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August 11 to September 2 1995 : i EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE (Venue 25)

your entertainment menu:

3 V SUN - WED.....The best in live music. % i David M (will 9M worn) Mali km! Ha MOW: 51nd 50b Fla" THURS ........... ..Well, its ju5t plain PANTS, top 9 2 5b Na (‘fid Bunch iiex Sun: and NiCk 0m Wit) Gammach indie sounds from (uncle) Ben. . 1 Ian Can and Karen Tweed 00m: Gilli: Chili lbwe (‘afidh Bald and ridiculous 50p spirit promos!! JOiIl Cross The VYOUih 000 dB ibi Ciib Bobby Wm [M GET YOURS OFF! Rh Fm mm M 9309M Gordon 9m) cm.” I FRI/SAT. .......... ..The capital's finest Hard Rock D.].s P818! WHEY W The House Band David W Tim “Ilia! I blow the cobwebs away (apparently!) . Ham?“ mach it“ m n“ “by” m 93"” We Happy Hour 7.30pm - 8.30pm. 5 ' Ian Madean James m A“ pints (except Guinness & cider) i I .20; ii = Adm Wm" m We” and Itmy Man": “a” “mm . peach schnapps, vodka, brandy : North 388 088 tbhll PW Peeler Smd ant The PMZES and whisky all (I; f Pmm m W 9W“ Q“)! W “3'1 W Becks and Coors £I.20 a bOttle. ; “WWW mum" Wm 93““ 9”“ W‘“ i 4 - 26 FREDERICK STREET EDINBURGH Searmchiz Smdldk Moiummmm Tunnel: 2 “3,220.22;

gDavySledeandeyBariw with! Raniaylu Kilirynidtd iii: r Vida (USA) Wm (Peru) lam While mm M "I W Giulio: . s.............:e.....................mama...,...... ; MWiflliW TheWriieySSisim_ mam/rm- Gill Bowman in

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l I 5 four venues three bars eating 2 folk blues roots world music dance ceilidh dances ...drama

2 dance workshops poetry jazz cabaret piobaireachd informal sessions crack

ACOUSHC MUSIC CENTRE, 16 Chambers Street opens at noon Friday 11 August and then daily to September 2 from noon to 1.30am.

AMC BOX OFFICE open midday to midnight Information only ph: 0131-220 2462.

email: DrJohn@folkmus.demon.co.uk '“ ‘3, s featuringsome ofhismostpopular i .1.” fit love songs

' ittle Theatre Valvona & Crolla

(19 Elm Row; top of Leith Walk) Venue 67 Aug 14-18, 21 -25 at 4.00pm Aug 28-Sept 2 at 12.30pm 8. 6.00pm

Tickets £5 ( indqu a wfiisky t'oast courtesy of Jofinny ‘Wa[('¢r) from Valvona & Crolla 556 6066 or Fringe Box Office 226 5138

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Daily Diary extracts or full Fringe programme ph: 0131-226 5257/9 or email: admin @edfringe.org.uk

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