock and learned his trade as an apprentice stone-cutter. By l8()() he was the best connected boy on the marble block and his best buddies included Napoleon and the Pope. 5 In 1815. Canova was sent to Pan's to recover treasures of the Vatican Archive that Napoleon (him again) had swiped from Italy. Mission accomplished. he then headed . for England to see the l‘ '5 r \ haul from


I Big Beat La Belle Angele’s stompingjazz dance fusions whip it up for The List.

I Going Places For lovers of Easy Listening with lots of Bontempi organs.

I Saliva Drummers Massed .1 ranks of skin pounders to work you into a trance with their industrial. calypso and Celtic rhythms. The Fringe Club. Wed 16 Aug & Sun 27 Aug.

Plus special thanks to our sponsors:

and all at the Traverse Theatre anotherrecent art heist The l Marbles.

(Lila Rawlings)

4The List ll-l7 Aug 1995