carry on at the Fringe assists performers’ bottom line

one-woman show depict Ms Lacy with her modesty protected only by a flimsy skirt fashioned from ring doughnuts. A powerful statement asserting that bakery products are indeed a feminist issue or a cheap attempt to attract the attention of male picture editors? ‘Women have been through this period where to be sexual was regarded as politically incorrect and I always try to be as incorrect as possible.‘ says Lacy. ‘I just thought “Well fuck it. I wanna wear my underwear onstage and I don‘t see anything wrong with women being sexual." '

Another blow for female emancipation has been struck by the ironically titled Cambridge Feminist Review whose play Spunk boasts bikinis. big guns and. inevitably. a climax. Unlike Lacy. Spunk's performers seem unrepentant at any suggestion of using sex to sell their show. ‘Yes. undoubtedly.‘ says Lisa Montoriiery. ‘Obviously we‘re being tongue-in-chcck but we've found that it definitely pulls the punters. It‘s such a competitive thing. the Fringe. that to be more outrageous gets you more attention and that's what we‘re after.‘

It looks as iftbis may well be another vintage year for Knox—like (John or Moira. either will do) outrage. but is

It’s a dirty job but someone had to do it. Jonathan Trew trawls the Fringe programme for shows promising naughty bits, and asks whether publicity—hungry performers are turning Edinburgh into the biggest peep-show in the world.

‘No sex please. we‘re British' has long been the rallying cry of the stiff-lipped inhabitants of these isles. Not that we’re averse to a hint of slap and tickle behind the net curtains. it‘sjust that public displays of carnality bring out the bashful in us. Fringe shows. on the other hand. offer the perfect chance for a spot of voyeurism disguised in the respectable cloak of theatre. And don't the Fringe companies know it. Bums on stage means bums on seats.

One person who remains resolutely untitillatcd is Moira Knox. Conservative district councillor and guardian of Fringe morality. whose bouts of August outrage are becoming

legendary. After lesbian trapeze act L '9' ‘29 a"; the ticker-buying PUth Wally that

Club Swing were described as ‘a dirty- - ", ' '_' - " ~ , a“ .I shocked? ‘From the bulk of the

minded disgrace' by Knox in the News ' " . " complaints that we got. and we got a

“f "16’ WOT/(1‘ lhc Chhlphh)’ Pm'hhlly Club Swing: undoumedly this years best |esbian "apeze act from Austrana fair few each year.'very few of them.

slapped the quote on their publicity ever related to nudity.‘ recalls Mhairi

posters. ‘As disapproved of by Moira ‘We go to the theatre to be entertained ltUdCS at the National Gallery. remains MilCKCItZiC-ROhhtSOn- ‘lfthcy did.

Knox'. has become a badge of honour and if this is their idea ofenteitainment UttCOttVtttCCtl that the Fringe is ' Wilding hCIWCCh “‘0 “"05 “mum

in some Fringe circles. well. words fail me.‘ A flick through becoming a frenzied fTeslipot. ‘Thcre‘s sometimes imply that there wasn't

Knox is convinced that the use of sex the Fringe programme unearths several always been an element of nudity and l enough 0t~ it.

or nudity to sell fringe shows is on the shows which boast ‘adult themes' thCI'C'S always been sex and it‘s always i I Club Swing The Palladium. l2

increase. though she‘s more concerned though there is a suspicion that this is hCCtt Used to sell shows.‘ she says. ‘l j Aug—3 SCI" (not 13. 30). 1 1pm;

that unsuspecting culture vultures are more of a promise than a warning. .lUSI lhhtk thilt PCUPIC Pity tttOI‘C I Spank C VCttttC. 9 Aug—2 Supt (ttOt

being lured into seemingly innocent Mliairi MacKenzie—Robinson, the attention to it and more column inches I 31). 9.10pm;

shows which are unexpectedly explicit. long-serving Fringe administrator who 1111' (lCWlCtl t0 hf ' I Tania Lacy Fl'lhgc Ch‘hv ‘2 Aug—3

‘I just don‘t understand.‘ says Knox. is now in charge of publicising classical FUN?" h)" "\llhh‘ilhilh Tilhhl Lucy‘s SCI“ (“0‘ 3 I ls 730W"-

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there‘s any way I could meet Rhona. remains. however. because the l‘CSllVitl established festivals. canine able perhaps I could show her that a shows a surprise film. Last year's l out dependable price—checker is :1 steady surprise was widely known to be

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dogs from chic Winter‘ and h Festival director Mark Cousins is i titled Fringe show I.(l(/_\' Mother/i

SChhorhhz ‘0 thhh our)" Funny I" deniaI determined the film remain a secret i I'irnml My Bur/(irks has been cancelled

Hugh LCthh afrh’CS in Edinburgh Whh until the credits roll. The door. it seems. after the loss of its lead actressjust

his amazmg Hypho'DO‘c’ called 03C“ remains slightly ajai' for Four Rooms. before rehearsals were due to start. The

Lemon» Who was UhCOthmblC h)’ - 9 comedv about an amateur production of

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Aisle of men Rock I995. The programme features a ftlttithlc ‘WZIS Cth‘I' 0" hhhtht)’ 0r ht _ daily cider-drinking workshop and a lussurt. says dh'CCh’l' CCClhh DChlh’“

I" [he gOOd Old days“. heller YUPPlCS series of suprisingly healthy activities of Reservoir Kittens. A call to Scottish

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Mor'hthidC hthh 0f SthWhW "UlCd- Fans of the Alan J. Pakula film All I/Il’ organisers. if that‘s not too any day. At time of going to press we

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the Cheekom girl from hChVCh- SildlY- 115 denial denial‘. It's a tactic the Film of police harassment. ‘The Edinburgh I Big Blue Edinburgh‘s first gay Fringe

a mere Shelf'Sl‘chh DaVid "CVCF 2.10! Festival seems to be applying to police have been handling things more venue. Bluefest. has run into problems

the Chance [0 ChCCk her GUI and inquiries about the rumoured sensibly,‘ says spokes-nt [)ck; after Caltori Studios changed hands

Rhona's heart probably went to one of Edinburgh premiere of the new Quentin McKenzie. ‘lf they leave us alone we recently. The organisers from the Blue

those swaggering grocery buggers. But Tarantino movie Four Rooms which can police ourselves.‘ With punks Moon Cafe have decided to pull out of

"(W Dav“! is returning [0 Edinburgh features the reservoir dog himself and travelling from as far afield as South the venue and are currently trying to

W'lh ‘1 Show Called She/fill? 11” about three hip. young gunslingers. ‘It‘s not Africa and Bosnia. City of Punk Rock find an altemative. Call 0131 557 89H

supermarket-q and renewed hOPC Ora true . . . as far as I know.‘ says a EFF embodies the same spirit of cultural for details.

The List 11-17 Aug 1995 7